Serious Relationship Dating App: Top 7 Best Dating Apps to find Committed Relationship Partners in 2019

Serious Relationship Dating App: Top 7 Best Dating Apps to find Committed Relationship Partners in 2019

You might be new to Online Dating, but Online Dating is definitely not a newcomer. Ever since the creation of the first computers, online dating has existed. It’s unbelievable, but Online Dating has actually been around for nearly as long as computers have existed!

Through its appearance in sitcoms and TV dramas, Online Dating has slowly normalized cyber dating in the average person’s household. Despite this, there is still an unexplained negative stigma attached to finding your match online.

Back in 2005, research was done by the Pew Research Center. It was found that about a third of people surveyed agreed with the statement that people who resorted to online dating were desperate, and only a little less than half the participants thought that Online Dating would allow you a good match.


Serious Relationship Dating App: Finding Committed Relationships the Modern Way

Today, over ninety percent of the American population has tried Online Dating at least once, and nearly a fifth of marriages were the result of online dating.

Billions of messages have been exchanged across the multiple Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites, and no matter what you’re looking for or your preferences, there’s an app out there for you.

The ease of use and convenience of Dating Apps have made it the go to platform for single individuals looking for an ideal partner at their own pace.

If you’re new to Online Dating – or if you’re new to Dating altogether, now is a wonderful time to start. Which brings the dilemma – which app do you sign up for?

There’s a mind-boggling range of options, so how do you make your choice? If you’re looking for a Serious Relationship and are not averse to paying a small fee, here are some of the Best 7 (free and paid) Committed Relationship Dating Apps you can try out.


1. Happy Matches (

A relatively new player in Online Dating, (HM) has taken the Serious Relationship dating niche by storm. The site’s User numbers have been growing steadily month-on-month increasing by at least 20% to 30% (or even more)! Its popularity is undeniable, and no surprises knowing it convincingly fulfills its tagline of “Matching Aspirations & Expectations” of its Users.


(a) Problems Commonly Faced by Users with Most Online Dating Apps

HM prides itself on revolutionizing and rejuvenating Conventional Dating by addressing the key flaws prevalent existing in even the largest and most established Online Dating Apps/Sites in the world. Everyone knows the frustrations of having to swipe right/left merely to indicate one’s interest in an ideal Dating Profile (which frequently ends disappearing into the dark black hole of “Swipe Dating”). Others lament the very limited number of potential matches results served to you on a daily basis.

Yet other Online Dating Apps/Sites (and even social/professional networking and chat communications platforms) are inundated with a good percentage of scammers, duplicate profiles, fake/dubious profiles and seriously, time-wasters. It is no wonder that the well-thought out, unprecedented and technically far superior concept and features of Happy Matches absolutely changes the Online Dating playing field making it extremely welcomed and eagerly anticipated by Dating Users out there.


(b) How Happy Matches Distinguishes Itself from Other Competitors

Straight-to-the-point, Don’t “Beat about The Bush” interactions is what HappyMatches encourages. Gone are the days of vague profile information disguising what a User is looking for, or having to feel shy and awkward to be upfront about things. HM simplifies all these obstacles, but making the site explicit and extremely friendly.

One can now easily tell the world that one is only looking for a “Serious Relationship” and nothing else (eg. a Hookup or Friend With Benefit) – thus effectively sieving away unnecessary and unwanted attention from Users looking for a more Casual Dating relationship. Tags further enhance the clarity of the Type of Relationship and Dating Partner requirements that one is looking for (eg. Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating, Marriage minded, Long Term, Romance, etc.).

With such an amazing offering, coupled with the World’s First Facial Recognition verification process implemented into its Dating Apps, it is no wonder that Happy Matches is already a World-Class Leader in the Online Dating scene, and is poised to become the Largest and Most Popular Online Dating App/Site in no time.


(c) Subscription Charges for Using HappyMatches

Usage of HM is absolutely Free for “Date” profiles, whilst “Suitor” profiles have it way-too-good with a mere USD 1 starting fee for the first month (after which, you only pay USD 10 for your monthly membership). Superb, isn’t it? To top it all, Suitors can easily stand out from their competitors by taking on higher (but still very affordable) monthly subscriptions, which showcases them in an elevated status to woo and attract their Dates more easily.


2. Coffee Meets Bagel (

CoffeeMeetsBagel (CMB), since its launch in 2012, has already garnered an extensive following of millions of Users all over the world. This is no surprise, considering that its CMB Dating App has a strong overall rating, and is known for its (a) value for price, (b) quality of members, (c) ease of use, (d) customer satisfaction and (e) safety.

CMB enjoys a really outstanding reputation as a Online Dating App for a Serious Relationship (rather than a Casual Dating or Hookup App), thus bringing together quality users that come looking for a long term, romance-centered and marriage-minded relationship.

