Casual Encounters: Top 4 Proven Tips to Score an Attractive Casual Hook Up or One Night Stand Online

Casual Encounters: Top 4 Proven Tips to Score an Attractive Casual Hook Up or One Night Stand Online

Who doesn’t like a Casual Encounter, Hookup or ONS? Do you? *Shout louder!! (We can’t hear you~)*

Problem is – in reality it can be pretty darn challenging to set yourself up for a No Strings Attached encounter, especially when there are so many other Casual Daters out there vying for a slice of the same pie.

In fact, some people never even get a chance at a Casual Fling online in their lifetime, no matter how hard they try.


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Casual Encounters: The 4 Untold Secrets to Online Success

The statistics doesn’t really work in favor of the men either – there are just so many more men looking for Casual Encounters and One Night Stands than the ladies.

That really makes the entire Casual Relationships community a rather competitive one.

Here in this extremely insightful article, we share with you 4 Exclusive Secrets on how you can really stand out from the intense competition to land your Casual Dating playmates … Enjoy!


1. Create a Solid Online Dating Profile (to Succeed in Casual Encounters)

With a huge myriad of men to choose from, you got to up your game and create an excellent online profile so you can grab her attention!

You can upload a couple of shirtless selfies to get her going, but it would be good to also throw in a mix of great looking shots in your best angles, to avoid looking like a total perv or a complete narcissist.

Make your profile description sound charming, so the ladies will consider talking to you.

Oomph your profile up, as this is the first way ladies actually filter away men; even though it’s merely for a Hook Up or Casual Encounter.

With such a wide selection of men for any interested ladies to choose from, your Dating Profile need to appears charming, appealing and very interesting to warrant her to interact with you.


2. Be At the Top of Your Game on Your First Meeting

Next up: When she connects with you and replies to your message online, this would be your first contact with her in person.

So, don’t screw it up (even though this is still a “virtual” online interaction). Be confident, charming and most importantly, be yourself.

  • If you are a true blue comedian, say something funny and make her laugh.
  • If you are an intellect, say something witty and impress her.
  • If you don’t exactly know what to say, a casual “hi” would be nice.

Just be poised and confident of yourself, because nothing oozes more sex appeal to a lady than the confidence of a man.

Take the chance to know her better, build rapport with her. Get her to open up, ask you questions about yourself. Basically, she needs to have good vibes about you.

Have fun conversing and getting to know each other in the process.


3. Let Her Know What You Want (i.e. Casual Encounters)

After talking for a while, you would have already gotten a feel of whether she is interested in you for a Casual Fling.

As you are looking for a Casual Encounter, try to be suggestive and flirtatious when you are speaking to her.

You may be surprised, but girls who are into Casual Relationships are also into dirty talk. And sometimes, these subtle hints can even turn them on, or make them extremely horny.

One way you can do this is to tell her what you are planning on doing to her when you both meet in person.

Once you get the sensing that she is reacting well, or is reciprocating the sexy talk with you, be upfront and let her know what you want.

It is important to establish this at this stage, so she knows what she’s in for and you can both be clear of the expectations of this Casual Dating relationship.


4. Ask for Her Contact Number and Arrange a Meetup

After which, you can ask her for her number (or chat app username if she prefers this instead), so you can both set up a private arrangement to meet face-to-face.

Note: Cutting-edge Hookup Sites and Hookup Apps like HappyMatches allow both of you to chat “real time” on the site, thereby safeguarding the privacy of both parties. (So, you don’t even need to exchange personal contact details for purposes of meeting up – and most ladies into short-term Flings and ONS love this!)

Asking her for her number or contact details is more likely to result in a rejection, unless she finds you extremely suave or charming.

This should be your goal, since you want to meet and bang her.

This allows you to skip through all the small talk, and get into some action for this Casual Hook-Up.

You’d come to realize that this is the easiest part, once you have diligently done all your homework (above) previously.


Concluding Insights on How to Succeed in Casual Encounters

If you’re into foreplay, you could even try to lengthen the entire chatting process before suggesting to meet up.

Engage in some dirty talk every day, and you’d be surprised how that can actually build up into something really explosive eventually.

The whole idea here is to keep her wanting for more; and ladies love it when you put them first.

Keep talking about how you want to satisfy her – and that will naturally work in your favor, as you mentally “stimulate” her to crave for you.


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