Bi Curious: Top 7 Best & Free Dating Apps, Dating Sites & Dating Websites for Bi Curious Individuals Seeking Support

Bi Curious: Top 7 Best & Free Dating Apps, Dating Sites & Dating Websites for Bi Curious Individuals Seeking Support

It isn’t easy being a bi curious, and we can’t stress the importance of having a good support network for those who are in this phase of their lives.

The following sites might be intended for the LGBTQ+ audience, but they also happen to be one of the best places to find people who are likely to be genuinely concerned for those who are in “questioning” … Enjoy!


Bi Curious: Knowing the Best & Most Popular Dating Apps & Dating Sites in the World


1. HER (

One of the best things about HER would be its dedication towards building an inclusive and supportive community of women.

It really doesn’t matter what one’s sexual identity here is, because everyone is just so nice and accepting towards one another.

HER organises events for its members frequently, so that means you’d get to meet and befriend lots of like-minded individuals.

If you’re curious or even facing a bit of an identity crisis, you can be sure that you’d find the support you need over here.


2. Chappy (

Chappy is made for men who find conventional gay dating apps too explicit.

For this group of men, the process of looking for a date in such apps might be a highly intimidating or even traumatic experience.

Chappy thus takes on a more lighthearted (and less sexual) approach towards gay dating.

Users on this platform seek more of an emotional-based connection, rather than lust and physical attraction.

For that reason, this is an ideal place for bi curious people to lurk – you’re more likely to find someone who is genuinely interested to listen to you; someone who might help you to discover your true identity.


3. OkCupid (

Alright – even though OkCupid isn’t exactly built for the LGBTQ+ community in mind, it has been rather open to the idea recently.

This is evident in the added gender options that users can select to identify themselves with (including the option “questioning”) when they first register for an account.

Clearly, OkCupid is a great platform for those who are bi curious and just need some time to figure out their identity.

OkCupid has been an excellent dating platform for the heterosexual audience, so we would definitely expect a lot!


4. Hornet (

Essentially a dating / hookup app that is targeted at a male audience, Hornet is highly rated as a platform for gay, bi curious and bi sexual men.

One of the interesting ways in which you can search people out on Hornet would be through hashtags (like what they do on Instagram).

This really allows you to have a better understanding of your potential date before deciding whether or not to get in touch. It’s definitely made for the meticulous man.


5. Zoe (

Zoe can be said to be similar to Hornet, only that it’s targeted at women.

Upon signing up, users will be asked to complete a personality test which the Zoe platform would then use to set up compatible matches with other users.

The platform emphasizes a lot on emotional connections and interests, so it clearly doesn’t take on the raunchy, explicit feel that most apps these days go for.

Nonetheless, it has been working well for its target audience – women who value emotional connections more than physical intimacy.


6. Jack’d (

If you’re bi curious and have always wondered about the terms and labels used among the gay LGBTQ+ community, you might find yourself leveling up a little on the knowledge department.

This is especially so if you do meet up with someone from this platform.

Let’s just say that Jack’d is a great place to meet Twinks, Bears or even Butch Queens.

Like other Online Dating Apps, you get to experience basic features which are sufficient to connect with the members there, but be prepared to pay a little for the premium plan.


7. HappyMatches

If you’re into Bi Curious Dating, HappyMatches is the TOP Dating App & Dating Websites in the World you MUST Definitely Use!


Concluding Insights on Bi Curious

Often times, bi curious people get confused over their own identities and for that reason, it is extremely important to stay sane through a supportive network.

The following Dating Apps, Sites & Websites are ideal, and we hope they work well for you!


(Last Updated: 6 June 2020)


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