Best 6 Casual Encounter Apps for Hookups and NSA

If you’re one of those who are sick and tired of getting muddled in between serious relationship seekers in dating apps, this list of apps was made in heaven for you.

Swiping through apps haven’t come through for you.

Sometimes you’re across the table from a cute person you met on an app and you’re thinking “Yes! I scored big!”, only to realise he or she isn’t into hooking up at the end of the night.

“I’m looking for someone who is serious about a relationship”, the person says.

We feel you.

We’ve all been there.

And frankly, you just want to skip the dinner and drinks and get straight down to business.

Plus, all dressed up or dolled up for a casual encounter can get old real fast.

And this is where this list will be your “Swiss Army Knife” of all hookup or sex apps for those of you, who are looking for casual sex.

Some of these apps are a bit of both worlds for hookup and dating but be clear on your intentions in your profile so you get potential matches, who are on the same page as you.

While we know you want to skip the whole dinner and meet ups, do put in some effort in standing out in the crowd by putting in some interesting lines to keep the conversation going.

Now that we’re clear about that, here are the best casual encounter apps for casual sex, hookups or NSA.


1. Pure


User BaseRating
Singles looking to flirt, fwb, fast dating, casual relationship with no strings attached, hooking up, arrangement or serious relationships.4.6


Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with in-app purchases.

Overview: This fun illustrated app uses ads to post your desires and intentions. It appreciates privacy so you can use a nickname instead of your real name and don’t necessarily have to put a photo to your profile. This app is for anyone who is over and done with Swipe apps.


If you can’t bear to go through another swiping app and want something quick, I would totally recommend Pure.

Due to the chats disappearing within 24 hours (unless disabled mutually by both parties), people here are fast in connecting with one another and they cut to the chase.

There are pleasant small talks to warm up the conversation a little but don’t be surprised if you find people being straight up with their message to you.

This app is also perfect for those who don’t fancy filling up gazillion questions, write a lengthy bio about themselves or even uploading a selfie.

Practicing a straight-to-the-point method, you post an ad of what experiences you’re up for such as sext, FWB, casual relationship or no strings attached.

Once posted, you can see who else is online in the local chat and your ad becomes invisible when you go offline.

It is a norm for people to exchange naughty pictures here (just don’t include your face) and send it through the chat.

All photos, chat messages and audio shared through the chat, cannot be saved to the phone.

If anyone takes a screenshot, you will be notified right away!

Another pro to this app is that it give priority to people nearby you and as you move down the list, it gets further away.

Though I would say it would depend on where you’re living and how big of a city you’re in.

Do utilise the video call feature here if you prefer some sexy cam time so that you don’t risk giving our your phone number to strangers!

A great tip in using this app is to be upfront but decent when posting your ad.

You can also inject some wit into it to up your game and you’ll surely shine in this app!


2. Hud


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for  hookups and dating.Over 9 million4.5


Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with paid membership options; ranging between USD2.99-14.99 per week.

Overview: Hud isn’t shy about what it is. It proudly sets itself apart from apps that are looking to capture both committed and non-committed user groups. But Hud is not one to beat around the bush and the users here aren’t as well. The “bedroom” feature is something you’ll look forward to!


Proudly displaying on their website, stood these words – “The app for people who want the [peach emoji] but not the [ring emoji].”

It cannot get more obvious than that.

Known for anything casual here, you get to dust off the pressure of “finding The One” in this app.

If you’re looking for someone to talk, flirt or meet with like-minded people and you’re tired with Tinder, this app will have what you’ve been dying to experience.

With more than 9 million users and growing, this app has abundant of choices a lot of other apps don’t.

Exuding casual dating positivity throughout the app, the app is straightforward and easy to navigate for newcomers.

Not one for swiping, it has a scrolling function so people get to see their photos and snippets of their profile easily.

My personal favourite feature is the bedroom section.

You get to set your own “bedroom” and view others as well on what you like under the sheets and you’re spoilt for choices here.

Choose bondage, blindfolding, biting, but stuff, dominance golden showers among many!

Find comfort knowing you can video call your matches and it’ll auto blur at first until you feel comfortable to enable it!

A hot tip to fully utilise this app on a free account is to use the filters including one free premium filter.

I personally recommend picking “verified” for your free premium filter so you don’t get caught with scammers, time-wasters or even catfishes.

If you want something that doesn’t waste time getting straight to point, give this app a try!




User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for  hookups and dating.Over 7 million4.3


Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with a choice of paid subscription starting from USD 19.99 per month.

Overview: DOWN is for those who want the best of both worlds – to hookup and to date. Easy to use and to set up, it uses a swiping mechanism for you to pick people you want to hookup, date or skip. No frills and will be greatly appreciated among those who wants ambiguity out the door.


If you’re in the midst of hooking up with people but also want to find potential people to date at the same time, why limit yourself in a hookup app when you can have both?

