Hookup Apps: Best 8 Free Dating Apps in 2020 for Hookups & Flings

We’ve all been there. We’ve all tried and tested many popular dating apps. They’re great for long-term and serious relationships but the truth of the matter is, that’s not always what you’re looking for. You may just want to have fun through hookups, casual encounters and one night stands with no strings attached. This is especially true when you simply have no time for anything more.

Chances are you’ve encountered people looking for committed relationships in different apps, where your playful and sometimes blunt advances are met with blocks, “unmatches” or meeting up with your matches, to find that you have totally different expectations of where it would end up (like when coffee really meant coffee).

We’ve done the hard work of testing the best and free apps for casual dating and hookups for you! So, no more unnecessary awkward conversations the next day or needing to find an excuse to leave.

These are apps you’ll want to download next to find your ideal Casual Hookup dating partners.

Hit up one of these (or all! Who’s judging?) eight best dating apps we recommend you try to find your next no-strings-attached (NSA) flame.


8 Top & Best Free Hookup Apps to Find Your Flings & Casual Encounters in 2020!

What this means for those of us who’re more sexually promiscuous, is that we no longer have to hit on someone at the local watering holes for us to be able to have some fun. You easily filter your choices on your phone.

All you have to do is create an account on a dating site to start your search for your next casual fling or casual relationship.


1. Wild

Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with paid subscription options, starting from USD29.99 per month.

Wild has quickly garnered popularity for people looking for casual hook-ups for being a straight shooter dating app.

Users are required to state their intentions clearly when signing in whether they’re looking for people to chat with, looking for hookup, looking for casual dating, looking for new friends or looking for long-term.

So, you don’t waste time whatsoever browsing through countless of profiles.

It also will prompt you to get your photo verified and a tag will be clearly shown on the profiles so you can save your time from scammers and catfishes. Wild has boasted that 65% of their users are with verified photos.

The other key feature for this app is being able to control your preferences such as gender, location, age range, distance, photo verified, intention and last online!

You can also make some of your photos private whereby only matches can view them. So, pictures showing off your six-pack can be reserved to several ladies of your pick, rather than the whole world.

One of the potential put-off for some is that you would need to sign up using either an Apple ID (if you’re using an iPhone) or a Facebook account. You could use your phone number to sign up if you’re using their desktop website.

From personal experience of using this app, take it from me to adjust the preferences and filter so you don’t waste time getting matches and actually increase your chances of getting matches you want!

Although the app was slow in getting me profiles to choose from, the choices were quite different from the other apps I used to prowl. This resulted in a refreshing group potential matches rather than seeing the same ones over and over again.

All in all, it is an app worth trying as the photo verified really takes the cake here among other apps and it was comforting to know that you are talking to a real person and not a bot or a scammer.


2. Tinder

Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with paid subscription options starting from USD9.99 per month.

You can’t run away from the popular swipe app. It has cemented the swipe culture in the dating app world so much there are songs made about it (Cue for Miracles of Modern Science’s “Swipe” song).

It prides itself as the world’s most popular app for meeting new people and sparking more than 26 million matches per day. It has earned the #2 spot in Lifestyle on App Store to date.

Since its launch in 2012, Tinder has been constantly featured and discussed as being one of the best Hookup Apps in the world, a shinning feather to its cap which it has maintained until today.

Undoubtedly, its ease of use (by encouraging Users to simply swipe “left” or “right” based on the potential dates’ photos and succinct profile information) and high performing Online Dating Apps has helped it to earn its stripes.

Usage is free on Tinder if you don’t mind the limited profiles and minimal “Super Likes”. You can simply upgrade to one of the available paid subscription packages, to remove the limitations and date as extensively as you wish.

Some have pointed out that the app is not as great as it glory days and have complained of being catfished, the app filled with scammers, fake profiles and prostitutes. It has to be pointed out that it may not be an easy issue to tackle due to its popularity and growth rate as many dating apps are still trying overcome this issue.

I still hear friends and acquaintances meeting their “The One” on this app and even if they don’t, they enjoy making new friends there and generally enjoy the confidence boost when people swipe right to their Tinder profile!

Importantly, Tinder still remains one of the best “Go-To” Dating Apps for General Dating and particularly to find Hook Up partners.

Just remember to exercise care and caution on the app (like with any other Dating Site and Dating App), and you’re on your way to Hooking Up paradise!



Usage Charges: Free on iOS and Android, with a choice of paid subscription starting from USD 19.99 per month.

Down markets itself as being the most honest dating app available to meet locals nearby.

In the past, it was known as “Bang with Friends” and  it was an app designed to help Facebook friends (and friends of friends) find each other anonymously for casual hookups.

Fast forward to today, it has re-positioned themselves and you can signed up using your phone number like I did, which was quick and easy. The option of signing up using your Facebook is still available.

