Our Mission

HappyMatches matches Aspirations and Expectations, and brings Beautiful People and Successful People together.

This makes Modern Dating and Relationships so Simple and Straightforward.


Matching Aspirations & Expectations

Modern Dating embraces an individual’s freedom to choose the Type of Relationship you want, and Who you want to Date.
State Upfront what you are looking for and stop wasting your time on Unsuitable Profiles.
Let us Partner with you to find your happy matches.

How it works


Browse through the profiles of quality Suitors and Dates in your locality. Identify those profiles which match your aspirations and expectations.


Interact with suitable profiles using the portal’s real-time chat. Exchange pictures, and get to know each other better.


When comfortable, arrange your first and subsequent meetups through the portal. Enjoy your dates and let romance blossom.

How Happy Matches came about

In the area of Dating and Relationships, Successful Men and Women, and Beautiful Ladies and Attractive Guys, are always highly sought after and attracted by each other. Besides the difficulty of finding and meeting each other, the unique aspirations and expectations of each individual adds to the complexity of finding compatible matches.

Whilst analyzing existing web portals and apps, the team at HappyMatches realized that users commonly face the following main frustrations:


Difficult, time-consuming and tedious to identify possible potential matches


Lack of clarity on the type of relationship these potential matches are looking for and their expectations


Time-wasters: insincere profiles, people hiding behind fake profiles, and even potential scammers


Unverified profiles, with people overstating their financial status and spending power


Frustrating to use and interact with users on web portals and apps due to poor design and performance issues

Our Solutions

At HappyMatches, we recognize these key challenges users face, and have facilitated the following features and benefits so that finding your perfect match and ideal type of relationship (based on your aspirations and expectations) become easy and hassle-free:


Clarity (and recommendation of potential matches) based on the type of relationship a Suitor/Date is looking for and their expectations


“Live Chat” allows real-time interaction between Suitors and Dates to get to know each other better and build authenticity


Different levels of Suitor Badges allows Dates to prioritize interaction with Suitors of better financial status and higher spending power


Verification of identity of Suitors/Dates through personal details or documents, and verification of spending power of Suitors through bank information


State-of-the-art web portal and app delivering Real-Time interaction, optimal performance and intuitive user-friendly design

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