What Is Considered A Serious Relationship: Top 5 Ways to Tell If Your FWB Relationship is Heading into Something Serious

What Is Considered A Serious Relationship: Top 5 Ways to Tell If Your FWB Relationship is Heading into Something Serious

It’s totally possible, for a FWB Relationship to progress into something more (like a Committed Relationship), without you being aware of it.

It could eventually lead to a happy ever after (i.e. a Long Term Relationship or Marriage) if you’re lucky, but the chances of that happening is really slim.

Regardless, it��s always good to think through what has been going on between the two of you, lest you both end up going through unnecessary drama.


What is Considered a Serious Relationship

Here are some Top 5 Ways to tell if your Friends With Benefits Relationship is heading into something serious … Enjoy!


1. You can’t be bothered about how you look anymore

You may wake up with the worst bed head, have something stuck in your teeth, or your breath reeks of onions from dinner last night, but you don’t f*cking care.

Because you are way too comfortable with him, and you know you still look really hot anyway.

You roll up next to him and say, “Hi, darling!” with a goofy and contented smile. And you both just laze the weekends away. Bliss.


2. You see traces of you at his place

Because you are literally a permanent resident at his place anyway, you leave all your basic necessities at his place.

Your mascara, lipsticks, moisturizers, razor and the hundredth tub of skincare has just overtaken his bathroom sink and spilling over on the dressing table.

Even your panties and bra are strewn on the bedroom floor and a ton of your unwashed clothes are haphazardly hanging behind the door, threatening to bury the next unsuspecting victim who’s going to walk through it.

Well, it’s an organized chaos and you are certain you know where all your stuff are placed and kept because it is considered your place too anyway.


3. You tag each other on social media

Both of your accounts have goofy pictures featuring you two, and also those that will incite an ‘aww’ in envy when people see them. Chances are it’s your primary/profile photo too.

You two travel together often, and there are even albums dedicated to this special person for different destinations and special occasions.

Frequently, a mutual friend would tag the both of you in a photo, as you’re both seen hanging out together with buddies celebrating different milestones and happy occasions.


4. Sex is no longer a priority

It’s the time of the month but he still comes over just to hang out and watch movies with you.

For you both, sleepovers don’t necessarily equate to sex. He just enjoys your company and presence.

Sex would be a bonus, but it is not what’s top on his mind when he comes over with pizza on Saturday night.


5. You actually see a future with him

You have lots of heart-to-heart conversations, and sometimes you both talk about your dreams and aspirations.

You marvel at how great it would be to retire at 35, and own a huge mansion with an ocean view to boot.

You also talk about the grim and downright boring stuff: like how much money you have got to save, to place a deposit for a house you both have been eyeing, how to split or who pays which household bill, types of insurance to uptake etc.

Basically, you both are planning for the future, because you see a future with this person you are talking to.


Concluding Insights on What is Considered a Serious Relationship: Knowing Whether Your FWB Relationship is Heading into a Committed One

If the above seems familiar, it’s time to decide how you want to progress from here.

Are both of you ready to bring your Friends With Benefits relationship up to the next level of a Serious Relationship? Or would that be too much of a commitment for both of you?

Many are skeptical about a Committed Relationship born out of Casual Dating because of trust issues. Are you both able to trust each other sufficiently, despite having a history of Casual Relationships?

This is a very important and critical question to consider before making your decision.


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