Bi Curious Definition: Top 5 Common Misconceptions & Differences in Meaning of Bisexual & Bi Curious for Dating Relationships

Bi Curious Definition: Top 5 Common Misconceptions & Differences in Meaning of Bisexual & Bi Curious for Dating Relationships

It’s easy to get shrouded and confused by the countless, alternative definitions of these two terms floating around on the internet.

What exactly does it mean to be bisexual, and is there a difference between being bisexual and bi-curious?

The short answer is yes – there are differences. However, the difficulty in comprehending them lies in the fact that their differences are often subtle.

And when things are subtle, people tend to look past them; as humans we are naturally inclined towards simplifying things and generalizing them such that they are more palatable for the mainstream audience.

That’s the reason why the terms bisexual and bi-curious have become used synonymously, and here we explain why that SHOULDN’T be the case.


Bi Curious Definition

In this insightful article, we unravel the Top 5 Common Misconceptions & Misunderstandings between Bisexual and Bi Curious … Enjoy!


1. Sexual identity vs A Phase

Being bisexual is a sexual identity. That means if you are bisexual, you are comfortable to have relationships and sexual experiences with people from both genders.

Contrary to that, when you are bi-curious, you have never been together with someone from the same gender, yet, you would like to try to be in relationships with people from both genders and to engage in sexual relationships with them.

Therefore, bi-curious is considered to be a phase, rather than a sexual orientation or identity.


2. Sexual Desires

When you are Bisexual, you engage in sex with people of different genders to satisfy your inner desires and sexual needs.

However, when one is Bi Curious, you connect with people of both genders; not with the core purpose of having sex with them, but because you have taken a liking towards them or are attracted to them.


3. Long Term Commitment

Bisexuals are open having long-term relationships with partners of either gender.

They are willing to establish and build a long-term commitment with a partner, irrespective of whether they are male or female.

On the other hand, bi-curious individuals tend to only have long-term relationships with people of the opposite gender.

Which means they take on a straight preference towards relationships in the long run.

Bi Curious people may be drawn to or interested to people of the same gender, but ultimately, they will settle down with a partner of the opposite gender.


4. Confident vs Confused

Bisexuals are seen as confident because they can put their foot down, knowing their sexual orientation, and recognizing what they want in their partners.

Conversely, Bi-Curious people seem lost, confused and unsure about what they really desire.

They are indecisive about their sexual identity and often switch back and forth about whom they are attracted to and whom they would like to date in a long-term relationship.


5. Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual vs Straight

A bi-curious individual is generally straight in their sexual orientation. Essentially, a bi-curious person is interested in testing the waters of dating people from both genders.

Moreover, it could also be a phase that someone is going through before discovering they are lesbian, gay or bisexual.

Gradually, you may identify yourself of a specific sexual orientation after some time. What’s important is to be true to yourself and to discover who you really are.


Concluding Insights on Bi Curious Definition

It should be apparent by now that being Bisexual IS different from being Bi Curious.

Besides, there are obvious implications when it comes to looking for a date.

If one is looking for a long term Committed Relationship partner, Bi-Curious individuals are a no-go.

Conversely if one is merely looking for a Casual Hookup or One Night Stand, either a Bi-Curious or Bisexual would work fine (although you’d probably experience more excitement with the bi-curious).

While some might argue that there is no need to be precise with labels, we hope the differences described here have shown otherwise.


(Last Updated: 6 June 2020)


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