DOWN lets you choose to date by swiping up on a profile or swipe down to get DOWN or hookup.

It detects your location to find people near you.

We would say this app is better for hookups due to the lack of space for your personality to show through.

It only shows your profile picture, name, location and a very short bio to represent yourself.

However, we’ve heard of people meeting their boyfriend or girlfriends here so it really depends on your area and luck as well!

You can set your filter preference to look for men, women or everyone so not only for straight people here!

If you’re bored with the mainstream dating apps out there, this app definitely brings a whole new array of attractive matches.

Straightforward to use, zero ambiguity of intentions and brings you a couple of profiles real fast after signing up.

What’s not to love?


4. Grindr


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For gay, bi, trans and queer singles or couple looking for hookups and dating.Over 27 million4.5


Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with paid subscription options, starting from USD6 a month for the Xtra package.

Overview: Grindr is the hookup app that the gay community has been buzzing about. With over 27 million users, it’s a testimonial on what the app brings to the table. The app is great for those who is over and done with swiping apps thanks to its grid profiles layout.

It’s a location-based app which will tell you how far away are users in your area are.Grindr is good news to the gay, bi, trans and queer community and that’s probably why there are more than 27 million users here.

Instead of swiping, it uses a grid of profiles so you can easily see browse through the array of profiles.

The grids used to be smaller but has been updated to make them bigger, making it easy to view the photos at a glance through.

You could scroll endlessly to easily find anyone that strikes your fancy and message them for free!

The basic filters ready to be used on a free account includes age, intentions and even tribes such as bear, clean-cut, daddy, jock or leather.

The drawback of this app is that you would need to pay to unlock advanced filters such as who’s online now, to see face photos only (because there are a lot of body shots here), weight or relationship status.

But hopefully, finding hookups nearby you would more than make up for it.

Also, you can clearly state what you’re looking for on this app including chats, dates or “right now”.

There is also a box to tick for relationship but most of the people there are definitely not looking for relationships.


5. Wild


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for chats, hookups, casual encounters, FWB or relationships.Over 7 million4.3


Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with paid subscription options, starting from USD29.99 per month.

Overview: Wild will turn up the heat in your hookup and sex life. With 65% verified users, you’ll feel safer if you keep getting hit by scammers or catfishes. The huge pro of the free account is being able to see who have liked you without churning out the cash for it.


With a name like that, you know you’re in for some wild time.

The app is designed to be for chats, hookups, casual encounters, FWB or relationships.

With their photo verification, it’s easy to weed out scammers and catfishes.

They’ve boasted that they have 65% of users with verified photos and so far, we’ve found quite a number of verified users.

With 7 million users, you’ll be spoilt for choices.

Another pro of this app is that you get to view who likes you right away without paying so you don’t waste time swiping, in hopes that the person mutually likes you back.

The one thing we don’t fancy is that in order to filter people who share the same intention as you, is to pay for their membership.

But you can see if this is worth your money by getting their one week free trial for a VIP membership, to see if the users here are worth your money.

With a VIP membership, you can unlock advanced filers such as photo verified, last online, intention, interests, body types or even height.

You can also change your location to browse and match with people anywhere in the world if you’re looking to expand your hookup circle and planning to travel.

After the trial period, the VIP membership would be USD14.99 a week.

All in all, we think it’s worth trying it out to see if you are satisfied with the possible matches in your area before deciding to get a full-fledged membership.

But do always set a reminder on your calendar so you know when your trial ends and don’t get charged unnecessarily!


6. Feeld


User BaseNo. of ConnectionsRating
For singles looking for chats, hookups, casual encounters, FWB or relationships.Over 700,000 connections a day4.6


Usage: Free on iOS and Android, with paid membership options starting from USD15.99.

Overview: Feeld is for those who want to explore sex in a sex positive space and want to find similar-minded people. The great thing about it is you can explore it with a partner or you can find partners who share the same kinks. It’s highly inclusive with its more than 20 sexual identities and gender identities.


Feeld is well-known as the threesome app but has been trying to expand itself as a “dating app for singles and couples”.

The great thing about it is that it celebrates sex positively (and responsibly) while encouraging respect and openness among its users.

The app has a lot of attractive users and most importantly, like-minded.

With over 20 sexual identities and gender identities to choose from, the app is highly inclusive and we love that about it!

You can list your desires such as submissive, sensual, kink or bdsm to find people who are on the same page.

Other than that, the app allows you to put your interests and1500 words about yourself.

For couples, you can pair your profiles with your partner and create group chats with people if you want to expand the fun!

Also, you’ll be able to know if they’re nearby them with the distance indicator (in km) for your convenience to meet.

It’s pretty common for the users to not use photos with their faces and filled with body shots instead, so if you’re not okay with some anonymity, do ask for their face photos first before getting together.

If you’re ready to bring up the heat in your sex life, this will help take it to the next level!



(Last updated: 18 December 2020)

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