Casual Encounters: Top 6 Rules You Should Abide By for a Casual Hookup or One Night Stand

Casual Encounters: Top 6 Rules You Should Abide By for a Casual Hookup or One Night Stand

Casual Encounters are great; in fact we think it’s the best form of Dating Relationship that could ever exist between 2 mutually consenting adults.

At times, we just have to fulfill our primal urges and let’s just say that couples can’t possibly be compatible in every single way and that is likely to include propensity towards sex.

That’s when a Casual Encounter comes into the picture – it helps us to fulfill that need without having to impose it on our partner.

That said, there are some Basic Rules we have to follow so that such Casual Dating arrangements don’t return to bite at us.


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Top 5 Casual Encounters Rules You Should Abide By for a Casual Encounter

Over here, we share 5 of the most Basic and Essential Rules of a Casual Encounter … Enjoy this article!


#1 Be Firm About Boundaries

You should have a clear understanding of what to expect from a Casual Encounter. Don’t set too high expectations or have no expectations at all.

Some boundaries must be in place; especially those that concern your safety and well-being. For instance, if you are a lady, you should have this rule: “no going back to his place for sex”.

This ensures your safety as this person you have just met is merely a stranger and you do not want your safety to be compromised, especially at an unfamiliar and foreign place to you.

Do not budge or be swayed by his pleas or influence, as you should be firm and self-assured about these boundaries you have set for such casual encounters.


#2 No Matter What, Safety First!

Make sure at least one person whom you trust knows where you are going in the case of an emergency.

Casual Encounters may be spontaneous, thrilling and exhilarating but you have to always place your safety as a priority. If you are both getting a room, get one at a nearby hotel (as it is more of a neutral ground) rather than at his place.

Always practice safe sex as you never know what kind of STDs are out there and you certainly do not want to be impregnated by a total stranger.

Carry a condom with you because you do not want to be pressured to have unsafe sex when caught in a situation. Well, it is really better to be safe than sorry.


#3 Go Ahead and Try Everything

A casual Hook Up is definitely the place and time for you to unleash your inner desires.

Experiment and have loads of fun with different sexual fetishes and fantasies and see if your Hookup Partner is also one who’s game for these.

If you have a vibe that your casual date is someone wild, adventurous and bold take it up a notch further and ask her/him if she’s/he’s keen on having a threesome (provided that it is also up your alley).

If things don’t work out or it falls apart, don’t worry, you are probably not going to be seeing her/him again. So, go all out and have some real hardcore fun in bed!


#4 Keep Emotions Out Of It

Always keep in mind that this is something casual and things should go in a very relaxed and light-hearted fashion. Conversations included.

So don’t brood over serious subjects like your work, friends or even family. Keep these things private because you don’t want to lead her/him the wrong way nor get too emotionally involved with this casual Hooking Up.

Guard you heart, because you are here to have some fun, not get your heart broken.


#5 Be Respectful Towards Your Casual Encounter Partners

Even though this is a Casual Relationship, and you may or may not see this person again, it doesn’t give you the right to act like a total b*tch.

Show him/her the same kind of respect you are expecting from him/her, and thank him/her when the encounter is over.

Be the best version for yourself because you might never know where this Casual Date might lead to.


Concluding Insights on the Basic Rules of Casual Encounters

As with all Types of Dating Relationships, there are clear and essential rules you need to follow in order to succeed and be happy.

Stick to these 5 Basic Rules for Casual Encounters, and you will probably not run into any major problems.

If you can’t remember all of them, simply be an “ARSE” – i.e. Be Adventurous, Be Respectful, Be Safe, and Enjoy.


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