Sapiosexual Definition & Sapiosexual Meaning: Top 10 Clear Signs That You’re a Sapiosexual

Sapiosexual Definition & Sapiosexual Meaning: Top 10 Clear Signs That You’re a Sapiosexual

Do you find yourself attracted to people of exceptional intelligence and that you find yourself turned off by those less intellectually inclined no matter how physically attractive they are?

Do you prefer a girl sitting quietly engrossed in a thick paperback over a scantily dressed one in a crowded bar?

You just might be a Sapiosexual.

Sapiosexuals are individuals who prioritize intelligence as an attractive trait in their potential partners above all others.

Of course, a certain standard of physical attractiveness needs to be there, but Sapiosexuals are people who would choose a plain Jane with the brains of Einstein over a dumb bombshell.


What is Sapiosexual: Understanding Sapiosexual Definition & Sapiosexual Meaning

Lately, many people have regarded this term as “cool” or “trendy”, and have been name dropping it in self-introductions, be it in real life or on online dating platforms.

How many people who use this term are truly Sapiosexuals? How many of them even know what it means?

Let’s go through the traits which define a Sapiosexual and have a look to see if you’re one of them! … Enjoy this article!


1. You’re no dumbass yourself

While it is true to some extent that opposites attract, it definitely does not hold true in the case of intelligence.

It is an absolute requirement that someone be equally smart to be able to hold a substantial conversation with another intelligent being.

An intelligent person will not be attracted to one with a much lower mental capacity than themselves, which is why most Sapiosexuals are pretty smart themselves.

The way smart people think, speak and act is very much different from those with a lower intelligence level.

People whose minds can’t catch up to them make them lose interest pretty quickly, which is why they seek a companion with a mind comparable to theirs.


2. You can’t tolerate conversations devoid of substance – (#1 Important Aspect of Sapiosexual Definition)

It is a misconception that Sapiosexuals are not lustful creatures. Some are, some aren’t, just like the rest of the population.

The difference is that for Sapiosexuals, an engaging conversation regarding topics which penetrate far beyond the superficial level is equally or even way more attractive than a naked body.

Conversations where a Sapiosexual regards as fruitful and engaging will revolve around controversial issues or current happenings rather than celebrity gossip or complaints about the workplace.

Sapiosexuals are not likely to spend a few hours on a date gazing at the other person telling them how beautiful they look if they find that their partner lacks the knowledge to carry a scintillating conversation.


3. Someone with their own opinions thrills you

A sapiosexual loves talking to someone who has grounded opinions in something, and would willingly challenge their own views.

They dislike people who agree with everything they say, with no reason to justify their agreement.

If you find that Yes-men (or women) bore you and you have no desire for furthering your relationship with that person, you just might be a Sapiosexual.


4. You enjoy witty jokes

Different people find different kinds of humor entertaining. For some, they find slapstick hilarious.

For others, they find any joke which brings up human genitalia amusing.

For the Sapiosexual, there has to be an element of wit in the jokes their partner tells.

Sure, they can appreciate other forms of humor to some extent, but they lose interest pretty quickly if the jokes are repetitive, not creative, or are just plain dirty.


5. Stupidity gets on your nerves – (#2 Key Element – Sapiosexual Definition)

The most physically attractive person in the world can approach you, but you won’t have a shred of interest in them if they haven’t worked out their mind as much as they have with their body.

You get this unexplainable urge to get as far away from them as possible when they come within an inch of you, because you just can’t stand talking or even listening to people who lack intelligence.


6. Good English is the only way to go

You can’t stand someone who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

You find your blood pressure rise when you hear your partner use poor grammar or bad sentence structure.

You find that you can never be attracted to someone who doesn’t use good English with punctuation.

You cringe at people spelling the simplest words wrong.

You cringe at people with a tiny vocabulary bank.


7. Someone’s mind interests you more than their appearance

Sapiosexuals love people who read and digest a wide range of material.

People who just read gossip columns and chick flicks all day are of little interest to Sapiosexuals.

If you find yourself judging people for the titles of the books they read, you might very well be a Sapiosexual.

You love discussing topics which people wouldn’t normally be interested in, topics which require an active imagination for a good debate during discussion.

You wouldn’t care how gorgeous someone looks on the outside, if they don’t have the brains to back it up.

You would much rather be with an average looking person with an exceptional mind.


8. You don’t like people who hop on bandwagons

Sapiosexuals will never be interested in someone who rides the waves of trends and copy other people’s preferences blindly.

If they’re only wearing what they wear and listening to the music they do because it’s “trendy” that person is a complete turn off for you.

You find that someone’s tastes in various aspects of life defines them as a person, so someone who hops on the trends have pretty much a hollow personality to you.

Not attractive at all.


9. You don’t get along well with clout chasers

It’s extremely common in today’s day and age to be obsessed over the number of followers and likes you get on social media.

The youth of this generation derive a sense of achievement from this.

You however, are different. You see such acts of self-validation as pretty mundane.

You wouldn’t give a second glance at someone who needs the approval of a bunch of strangers to determine their self-worth.

You wouldn’t be interested in someone who only gives politically correct opinions just to be well liked by the majority of people.


10. EQ and IQ are equally important to you – (#3 Element of Sapiosexual Definition)

Being a Sapiosexual is pretty different from liking someone who has high grades at school and nothing more.

Being book smart, and being able to interact well with people and act appropriately in various social situations, are two different things altogether.

As a Sapiosexual, you’re interested in people who are a good mix and balance of IQ and EQ. you wouldn’t want someone who gets the best grades at school but are offensive in whatever they say without realizing it.

Neither would you want a popular person who gets along well with everyone but are failing everything at school or work.


Concluding Insights on What is a Sapiosexual: Sapiosexual Meaning & Sapiosexual Definition

Sapiosexuals are interested in a person through ways which go deeper than the conventional shallowness of appearances.

Being attractive is not a flaw to them, but the looks need to be coupled with a flourishing mind for the person to even have a place in a sapiosexual’s consideration for a partner.


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