Casual Encounter Definition: Meaning and Why People Pursue It?

So, you had casual sex with a stranger you met from a dating app.

You may not have known it but that’s considered a casual encounter.

Casual encounters were said to be first made popular thanks to Craiglist and now the alternatives to Craiglist – dating apps.

For many, casual encounters usually means one night stand, no strings attached, a hookup or just plain ol’ casual sex.

If you’re unsure of what “casual” here means, you’re certainly not alone.


What Does a Casual Encounter Look Like?

Generally speaking, casual encounter involve:


1. Sex With Intentions Of Physical Pleasure Only

These days, it usually means that the two people meet on a dating app, maybe meet for drinks, have casual sex and never meet again.

Of course, there are some who make arrangements to have sex again but it usually doesn’t last long.

With hookup and NSA apps out there, it is getting easier to just meet someone who have the same intention of having casual sex and not needing to second guess if the person is looking for a serious relationship.



2. Pursuit of Fun, Zero Commitment

Both sides are not looking for any commitments but only fun and that means just sex.

It is usually made known from the beginning and these people are usually relieved to just skip dinner and drinks.

They rather just straight to business for some.


3. There is No Romance

Because there is no emotional attachment between the people involve, there is no place for any romance here.

This means no cuddling, doing couple things together or romanticizing about a future together.


How about Friends with Benefits then?



Casual sex could include Friends with Benefits (FWB) due to the agreement to not pursue anything further other than getting laid with one another.

The difference between FWB versus the other types of casual sex is that there are certain strings attached to it and you can see a FWB partner for a certain period of time.

You are friends first before pursuing a sexual relationship with one another.

A FWB doesn’t necessarily mean the partner is a really close friend but could just be an acquaintance and not necessarily someone from your main circle of friends.

Two people who have a FWB arrangement may actually end up still being friends after the sex comes to an end, but it really depends on both on how the story ends.


Why Do People Pursue Casual Encounters?



Not everyone is for serious dating and that’s okay, as long as you’re clear of your intentions and know what you’re getting yourself into.

Also, if you make it clear to the other person that you don’t want anything romantic, not leading them on and the other person is up for it, there is nothing wrong with it.

If you’re curious on why people pursue casual encounters or sex, read on to find out:


1. A Break From A Serious Relationship

After a bad breakup, some people know it’ll take time for them to bounce back and are not ready to get back into the commitment game.

They want all the frills of a relationship without the commitment.

And that means taking they enjoy the thrill of the chase and all the physical intimacy minus any obligations and emotional attachment.


2. Afraid of Commitment

Some may have experienced serious rejection and had experience some really toxic relationships in the past, that traumatise them and makes them steer clear from anything that involves emotional intimacy.

Casual encounters could be a way of them filling up a void or maybe even help you figure out what you are into and not into in a relationship in future.


3. Enjoy Different Company Without Any Pressure

Casual encounters gives you a chance to enjoy your interactions with different people minus any dating pressure.

Some may find that they are able to savor the fun with the other person’s company, as there is no pressure on how it ends.

They also get to know different people and personalities and it helps them develop the skills to deal with different people.

In some ways, they get to know themselves better through this process on what they like and don’t like, while also knowing how to communicate and interact with different personalities.

With no commitment at the end of the tunnel, it takes the load off knowing full well you can relish the moment for what it is.


Is Casual Encounter for You?

While casual encounters have its perks, it’s definitely not for everyone.

If you tend to develop feelings for someone you have sex with because it means something more to you, then this is definitely not the path for you.

Do give some thoughts about your intentions of entering casual sex before deciding to pursue it.

If you think it is your up your alley because it suits your current life, then go for it!



(Last updated: 15 December 2020)

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