Serious Gay Dating and Serious Lesbian Dating are offered too, since Men can look for male partners, and Females can look for female partners. Besides its in-app currency offerings using “virtual beans”, the site now also offers a Premium Subscription available at $34.99/month that helps to prevent “ghosting” by Users.

All in all, Coffee Meets Bagel is a highly recommended Dating App for Serious Relationships, as the team goes beyond and way above to continuously improve a User’s Online Dating experience. This is similar to having the help of a competent “virtual matchmaker”, plus CMB provides excellent transparency about your dating performance on the app, and shows you how you can improve to enhance your profile’s attractiveness and your dating success.


3. EliteSingles (

The Elite Singles Dating App was created for people who’re looking for something serious out of their dating adventure. Downloading this app might be a smart move towards a lasting relationship because many of their users have succeeded in doing so.

The site works by matching people to others with similar personalities, and suggests each user a curated sample of three to seven potential matches daily.

If you’re someone who’s busy or just too lazy to swipe through hundreds of duds who have nothing in common with you, this is the app for you. Their matchmaking logarithm is an efficient way to help you in your search for love.

Available on: iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play store)


  • 1 year – $31.95/month, for a total of $383.40
  • 6 months – $44.95/month, for a total of $269.70
  • 3 months – $59.95/month, for a total of $167.85


4. ( comes equipped with a desktop site as well as a mobile app, and just like EliteSingles, is designed for those looking for a serious, long term relationship. It provides you with matches, but you’re also given the option of trawling through users in your free time and take your pick of the available singles.

The downside of looking through profiles is that it takes a long time, and you’ll probably have to waste a lot of time looking through multiple profiles before you find your perfect match.

An old player in the online dating scene, has been around since the advent of the world wide web. Having been founded in the 90s, it has been a leader and a long runner til now for a couple of reasons. Searching your ideal type is quick, and filtering options are well tailored.

The matches you yield from this site will make you feel that spending some money is worth it in the long run. There are enough perks signing up for this site to justify you spending on their monthly fee.

Available on: iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play store)

Fees: $42.99


5. eHarmony (

eHarmony is yet another dating site catering to an audience seeking a lasting relationship ending in marriage. This app is suitable for those looking for their life partner, as the average user’s age varies between those in their 20s to those in their 30s.

There tend to be less options and matches for those in their 40s or those hovering close to that age group, since the age demographic for this app has been decreasing over the years. The average user age currently is 30, so if age is a restriction in your search for a partner, this app might not be the best for you.

For those looking for a one-night stand or a vacation fling, this app is definitely not for you, and might not even be worth the hassle of joining if all you want is a quickie. When you start out, you are required to complete an extensive survey, and are blocked from seeing anything else until you’ve paid the subscription fee.

If you’re down to spend quality time in searching for your lifelong partner, eHarmony is just the app for you. One downside is that eHarmony only caters to heterosexual pairings, so that’s something to consider if you’re part of the LGBTQ crowd.

Available on: iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play store)

Fees: $42.95


6. Zoosk (

Zoosk saves you the hassle of filling in extensive surveys or taking part in personality surveys, and instead gathers your matches based on information they extract from your social networking accounts. While the sign-up process is quick and efficient, it is ironically time consuming looking for your match since you have to navigate into individual profiles to check for common traits or hobbies.

Users have complained that the user interface is not very easy on the eyes, and there are too many ads plastered on the app. Too many instances require you to pull out your credit card, and you have to trawl extensively through profiles to find someone who is on the same frequency as you personality wise. On the upside, it is easy to search for users if you know what you’re looking for.

Available on: iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play store)

Fees: Free basic plan; premium plans start at $29.95 per month


7. Hinge (

The site revolves around an interactive experience amongst its users rather than a superficial swiping game driven by outer appearances. The app’s ultimate goal is to get you interested in someone to the point that you don’t need the app anymore, and delete it.

Instead of deciding if someone is your match just by looking at their profile picture, you gain access to a profile filled with the user’s details and backstory. The viewer can then interact with sections of the other person’s profile, which provides the all-important ice breaker and consequent conversation starter.

You can check out users who’ve left comments on segments of your profile, and are recommended a new set of people daily. The membership fee is significantly lower than its competitors serving the same purpose, so Hinge is a good idea for those looking for a serious relationship on a budget.

Available on: iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play store)

Fees: $10.99 per month


Concluding Insights on Serious Relationship Dating App: Choosing the Best Dating Apps for Committed Relationships

With quite a few solid Serious Relationship Dating App options in the market for you to find your Committed Relationship, which should you start with first? Follow our carefully researched recommendations – you can start by using the first and second Online Dating Apps stated above, and thereafter go down the list if you need more options.

Have fun and we wish you SUCCESS in your Online Dating journey to find your ideal Serious Relationship and Romantic Relationship partner.


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