What is Sapiosexual: Top 13 Proven Ways to Attract a Sapiosexual You Want to Date

What is Sapiosexual: Top 13 Proven Ways to Attract a Sapiosexual You Want to Date


What is Sapiosexual – Meaning & Definition of a Sapio

Being Sapio means that a person is drawn to another person’s intelligence, and this attraction transcends the boundaries of physical attraction.

It takes precedence above all else. Sapiosexuals fall in love with someone beyond the way that person looks.

They fall in love with the way that person thinks, the way they respond and interact with other people.


What is Sapiosexual – How to Attract a Sapio

Attracting a Sapio is by no means an easy task. Do you have what it takes to attract one of them?

Here in this article, we offer you a list of things which you can do to appear smarter.

However, it is best that you keep in mind that there is a huge difference in being actually smart and pretending to be so.


What is Sapiosexual – Do What You Need to Attract Them

If you’re ready to invest your time and effort into it, many of the things on this list will actually improve your chances of bagging a Sapiosexual by actually improving your intellect.

Let us get started … Enjoy this article!


1. Brush up on current events to communicate with a Sapiosexual

Keep an eye on the news – make it a point to watch the news for an hour a day, and try to remember the events which were being reported.

Read up on these if you’re going to bring them up in a conversation to avoid the risk of looking silly when you bring up a topic you know nothing about.

An alternative to watching the news is reading the paper. Gone are the times where you have to make your way to a newsstand to get a paper.

You can read the paper from anywhere you please, since you can get access to papers on your phone these days. Get a feel of what’s going on around the world so that you won’t be so ignorant.


2. Read voraciously to impress a Sapiosexual

This tip definitely isn’t for everyone. Some people just detest reading.

However, it is a guaranteed move to make if your aim is to seem smarter or to become actually smarter.

When you read a wide range of books – fiction and non-fiction, print or non-print; you’ll inevitably get smarter in some form or other.

You’re also subconsciously improving your grammar and vocabulary by doing so.

An extensive word bank and perfect grammar will instantly make anyone look smarter.


3. Speech patterns

Have you compared a seasoned speaker vs a college student on their first presentation?

Public speaking is one of the top phobias worldwide. If you learn how to speak in a manner which is convincing, calm and assured, people will automatically assume that you’re smart.

Stuttering and stumbling over your words are the perfect examples of what not to do.


4. Have opinions and stand by them

Swaying back and forth between contradicting points of view is the easiest way to look stupid.

Intelligence is not just about how much you know; it is often also to do with how well you interact with others.

While you can have your opinions, it is part of a high EQ to keep an open mind and listen to what other people are saying.

Furthermore, if you’re going to be adamant about your views on a matter, it’s best that you’re well versed with the arguments behind why you made that choice in the first place, or risk looking dumb.


5. Dress well to look smart to a Sapiosexual

Dressing well does not mean that you deck yourself out in the most expensive clothes you can afford.

You can spend a tremendous amount of money and still look bad.

Rather, it is better that you find out your body type, and wear well fitted clothes which flatter your body.

Apart from dressing well, a good posture plays a big role in looking the part of an intellectual.

If you stand with good posture and dress well, it is a guarantee that you’ll instantly look much more refined and intelligent.


6. Borrow intelligence from the more experienced

Hanging around the same friend group of a similar age, will get you nowhere in furthering your intelligence effortlessly.

If you mix with older people or those with different interests or social circles from you, you’ll learn far more in the process of interacting with them.

You’ll also gain the ability of being able to interact with people from all walks of life, and resonate with them to a comfortable extent.


7. Pick up a new language

People who can speak multiple languages are automatically seen as smarter or more talented.

It also activates your learning ability anew.

Brains get “lazy” when you don’t make it a requirement to learn something new once in a while, so this situation is a win-win!

Pick a language you love or are interested in so that you don’t run out of steam before your goal is complete.


8. Work on something you’re passionate about

It is better to work hard and improve on something you’re genuinely interested in, rather than pick something trendy to learn and hate the entire process.

The chances of doing well in something you love is much higher than the case whereby you hate what you’re doing through and through.

No matter how “lame” or uncool your passion is, work hard at it. Whenever someone is really good at something, they are seen at a higher competence level than others, and Sapiosexuals find that attractive.


9. Don’t be contented

When you’ve achieved your goal, find a new one to work on. It’s about continuous self-improvement.

It’s a marathon rather than a sprint. Beware of working on too many goals simultaneously – it is more likely that you don’t achieve any of your goals when you aren’t focused on any particular one of them.


10. Never stop asking

Asking a question out of curiosity is a whole world of difference from asking someone to explain something to you repeatedly because you don’t understand.

The latter is seen as dumb, but the former is quite an attractive trait, especially if the answer is properly digested and is brought up for discussion in the future.

People feel important when you ask them questions, so other than improving your knowledge, this has an element of improving your EQ in terms of your relations with other people.


11. Expand your vocabulary

Instead of being lazy and using the same boring old words like “happy”, “sad” or “tired” and adding a “very” or “super” in front, learn the actual words which carry the same meaning.

A thesaurus is a handy tool, along with a dictionary.

One thing to take note of is that you should never use big words if you don’t know what they mean or how to use them in the correct context because that’s the surest way to look really silly.


12. Don’t spread rumors

Gossip-mongering is seen as petty and unprofessional, and the people who take part in this act are hardly ever well liked.

The next time you talk to someone, think about what you’re saying.

If your conversations with people largely revolve around talking about someone else, you will never be seen as intelligent.

Stop yourself whenever you catch yourself doing this, and force yourself to pick an entirely new topic altogether.


13. Don’t fear mistakes

It is not an easy process to make yourself be seen as someone more intelligent, especially if this was not the image you were portraying before. Sometimes you slip up, and someone will step up to correct you.

When this happens, do not be spiteful or defensive by any means. Accept that you’re wrong, because you’re only human, and you are allowed to make mistakes too.

If you get defensive and angry when someone corrects you, you’ll be seen as a prude, especially when it’s blatantly obvious that you’re wrong and you’re arguing for the sake of doing so.

You will then be seen as hard headed or thick in the skull, which is the complete opposite of the image you’re gunning for.


Concluding Insights on What is Sapiosexual

After looking through this list of tips and faithfully practicing them, give it some time and be patient.

Your hard work and determination will eventually pay off.

People will soon see you in a different light, and the rare few Sapiosexuals who are looking for someone with substance beyond their looks will surely notice you too.


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