According to its site, it will never post anything on your Facebook wall or news feed. However, to be safe, to avoid appearing in Facebook’s Graph Search for the app, make sure to keep the default setting to show “Only Me” in your privacy settings.

A word of caution: On their website, Down states that since the changes in 2015, Facebook changed their platform and hence, it may now be possible for your friends to find out who uses Down while using it themselves! So, best to go with the phone number option if you don’t want your circle to find out what you are up to!

If you’re a seasoned “swiper” on date apps, the user experience of this app would be familiar. However, through testing it on my own, the swiping up and down may need some getting used to but a tutorial is showcased to you during your first sign in.

Swipe down to GET DOWN means no strings-attached and casual encounters. Swipe up to GET DATE are meant for those who you want to meet and get to know better. This is reserved for those who you deem as the “boyfriend or girlfriend material” or “long-term relationship material”.

Swipe left to those you’re giving a miss and don’t strike your fancy. The good thing is if you can change your mind later, you can swipe back to undo the mistake!

As a Free account user, you get limited profiles presented to you in a day, which can get frustrating for some who don’t like limitations. However, Down is pretty fast in presenting selections for you versus many other dating apps that usually take a day or two to present you decent choices. I got mine almost immediately after I signed up.

The profile selections does present to me those who are nearby me so no need to worry about distance when it comes to meeting up for drinks or hookup (which IS A BIG DEAL).

Conclusion is that this app is definitely BIG on promoting physical attraction as it doesn’t offer much space to build your own personal profile, making it ideal for hookups, casual encounters and no-strings-attached relationships.


4. Hud

Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with paid membership options; ranging between USD2.31-14.99 per week.

Hud doesn’t play hide and seek with its identity and wears its badge proudly as a “commitment-free dating” app.

With that in the open, you will be able to meet like-minded people looking for casual dating, FWB and one-night-stands, minus the expectations of a traditional dating app.

So if commitment is not at the top of your to-do list right now, this app was made for you.

Something different from other apps is the Bedroom feature where you can get peek into their “Bedroom” to see what they like. You can pick between Biting, Blindfolding, Choking, Butt Stuff and more. You can tell right away if they’re into the same kinks as you!

Instead of arranging for a Zoom virtual date, Hud has also rolled out a video chat feature if you prefer to meet in the app before proceeding to anything further. It auto-blurs during the first chat and both parties can choose to unblur it when both are ready and comfortable to do so. You can also choose to report or block them during the call if you feel the other person is being dodgy!

Rather than needing to take the conversation elsewhere and risk giving out your personal details, Hud has also included options for you to send and receive videos, photos and audio messages.

Moving away from the swiping culture, you can scroll through possible matches with its scrolling match feed.

So far, this app has helped me matched with people I wouldn’t normally meet in real life or on other apps and tons of decent choices. Hud is definitely an app worth giving a go!


5. Pure

Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with in-app purchases.

Pure is clear about its goal of being “The Anonymous Hookup App’” and it seems that their users understand that too.

This app celebrates sex. So, no beating around the bush for what both sides are looking for!

When you login, you set up an “ad” about yourself or what kind of adventures you’re looking for and people will like you and you like back and you’re off to chatting with your first anonymous match.

And boy, the ads can get pretty descriptive and sexually promiscuous. To give you a taste of what to expect, the ads encountered included “Come find out what my tongue can do. Looking for someone open-minded and talks a lot” and “Let’s explore your dark desires and embrace it”.

No judgement and sharing your sexual fantasies there seems to be highly encouraged!

For female users, you may prefer to meet and see if there’s chemistry first or maybe for a virtual sexy cam action first before doing the real deed.

And you don’t have to worry about making the golden rules of hooking up clear – that you will never hear from the other person ever again.

Personally, I enjoyed exploring this app as it was refreshing joining an app where I didn’t have to knock my head figuring out what to write in my “About Me” section. Plus, it would be a waste of time when one just needed a quickie and get it over with minus introductions and small talks.

You can choose to put your real photo or not, so this comes with its own price where you don’t know who’s behind the screen on the other end. So, trust your guts and anytime you feel uncomfortable, just leave the chat.


Other interesting features include:

1.  It has a self-destructing chat feature where it self-destructs in 24 hours but can be disabled by disabling the timer if both parties agree.

2. All photos and audio cannot be saved to the phone and if someone takes a screenshot, you’ll get an automatic notification to inform both sides.

3. You get automatic alerts on certain trigger words such as people prompting you to give your phone numbers or taking the chat elsewhere.

4. It’s free with in-app purchases like sending a virtual gift of a pineapple or a drink to gain attention from a guy and flowers or a cocktail for a girl. Another purchase you can make is to become “King of the Hill” to be at the top of the feed for all the girls nearby until another guy beats you. Both would set you back for USD1.99 each.


