Hookup Apps: Top 7 Best & Free Hookup Sites in 2019 for Hooking Up Flings, Casual Encounters & One Night Stand Partners

Hookup Apps: Top 7 Best & Free Hookup Sites in 2019 for Hooking Up Flings, Casual Encounters & One Night Stand Partners

There are no rules in love and lust, except that no one, most importantly you should get hurt, and it should be an overall pleasant experience.

If you have been dating or looking for a date lately, chances are you’ve come across something called Online Dating.

This phenomenon has swept across internet users because of its ease and convenience.

It’s a space shrinking technology which brings people closer together faster than ever before.


7 Top & Best Free Hookup Apps for Hooking Up Flings & Casual Encounters in 2019!

What this means for those of us who’re more sexually promiscuous, is that we no longer have to hit on someone at the local watering holes for us to be able to have some fun.

All you have to do is create an account on a Dating Site to start looking for your next Casual Fling or Casual Relationship.

However, it is understandable that not everyone who’s on a Dating Site has the same goals in mind – some wish to pursue a lifelong relationship rather than a night of fun.

Your matches on most Dating Apps and Dating Sites tend to hit or misses, because of the different demographics spread out through the Dating app or Dating Site.

There are also some Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites which promise good fun with No Strings Attached (NSA), but were created to scam users and most of their users aren’t even real.

What real and effective options are there, for those of us out there who wish for nothing more serious, than a Hook Up or One Night Stand Partner?

If you definitely know that a Committed Relationship isn’t for you right now, but still need your carnal desires fulfilled, we’re here to help you out.

Here we have a compilation of the most trustworthy Best Casual Dating Apps and Best Casual Dating Sites meant for Hooking Up, where you can find your ideal Casual Hookup dating partners, no matter what your sexual preferences or fetishes are.


1. Happy Matches (www.happymatches.com) – (#1 Most Popular Among Hookup Apps Worldwide)

HappyMatches stands out as the No.1 Hookup App/Hookup Site in the world to find suitable Hookup dates.

Besides being an absolutely Free Hookup App for “Date” accounts, this phenomenal Hooking Up platform also offers very affordable monthly subscription pricing for “Suitor” accounts.

To add to the offering, no one is “coerced” to pay for paid membership since all “Suitor” accounts enjoy a whooping 14 days free paid membership subscription! Try to beat that!

The quality of the Happy Matches comes in its stringent sieving of its User base. Users need to undergo its World’s First “Facial Recognition Verification” system to confirm they are real human individuals (not bots).

This effectively sieves out scammers, fake profiles, time-wasters and duplicate profiles – problems which plague basically every (even the most established and prominent) Dating Apps and Dating Sites out there.

The technological advancement and performance of the HM Dating Site and Dating Apps is impeccable. Never have we seen such solid performance standards, ease and intuitiveness of use, and elegant interface in the entire Online Dating market all across the world.

The Happy Matches team and its developers continue to amaze each passing week with new functions and features, consistently improving UI/UX, and an ever rapidly growing database of genuine and quality Users.

Whether you are looking for a Heterosexual Hookup, Gay Hookup or Lesbian Hookup, HappyMatches.com is by far the most highly recommended amongst all other Hookup Apps, Hookup Sites and Hookup Websites in the world!


  • Absolutely Free usage for “Date” accounts.
  • A mere USD 1 for a 30-day paid subscription for “Suitor” accounts (with very affordable monthly paid subscription packages thereafter).


2. Tinder (https://tinder.com/) – (#2 Most Popular Among Hookup Apps)

Over the years, Tinder with its location-based Dating App and mega database of over a billion swipes a day has established itself as the leading Online Dating App of the world.

Since its launch in 2012, Tinder has been constantly featured and discussed as being one of the best Hookup Apps in the world, a shinning feather to its cap which it has maintained until today.

Undoubtedly, its ease of use (by encouraging Users to simply swipe “left” or “right” based on the potential dates’ photos and succinct profile information) and high performing Online Dating Apps has helped it to earn its stripes.

Usage is free on Tinder if you don’t the limited profiles and minimal “Super Likes”. You can simply upgrade to one of the available paid subscription packages to remove the limitations and date as extensively as you wish.

Of late, certain Users have been noticing more fake profiles, scammer incidents, duplicate profiles and time-wasters, when using this “Mother” of all Dating Apps.

Some feedback has also been received on the dwindling number of genuine (and also quality) matches on the site.

Perhaps these are not easy issues to tackle once a world-class Dating Site hits such levels of popularity and usage which attracts these irresponsible and inappropriate Users.

Importantly, Tinder still remains one of the best “Go-To” Dating Apps for General Dating and particularly to find Hook Up partners.

Just remember to exercise care and caution on the app (like with any other Dating Site and Dating App), and you’re on your way to Hooking Up paradise!

Usage: Free, with paid subscription options as well.


3. DOWN Dating (https://www.downapp.com/) – (#3 Highly Recommended Among Hookup Apps)

Down Dating utilizes your Facebook friends list, to connect you to your friends, and their extended network of friends.

You can state upfront, whether you’re here just to have some lustful fun, or if you want something more out of it (like Serious Dating or a Committed Relationship).

