Is It A Serious Relationship: 4 Key Differences between a Committed Relationship and Casual Dating

Is It A Serious Relationship: 4 Key Differences between a Committed Relationship and Casual Dating

Telling the difference between a Casual Relationship and Serious Dating – Which one are you in?

If you’re caught in a situation where you’re unsure exactly which Type of Relationship you are in, it’s about time to get some clarity.

Here are 4 Excellent Ways to determine the Question: “Is It A Serious Relationship or Not?” i.e. Whether you are in a Casual Dating relationship or Committed Relationship with the person sleeping next to you … Enjoy!


So Is It a Serious Relationship or Not?

Let’s explore together these 4 thought-provoking questions and issues to differentiate between a Serious Relationship and Casual Dating …


1. How Open Are You?

People in a Casual Relationship can have non-monogamous arrangements or may be involved in an Open Relationship. They can see as many people or partners as they want, and they can sleep with multiple sexual partners or lovers.

However for people in a Committed Relationship, they tend to commit to only one person and are emotionally invested in just one partner. They believe that one should be faithful and loyal to their partner and that you can only have the capacity to love only one partner romantically.

Otherwise, this unfaithfulness can be referred to as “Cheating”.


2. How Serious and Committed Are You?

In Casual Dating, couples tend to take on a more relaxed way of dating. They don’t date with the end goal of marriage in mind, and are often involved in a casual relationship for the sex or/and the companionship.

Some of these Casual Dating couples may see each other daily but do not talk about serious and solemn topics such as their careers, religion, family, politics, aspirations and goals. Casual Relationship couples may even go for days, weeks or even months without seeing each other.

However, for a Serious Relationship, people often date with the end goal of marriage in mind. Some of these couples may discuss future plans such as their careers and their future goals, how many kids they plan to have, what to name their kids, what kind of house they would like to finance and buy after marriage etc.

These topics can be very serious, in-depth and requires lots of conversations and discussions between both partners. Sometimes, it may even touch on sensitive topics such as religion, political view points or even personal finance.


3. How Risk Averse Are You?

Partners in a Casual Relationship can see and have sex with other people aside from their own partners. They are not mutually exclusive to one another and they can be emotionally and physically intimate with some one else or even with multiple partners.

This may pose as a huge risk, and it is advisable that individuals engaging in sexual activities with more than one partner to use protection or precautions to prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs.

Conversely, couples in a Committed Relationship are monogamous and can only have sex and be physically intimate with one another. They are exclusive to each other and cannot be intimately involved with anyone else.


4. Is Family Involved?

Individuals in a Casual Relationship tend to hang out and have fun with their Casual Dating partners, and these activities are mostly done without the presence of friends and family. Most of the time, couples in Casual Relationships are in for the short-term companionship, therefore they do not introduce their partners to their friends and family. This is to avoid the awkward questions after they “break up” because these Casual Dating relationships are often short and fleeting.

Although couples in a Serious Relationship also like to spend time and have fun together, they can also be seen hanging out with each other’s friends and family as well. Because their partners are seen as important people to them, they would like their friends and family to get to know them too! Couples in Committed Relationships also tend to find common interests and hobbies so they can do these things they love, together.


Conclusions on Is It A Serious Relationship (i.e. Casual Relationship vs Committed Relationship)

Knowing the status of your Dating Relationship is critical in ensuring you don’t end up being hurt and taken advantage of.

If this type of relationship isn’t what you’re looking for, it’s time to leave and search for a new one – whether be it a Serious Relationship, Casual Dating, Open Relationship, Hookup, Friends With Benefits, NSA Relationship, One Night Stand, Casual Encounters, or other forms of conventional or modern types of Dating Relationships.


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