6. Feeld

Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with paid membership options starting from USD15.49.

Before stepping into the dating app world as Feeld, the app was called “3nder”, the threesome app. They have since rebranded and renamed the app as Feeld after a lawsuit by Tinder.

Feeld is now focusing on being a sex positive space for people to explore their dating desires in a safe and private space.

You can choose to sign up alone or with your partner, lover or a curious friend.

It also markets itself to be inclusive of different sexual identities including heteroflexible, bixesual, polysexual, pansexual and many more.

So if you’ve been wanting to unleash and explore your kinks and fetishes with or without a partner, this is the app for you!

You can tag your desires such as “threesome”, “dominant”, “bdsm” and “mmf” so both parties don’t have to second guess what each other are into!

The app navigation is a breeze for those already in tune with Tinder’s art of swiping.

You can come up with an imaginary name to go with your naughty side and upload a real photo or a general photo to represent yourself if you prefer to keep your identity under wraps for fear of encountering friends or even (gulp!) family there.

However, this will present a problem of possible scammers and fake profiles so do be cautious. If you find a profile that  is too good to be true, skip it instead of risking it.

If you purchase the Majestic Membership, you can access to premium features such as going “Incognito” where people will not see you on Discover until you like them first and hide from your Facebook friends.

So far, the free version of the app has been a breeze with quite a number of “real photo” profiles and show matches who are nearby rather than 30km away or more!


7. Whiplr

Usage: Limited free use iOS and Android

This app is not for the faint-hearted and is not for the vanilla lover in the bedroom.

If you have specific kinks you want to be fulfilled in a hookup, this is definitely the app for you.

With Whiplr, it is the place for BDSM dating, Kinky Chat and Fetish Community.

Newbies, experienced, straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, doms, subs, masters and slaves are all welcomed there.

So instead of hooking up with anyone whom you’re unsure of their preferences, everyone in this app states clearly what their kinks in their profiles.

And the list of kinks is pretty extensive. There is Restraints, Boots, Authority Roleplay, Leather and even Electric Toys. So, no second guessing what the other wants.

I would say that the options can be extensive based on your location and preferences of kinks.

You don’t have to use a social login to join, which is a plus for your privacy.

There is also an advance filtering tool so you can search by role, age, distance, sexual orientation, preferred kinks and even weight range. And this is on a free account!

If you prefer to keep your kinkiest photos to a select few, you can put them under your Private Photos in your profile.

This app will certainly “whip” your sexual fantasies into reality if you play your card right.


8. Happn

Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with paid membership options from USD14.99.

Do you have moments you wished you walked up to that girl/guy and asked for their digits?

If you’re like me, you’ll get that regret pang whenever you miss that fleeting chance.

Now, you don’t have to! Happn allows you to find people you crossed paths with and connect with them! How cool is that?

So you could be at a supermarket, a bar or a restaurant and connect with them through the app, especially if the moment was too fleeting or even shy to approach them.

Although the app doesn’t state the exact location for privacy reasons, going through this app was fun to see where I may crossed paths with the other person.

Users can state if they’re looking for nothing serious or a relationship, so you can tell right away who’s in it to have fun!

The downer is that the free account does have its limitations such as being able to send a limited amount of “Hello” to different users. You can only chat with them once they have liked you as well. So, just be patient as it takes to build some momentum here.

The perk is that you get to connect with many people that you don’t usually find in other apps!


Some Final Words…

Thanks to the vast assortment of hook-up apps out there, you can have your favorite top picks of hookup matches from the comfort of your own home or anywhere for that matter!

Also, you save time and money by expanding your potential hookup targets to large numbers in your area by exploring different apps.


To ensure a safer experience for yourself, here are some tips to ensure your safety:


1. Manage expectations from the start

If you’re meeting for just coffee to see if there is chemistry, make it clear to the other party not to expect more to avoid any misunderstandings and unpleasantness later. If both can be upfront of positions you want to explore, relationship status and HIV status, discuss these before pursuing anything further.


2. Trust your gut

I can’t stress about this further! If you have been catfished when you arrive or the other person doesn’t want to exchange photos before meeting, it is best to let it go and move on to the next.


3. Meet up first for a casual outing

Meeting up at a public area is safer to see if the person is who he or she claims to be and also gives you a better sense of the person. Going behind closed doors or even giving a stranger your address right away, puts you at risk.


4. Respect boundaries

Both sides must agree to not push each other beyond their own boundaries and must respect one another. It is best to let each other know the limits way beforehand and not feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to. If the situation gets too intense, protect yourself even if it means running away.

– end –

(Last updated: 27 August 2020)

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