One benefit of this Casual Encounter App using the friends network, is that you can find out more about the person from your mutual friends beforehand.

And of course, you definitely know that the person you’re interested in, is not a bot.

The downside of this app is that it allows you to swipe through everyone – Yes! That’s everyone in your friends’ lists.

Murphy’s law states that your phone will one day swipe right on that creepy old uncle of yours, while it’s in your pocket.

Jokes aside, if you’re someone who’s against recycling Dates/Hookups within the same old circle of friends, maybe this NSA Relationship app isn’t for you.

Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that if things turn sour, you might have to see these people again someday in the near future.

Usage Charges: Free on iOS and Android

4. Casualx (https://www.casualxapp.com/)

Casualx markets itself as the ONS version of Tinder. No matter what kind of short-term relationship you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it here.

The app also doesn’t discriminate against your relationship or marital status so for those looking for an outlet to *ahem* play “games” on the side, this is the app for you.

Other users on the site are like minded, so you don’t have to worry about your one night stand throwing a tantrum and demanding that you get into a relationship today because you slept together the night before.

There are absolutely no requirements for you to get into any form of deep emotional involvement with anyone you find on this app.

A plus point of the app is that it has an excellent user interface which is easy on the eyes and protects its users’ privacy.

A downside is that the app has the potential to set you up with someone who’s a gazillion miles away – what do you do, hop on a plane for a quickie? – but the developers promise that they’re working hard to resolve this issue.

Usage: Free on Android


5. Pure (https://pure.dating/sex-app)

Despite its virtuous sounding name, this app was purely (pun fully intended) created for those looking for One Night Stands, or a brief passionate moment.

You don’t have to beat around the bush or text someone for months, or go on 5 dates with them before they’ll sleep with you.

If they’re on this app, sex with no strings attached is what they want. How convenient!

This Short Term Relationship app “prides itself on anonymity”, and by that they mean that user information is wiped hourly, so you don’t have to fret over your nudes being leaked all over the net if site security is breached.

No one on the app will judge you for wanting nothing more than a quick f***, because everyone else on the site is the same!

This app celebrates sex, so there is no need to feel shy or awkward when hanging around like minded people.

If you’re still doubtful, just take a peep at Pure’s Instagram and you’ll be convinced that you can let yourself go here.

Just a word of warning for those new to this app – always place your safety first. The assurance of anonymity comes with an added hazard for young, naïve people.

You never know who is really behind that screen, and there isn’t much room or time for you to reconsider your matches since everyone is trying to get into bed quick.

Go with your gut and if you ever feel unsafe, you can simply cancel your plans.

Usage: Free on iOS and Android


6. Feeld (https://feeld.co/)

Have you always wanted to be extra naughty but no one would do it with you?

Have you wanted to explore your kinks and fetishes but your partner was too old school and averse to trying new things?

There’s now an app to fulfil your deepest desires. Feeld is here to stay!

You navigate the app in the classical Tinder style, by swiping left and right as you deem apt. you can sign up via Facebook, and choose if you wish to be part of a threesome of individuals, or join a couple in their lustful adventures.

How exciting! The app is pretty easy to use since the interface is familiar and easy to use.

You can also swap your name after signing up, just in case you wish for your naughty identity to be kept separate from your “normal” one.

If you’ve heard on the grapevine that the app is in some legal trouble, fear not.

Tinder has previously sued the app for being too similar to itself, but the app has since gone through a rebrand and fixed all copyright issues.

Usage: Free on iOS and Android


7. Whiplr (https://www.whiplr.com/)

This is yet another interesting Hookup App which serves the purpose of fulfilling kinks which can’t be brought up at the dinner table.

It’s so frustrating spending countless time and effort trying to bring this topic up in a conventional Dating App.

With Whiplr, you know what these people are here for – the same reason as you.

After you sign up, you’re given the option of choosing your fetish of choice, and places you in a community of like-minded people.

You can blast through the small talk and formalities and immediately dive into what you’re interested in. Practical.

For your privacy, you have the option of removing pictures you’ve previously sent to someone.

(Yeah, we all have those moments where we wish we could unsend something).

However, the app doesn’t prevent the other person from taking a screenshot, so just keep that in mind.

You are limited to certain functions in the app if you don’t get yourself a paid subscription.

If you’re serious in the kinks department, a new influx of users inspired by 50 Shades will be present to annoy you. Just sift past those people and you’ll do just fine!

Usage: Limited free use iOS and Android


Concluding Insights on the Top, Best & Free Hookup Apps for Easy Hooking Up of Flings, Casual Encounters & One Night Stand Partners in 2019

Whilst it’s possible to hit the night spots and drinking holes to find potential Hookup partners, modern technology has made it so much simpler, cheaper and convenient by expanding your potential hookup targets to large numbers in your area.

Now, you don’t just have a lot more options, you also don’t have to just settle for whoever’s in the club or pub that night.

You can view the hookup dates’ profiles to narrow down and select only those who match your expectations and requirements.

Using the right and most effective Hookup Apps will land you your amazing Hook Up experiences – so why settle for less, when you can choose and use the very best (even if it means it requires you to spend a small monthly cost)?

In Hook Up dating, remember not to be penny wise but pound foolish, dear friends.


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