Our Mission

HappyMatches prides itself as the World’s No. 1 Top Dating Site and Best Dating App for Online Dating, particularly for finding Casual Relationships and Committed Relationship partners.

We match the Aspirations and Expectations of Users, and bring Attractive People and Charming People together for amazing Dates and Romance.

This makes Modern Dating and Relationships very Simple and Straightforward.

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Matching Aspirations & Expectations

HappyMatches embraces an individual’s freedom to choose the Type of Relationship(s) you want, and Who you want to Date.

Find gorgeous partners for Casual Dating and Open Relationship (such as a hook up, friends with benefits, one night stand, fling, casual encounters, nsa relationship, non monogamous relationship, short term relationship, casual sex, open marriage or booty call).

Or seek a Serious Relationship for monogamous, long term and romantic dating to settle down. Perhaps, you might even be looking for a Travel Companion, to make more Friends, or to Network.

State Upfront what you are looking for, and stop wasting your time on Unsuitable Profiles.

We fully support and encourage Straight Heterosexual Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating, Bisexual Dating, Bi Curious Dating and Senior Dating/Mature Dating. However, Sugar Dating or Compensated Dating is strictly prohibited.

Let us Partner with you to find your Happy Matches!

How it works


Browse through the profiles of quality Suitors and Dates in your locality. Identify those profiles which match your aspirations and expectations.


Interact with suitable profiles using the portal’s real-time chat. Exchange pictures, and get to know each other better.


When comfortable, arrange your first and subsequent meetups through the portal. Enjoy your dates and let romance blossom.

How Happy Matches came about

In the area of Dating and Relationships, each of us wants to find someone charming and attractive for our casual dates and serious dates. Besides the difficulty of finding and meeting such people online or in real life, the unique aspirations and expectations of each individual adds to the complexity of finding compatible matches.

Whilst analyzing all the established online dating sites and online dating apps, the team at HappyMatches realized that users commonly face the following pains and frustrations:


Difficult, time-consuming, frustrating and tedious to identify possible potential matches.


Lack of clarity on the type of relationship(s) these potential matches are looking for and their expectations.


Low quality profiles: lots of scammers, bots, spammers, fake profiles and duplicate accounts.


Unverified profiles: difficult to differentiate between genuine users and insincere timewasters.


Frustrating to use and difficult to interact with other users due to poor design, bugs, performance issues and irritating advertisements.


Limited access to profiles: purposeless swiping leading to a “black-hole”, and restricted access to only a few poorly suggested profiles each day.


Prohibitive costs: costly paid memberships offering little “value-for-money”, and overpriced “likes” or “super likes” merely to indicate one’s interest in a profile.

Our Solutions

At HappyMatches, we recognize all these key challenges and issues which users in the Online Dating world face.

Our high-performing dating site and dating apps offer the following features and benefits, so that finding your perfect match and ideal type of relationship become so easy, effective and hassle-free:


Clarity (and customized recommendations of potential matches) based on the Type of Relationship(s) you are looking for and matching expectations.


“Live Chat” allows real-time interaction between Suitors and Dates to get to know each other better and build connection quickly, to facilitate moving to the next phase of meeting up.


Absolutely FREE usage for all “Date” profiles, with an incredibly low 1 USD first-month entry subscription for “Suitor” profiles. Suitors can upgrade anytime to stand out from competition.


World’s First “Face Verification” process for all Suitors and Dates to ensure real and authenticated profiles, and eradicate scammers, fake profiles, bots and insincere timewasters.


State-of-the-art mobile-friendly website and apps deliver real-time information, optimal performance, with a highly intuitive, elegant and user-friendly design.


Continuous improvement, innovation and new cutting-edge features and concepts being rolled out regularly, to deliver the best online dating experience and highest quality profiles.


Huge Dating Resource Database: authoritative, insightful, valuable and practical dating advice, tips, rules and insights across all dating areas to help you succeed in your dating and relationship life.

Our Future

Despite being a recent entrant to General Dating, HappyMatches carries the hopes and dreams of all online daters all around the world to revolutionize dating on the internet – to make it safe, easy, reliable and effective.

It is with this vision and objective in mind, that we continue to charge forward, so as to be able to serve you better with each passing day.

Whether you are living in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Or you’re residing elsewhere in North America, Europe, South America, Asia Pacific or the Middle East, you’re always first in our minds as we strive to meet your dating needs.

We thank you always for your strong support and valuable feedback, to help HappyMatches become the most extraordinary and trusted dating partner the world has ever seen to date.

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