Bi Curious Meaning & Bi Curious Definition: Top 5 Unsettling & Real Truths About Bi Dating & Being Bi Curious

Bi Curious Meaning & Bi Curious Definition: Top 5 Unsettling & Real Truths About Bi Dating & Being Bi Curious

If you’ve ever been stumped by your own sexual orientation, chances are – you’re Bi Curious.

Simply put, bi curious individuals are those who find themselves having a liking towards both sexes; only that they haven’t really gotten down to the actual deed to ascertain their suspicions.

Consider being Bi Curious as a phase of internal conflict within the individual itself that can only be resolved through physical intimacy with both sexes.

An elusive term in itself, it can be difficult to pinpoint what being bi curious entails exactly, except that they tend to exhibit the following characteristics …


Bi Curious Meaning

So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Unsettling Truths & Practical Facts about being Bi Curious … Enjoy!


1. Bi curious individuals have internal struggles

While this might be a controversial issue altogether, individuals who experience bi curiosity do not necessarily go through it willingly.

In fact, it is not surprising when such struggles lead to the suppression of one’s true orientation; a phenomenon that is highly likely especially in conservative societies that shun anything apart from heterosexuality.

In such cases, individuals become very unwilling to accept their sexual orientation, and could lead to serious consequences like depression.

For those who are willing – well, good for them.


2. Anyone can experience bi curiosity at any age

While not a common sight, it is definitely possible for someone completely heterosexual to feel attracted to someone else of the same gender out of the blue.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the reasons behind such occurrences, but often when this happens, it causes much distress and confusion as one starts to indulge in self-doubt and self-bashing.

It doesn’t help that bi curious is often treated as a ‘passing phase’ that would resolve itself with time.

For most people, it really isn’t as simple as that.


3. The case of bisexual erasure

Because the notion of bisexuality itself is something that most mainstream societies try to suppress, it often leads to a phenomenon known as bisexual erasure.

In the simplest terms, bisexual erasure happens when society outrightly rejects the legitimacy of such a sexual orientation, undermines it, and disses it off as something not worth discussion at all.

The media has been observed to do this frequently and skilfully, evident in the examples of well-known figures like Lou Reed, James Dean and Freddie Mercury.


4. Bi curious people tend to avoid this label

Due to the pressures society, family and friends place on bi curious individuals, they tend to despise that label and are most of the time adamant about shunning it altogether.

In place of it, these individuals prefer to describe themselves as ‘questioning’ – which certainly has a more neutral ring to it and is devoid of negative connotations and stigma that society has tainted the term, Bi Curious with.

‘Questioning’ allows individuals the space and time to reconsider their sexual orientation, without exerting too much pressure on themselves.


5. Being bi curious does not equate to being bi sexual

While these terms may seem similar, they are far from it. Most people tend to treat them as synonymous terms, but they really aren’t.

The very fact that they are treated as the same thing shows society’s general lack of interest towards it.

For the individuals who are experiencing either of these, it means they are left to fight a battle of their own.

It’s not easy, and it really doesn’t help that this isn’t acknowledged by most of us.


Concluding Insights on Bi Curious Meaning

In conclusion, there is a need to recognize that everyone is unique in his or her own ways.

The mainstream views of sexual orientation have definitely become more diverse throughout the years.

However, when it comes to those who are bi curious, there is certainly much more to be done.


(Last Updated: 6 June 2020)


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