Sapiosexual Meaning & Definition on What is Sapiosexual: 8 Clear Signs You're One of Them

Sapiosexual Meaning & Definition on What is Sapiosexual: 8 Clear Signs You’re One of Them

Some people definitely don’t mind being romantically involved, with someone who’s attractive on the surface. Despite them having no other redeeming qualities or features.

Especially we are now in the modern era, where there is the widespread popularity of social media to glorify good looks and anything attractive.

Just look at most Dating Apps and Dating Sites – the profile picture is the first thing they ask of you. It’s therefore not strange for people to focus on external appearances, and not much else.

Nonetheless, are you curious about the Sapiosexual Meaning and Sapiosexual Definition, and wondering if you yourself (or someone you know or like) is indeed a Sapio?


What is Sapiosexual: Understanding Sapiosexual Definition & Sapiosexual Meaning

Sapiosexuals used to be a more common occurrence in the past – the era where there was less intrusiveness of social media to glorify looks, and people focused more on their partners’ personalities and mindsets, rather than looks alone.

Fast forward to today, are Sapios extinct these days? Far from it. They may be much less frequently profiled, and are rarely in the limelight of dating updates and relationship news.

However, in fact, Sapiosexuals are a growing group of people in the dating community, who are ever increasing rapidly in numbers, all over the world.

They find themselves attracted to someone who’s of high intellect, rather than someone who’s conventionally physically attractive.

So are you one of them? To identify if you’re a Sapio, simply read on to find out more about the Top 8  Distinguishing Signs of a Sapiosexual … Enjoy!


1. You favor someone’s personality over their looks

When the first thing someone writes on their profile is that they have a good personality, what automatically comes to people’s minds is that the person is not very aesthetically pleasing.

It is usually a deterrent for most people from getting to know that person better. For you however, it is an incentive to find out more about that person.

You have the mindset that looks never last, but a person’s personality will.


2. You enjoy long, serious discussions about life

The classic movies and dinner first date doesn’t interest you. Those options are usually people’s go to for first dates because they fear the conversation which has to take place with someone they don’t really know.

This doesn’t faze you at all – it excites you to talk to your date to find out more about them – to see if your minds resonate at the same frequency.

Your first dates usually take you into complex discussions about life and other aspects of it.

Instead of having your conversation drowned out by loud music at concerts, or having non-existent communication, because you have to concentrate on the movie.

You prefer quiet places such as a park bench or sitting by the seaside listening to the waves roll in for a first date.

You want to use the time to get to know them, and see if you’re compatible for future dates, instead of staring at your date’s beauty with loud background music.

You find that no matter how physically attractive they are, your date turns you off if they aren’t very good at holding conversations, or if you find that they get lost or don’t contribute very much into topics you’re discussing.


3. You’re very much aware that intelligence comes in many forms

There are some who claim to be Sapios, when all they care about a person is what grades they achieved on the last major exam, or what level of higher education that person received.

While these factors may be part of the elements which make up a Sapiosexual, you are not one if it is the sole thing you look for in someone else.

There are many intelligent people who excel in different areas, but never had the opportunity to go to school.

Sapiosexuals value these people too. If all you care about are someone else’s grades, you aren’t a Sapio, you’re an elitist asshole, for lack of a better description.


4. The price tags on their clothes really don’t matter to you

Some people feel that someone else is “classy” when they’re decked out in well known brands from top to toe.

Some people feel that someone from a financially well-to-do family is glamorous and attractive. You however, feel none of these.

It is the way a person carries themselves in public, and the manner with which they speak and the content of their speech which makes you put them on a different class above the rest.

You don’t find monetary wealth attractive, rather you’re attracted to the wealth of information someone holds in their minds.


5. You want someone who makes ears prick up, not someone who turns heads

There are some people who have that element of glamor in their DNA, without really doing anything.

The second they walk into a room; people have their eyes glued on them.

These people are not your cup of tea though. You’re not really attracted to someone who was born with innate beauty.

You appreciate the time someone pours into gathering information and piecing it together, someone who can wow a room with the words which spill forth from their mouths, in a perfectly expressed and well worded sentence.

You want someone who will never embarrass you when they’re left alone in a crowd of intellectuals to fend for themselves.

They have the intelligence and EQ to get along, with anyone of any age from all walks of life.


6. You don’t find lazy jargons or speech attractive

In the spellcheck era, it seems like the new generation of people hardly know how to spell words anymore.

You’re attracted to someone who can spell words well without using spellcheck or checking google five times.

You want someone whose correct use of “there” and “their” is second nature to them.

Perfect grammar is very sexy to you, whether in speech or in text.

There is no reason or any occasion to use poor grammar or misspell words in your books.


7. For the first few months you’re together, going to the cinema is rare

Once you’ve found a person who is of your liking, you find that it’s really a waste of time sitting in the theater watching a movie, when you could be talking about something else together.

You never run out of topics to talk about, and the things you discuss are never shallow and tend to be thought provoking and mentally challenging.

You want to know how this person thinks about things because they can show you new angles which you’ve never thought about before.

Your dates are usually spent in heated discussions about topics which other couples of a lower intelligence could only dream of talking about.


8. You love questions

On first dates or when someone first gets to know someone, they tend to hate answering questions because they’ve never thought about things very much in detail.

People tend to ask questions, but aren’t listening to the answer in favor of preparing the next question to ask their companion. That is silly to you.

You love being asked questions, especially those which require lots of thought, or questions which you’ve never thought about the answers to.

You love asking questions to get an insight into the other person’s mind.


Concluding Insights on What is a Sapiosexual: Sapiosexual Meaning & Sapiosexual Definition

A Sapiosexual is someone who views intelligence as a very important factor when deciding if they’ll want to have anything to do with this other person in the long term.

It is pretty similar to an emotional connection, a chemistry which goes deeper than the skin and beyond the superficial.

If the above signs identify with you, you might be part of the rare group of people known as Sapiosexuals.

We trust you better understand the Sapiosexual Definition, and appreciate the Sapiosexual Meaning, after reading this article.


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