Sapiosexual Definition & Sapiosexual Meaning: Top 10 Types of People who Attract Sapiosexuals in Sapiosexual Dating

Sapiosexual Definition & Sapiosexual Meaning: Top 10 Types of People who Attract Sapiosexuals in Sapiosexual Dating

Sapiosexuals are people who openly declare their attraction for others who possess an astoundingly high intelligence.

This doesn’t just encompass knowledge learnt in the classroom, but gathers the street smart and widely read under the same umbrella.

Just as the average person has their own stereotypes of what they deem as attractive, Sapiosexuals are no different – they have their own ideas of the “perfect” smart person.

Although Sapiosexuals supposedly value a person’s brains above all else, there is no preventing them from judging a person by their appearance. Come on, we all do.

Some people just look smarter than others, and these people are attractive to Sapiosexuals. A person’s real intelligence tends to take a back seat, compared to their external appearance.


Sapiosexual Meaning & Sapiosexual Definition: Understanding the Types of People Sapiosexuals are Attracted to in Sapiosexual Dating

As a Sapiosexual, are you attracted to people who “look smart”?

We’ve compiled a list of 10 types of men and women who would be considered the Sapiosexual’s dream partner.

Check it out and see if any one of them fits your bill!


(A) The Sapiosexual Woman’s Top 5 Ideal Types of Men in Sapiosexual Dating


1. The Messy Nerd

He’s wearing the thickest horn-rimmed glasses ever, and his tousled hair flops everywhere and obscures most of his forehead and eyes.

He doesn’t look homeless though – he just gives off an air of supreme intelligence which has him spending his time on gadgets and new inventions rather than caring for his appearance.

You definitely want to add on his genetics to yours, to improve your offspring’s genetic potential.


2. The Philosopher in Sapiosexual Dating

He uses really big words constantly. He is always rambling on about stuff which more than half of the room can never understand.

You don’t understand what he’s going on about either – but that is exactly why you find him so attractive!

He has a unique view on the world, and often thinks about things which no one (his age) has ever had.

He forms his sentences in a poetic manner, which makes him feel like he came from a different era.


3. The Creator

He’s that guy who is always making something.

A new little project, a drawing, a sketch. He’s always busy and lost in his own world.

If you care to ask him about his work though, he can talk passionately for days on end about his latest project.

These creative types don’t really care about school but if they try hard at something, they’ll most probably succeed.

They don’t really care about their appearance, but they almost always look good.


4. The Medicine Man

These men are involved in the medical field, whether he’s a dentist, a neurologist, or a veterinarian.

These guys are very quickly snapped up, as soon as they hit the single status in the dating market.

The large majority of these men who are single, have chosen to remain so.

There’s just something really, really sexy about a doctor, which gets women’s fantasies raging like wildfire.


5. The Scientist

They have extensive knowledge in their chosen field of work.

They’re extremely busy with their work, so much so that you rarely get to see them.

However, their unavailability only makes them all the more attractive.

You get to catch the rare glimpse of them, when one of your smart friends happen to attend the same convention as The Scientist.

And you spot him in a corner, of your friend’s snapshots at the event.


(B) The Sapiosexual Man’s Top 5 Ideal Types of Women in Sapiosexual Dating


1. The Quirky Gal

She’s that one girl who’s so out of this world, she’s in a dimension of her own.

She has the looks, to wear whatever she wishes to and pull it off perfectly.

She ages graciously, and is popular amongst people of all ages because of her wit and tact.

She never hesitates to throw sarcastic statements, or voice out weird thoughts, because she knows everyone will still love her anyway.


2. The Shining Star in Sapiosexual Dating

Every congregation of people, will have one of these amongst their midst.

It’s that girl who shines in everything she does, no matter how she does it. Everyone admires her, and are kind of jealous of her, but she’s too nice and lovable to hate on.

To be so good in so many areas, while keeping a humble front, is attractive in its own way.

You can’t help but develop a crush on her, just because of the rarity of her existence.


3. The Awkward Nerd

She’s that one girl who sits quietly at the back of the class, and the only time she opens her mouth, is to answer every single one of the professor’s questions correctly.

She might not have the greatest sense of fashion, but her knowledge in practically anything and everything, outshines her poor taste in clothes.

Other than the times she’s answering academic questions, she stutters and stumbles over words and loses all her eloquence.

You find her awkwardness cute in its own way.


4. The FOB Asian

She’s that stereotypical Asian girl, with a petite frame and straight cut bangs with long, shiny black hair.

She can give you the answers to math questions, before you can even whip out your calculator.

She gets straight A’s in all her classes, and she speaks with an adorable accent of Asian origin.

She’s even good at cooking.

She’s coy and reserved in public, but she likes dressing dirty behind closed doors.


5. The All-Rounder

She is that one girl who can master everything she attempts to do.

From hitting the books, to sports to music, she is impeccable in everything she does.

She’s funny, she’s got the greatest style.

She resonates in interests with everyone she talks to.

You like her a whole lot, but so does every other guy – and girl you know.

Even some of the teachers or higher ups at work, have a crush on her.

Being so untouchable and out of your league, is part of her charm.


Concluding Insights on Sapiosexual Dating: Sapiosexual Meaning & Sapiosexual Definition

All jokes aside, these descriptions manifest themselves in real people somewhere out there.

It is not a mere fantasy to wish that they exist, but it’s best not to force your preconceptions of someone unto them, based on their external appearance alone.

As a Sapiosexual, you should understand that anyway – it is just the best-case scenario, when someone is as smart as they look.

Remove all assumptions you have of them till you know them better, so that you don’t disappoint yourself and the other party.


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