Casual Encounter Meaning: 4 Important Lessons Your Casual Fling Boyfriend Could Teach You

Casual Encounter Meaning: 4 Important Lessons Your Casual Fling Boyfriend Could Teach You

Whoever said Casual Arrangements and Casual Flings don’t teach you any life lessons, is likely a self-righteous prick who doesn’t know better.

We definitely beg to differ. In fact, we believe there is A LOT to gain from your Casual Encounters, in addition to the great sex and orgasms that result from such Casual Dating Arrangements of course.

You don’t have to get into a Serious Relationship or Committed Relationship, just to learn the following.

In fact, it would be too painful a lesson to do that! Enjoy this extremely insightful article, and its excellent Dating Tips and pointers.


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Casual Encounter Meaning


1. He would teach you a thing or two about respect – (#1 Top Casual Encounter Meaning)

Deciding to be someone’s fling, doesn’t equate to you agreeing to be treated like dirt.

Don’t ever settle for that, just because you decided to be in a Casual Hookup, with someone who looks as hot as Ryan Gosling.

Yes, he may be so goddamn f*cking hot, but he shouldn’t be that self-entitled to think everyone should take his sh*t.

Even with the short-term nature of Casual Relationships, everyone should have the decency to treat each other with respect.

If he’s treating you poorly, and making you do things you feel uncomfortable with, simply walk away because he’s just not worth your time.


2. He would guide you to know yourself better

Generally, Casual Dating relationships may be less complicated than regular Committed Relationships or Serious Relationships, but they teach you a lot of things about yourself – especially with regard to the men you choose.

You get to see yourself in a whole new different light from these Casual Encounters, and these can even shape you into an entirely different person.

You get to learn about your likes and dislikes for men, recognize what your pet peeves are (especially those that can drive you up the wall).

You could also realize that maybe, you don’t like men who are too metrosexual and well-groomed anymore (because they can be a little too narcissistic for your liking).


3. He would help you improve your time management

We have all been guilty for ditching our friends for our boyfriend, when we first get into a relationship.

This ‘honeymoon’ phase is inevitable, as we just want to spend all our waking hours with this person we are crazily infatuated with.

However, because casual relationships are merely flings, and not ‘true love’, we tend to know how to balance our time with friends and family, while also having some fun time with our sex buddy.

Essentially, it is crucial to always divide time among people who matter to us, instead of just letting our whole world revolve around merely one person.

This is to ensure your entire world doesn’t totally collapse, if that one person leaves one day.


4. He would stir you to appreciate the seemingly small actions

A man can plan something big and fancy for you once, or he can do small little sweet gestures, consistently.

It is definitely more difficult to do the latter, because a douche bag would definitely not be able to carry that off day in day out.

He would falter because innately, he is unable to put yourself before him, and he needs that instant gratification.

When he does something, it is always for something in return (i.e. a blow job or sex).

A gentleman who loves you would be mindful of the things he does for you on a daily basis, because he prioritizes you before himself.

When he does something, it is because he wants to make you smile, not for any other incentive.

That’s when you know you have found yourself a gem, and a keeper!


Concluding Insights on Casual Encounter Meaning

So, if you’re still considering if you should get into a Short Term Relationship, and whether it’s going to be a waste of your time, we hope we have convinced you.

Having a Casual Encounter would not be a waste of your time.

In fact, it would help you to discover and understand yourself better as a person.

Just remember to engage in safe sex for your Casual Flings, and there should be nothing else to worry about!


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