What Does Sapiosexual Mean: The Sapiosexual’s Guide to Capturing an Intellectual’s Heart

What Does Sapiosexual Mean: The Sapiosexual’s Guide to Capturing an Intellectual’s Heart

What makes nerds or smart people in general different from the general person?

Their basic physiology is pretty much the same. They get attracted to people and they have secret crushes too.

The movie depictions of nerds have made them far more popular in the dating field than they have been previously.

Unlike in films though, an intelligent person in real life will only ever be attracted, to someone of a similar or higher intellect than themselves.


What Does Sapiosexual Mean

Do you have a thing for nerds? Or are you inexplicably attracted to people who appear smart or are really intelligent?

If you’re a Sapiosexual, but aren’t privileged enough to belong to one of the extremely smart crowd, how are you supposed to attract an intelligent partner?

If you’re thinking hard about how to capture a Brainiac’s interest, look no further!

We have put together this list of our Top 10 insights and advice to help you out in your Sapiosexual Dating … Enjoy!


1. Don’t put others down to make yourself feel better

If you make them feel like being smart is a negative thing, it’s not going to make you seem any smarter.

So why do it? Besides, it’s a very common reaction for the less intellectually inclined, to put someone down when they feel overwhelmed by someone else’s intelligence.

Once you display such behavior, you can safely assume that you’re never going to get the attention of that intelligent person you’re interested in, no matter how hard you try.


2. Don’t pretend to be smart just because it’s the “in-thing” now

Just keep in mind that the person whose attention you’re trying to get, is factually smarter than you are.

Smart people know when people are genuinely smart, and when they’re only pretending to come across as smart.

As such, the worst thing you can possibly do to attract an intelligent person, is to feign a high IQ.

They know that you’re putting up a smokescreen to hide your ignorance, so chances are high that you’ll end up being a laughing-stock.


3. Being “weird” can be okay too

When “weird” people find each other, there is an unexplainable force which draws them together.

It’s like no one gets you, except for that other person.

Don’t be afraid to showcase your quirks in front of the person you like, because you never know when what other people consider “weird” can be endearing to a smart person whose mind other people “just don’t get”.

Smart people are used to being misunderstood and made fun of because their minds work differently from others.

They’ll be quick to stand on your side when they see that you’re in the same predicament they often face themselves.


4. Seek their guidance

Find out their area of interest, or even their hobbies.

Even though it’ll probably be in an obscure field which you’ll never understand nor ever be interested in, just ask them about it anyway.

They’re normally really passionate about what they do or spend most of their free time on, and it’ll allow you to converse (or at least listen) with them for hours.

Also, they usually have interesting views on topics which people commonly find “boring”.

You might just discover something new that you’re interested in.


5. Share your interests

There’s nothing less interesting than someone who lacks drive and determination in going about their lives day to day.

In a nerd’s eyes, a person who’s passionate about something – anything, is better than someone who mopes around their days just waiting for Friday to come.

If you’re passionate about something, share your interests with your crush even if you think it’s “lame”.

People who are passionate are interesting and draw people to them in their own way.


6. Tell them they’re smart

Smart people are just like pretty girls who love being told they’re beautiful.

They know it, but they love hearing it from other people.

There is nothing which makes a smart person prouder than if someone acknowledged their wealth of intellect.

It is the trait which they believe defines them, and they want everyone to know it above all other traits.

Make sure you let it be known to them that you think they’re really intelligent.


7. Take part in their nerdy endeavours

It is one thing to verbally tell someone how interesting you think their hobbies are. It is a whole other thing to show enough interest to want to join them in pursuing their interests.

After all, it is well known that like-minded people get along well together.

Thus, the easiest way to get closer to an intelligent person is to take part in the activities which make them the happiest.


8. Don’t approach them with hidden intentions

If you’re the sort who enjoys playing mind games or playing hard to get, chasing after a smart person will not be your cup of tea.

They have too many other things on their mind to bother with interpreting your mixed signals.

In their mind, you either like them, or you don’t. don’t waste your time playing around with an intelligent nerd because they’d much rather spend their time and effort on other things rather than chasing you around.


9. Go on dates which stimulate their mind

Before you go all out planning a date based on what the general brainiac likes, it’s best that you find out what your crush is interested in.

If they’re interested in aerospace, there’s no point in bringing them to a convention displaying rare plants.

It is okay to go on the occasional “standard date” by visiting the cinema and having dinner in a romantic restaurant when you get closer to them, but these will quickly bore them when you’re first starting out.


10. Show them what you enjoy doing

If they’ve spent all their lives doing nothing except playing computer games and attending science conventions, maybe you could take them on a picnic somewhere with a homemade lunch.

Let them experience things which they never have, or rarely experience.

For a smart person, new things are always interesting, no matter how “dumb” you think your idea sounds.

Furthermore, if the activity is something you genuinely enjoy, they will likely try to analyse why it makes you feel that way, and try to achieve the same pleasure from what you enjoy.

For them, discovering something new is never a bad thing.


Concluding Insights on What Does Sapiosexual Mean

You may feel that intellectuals live in a whole other world and communicate in an entirely different manner, but at the end of the day, they’re human too.

They can feel the same emotions that the average person can, but it might take a twist on things to make them feel that way.

It is just up to you, to try and see if you’re that special person, who can evoke those emotions in your intellectual crush.


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