Definition Of Demisexual: Top 8 Clear-Cut Signs a Demi Sexual Girl has Found Her Mr Right for a Serious Relationship

Definition Of Demisexual: Top 8 Clear-Cut Signs a Demi Sexual Girl has Found Her Mr Right for a Serious Relationship

Emotions can have a big impact on how we see the world each day.

It can be the brightest day ever with perfect weather, but if you’re feeling down, nothing will seem fine.

It can be a gloomy day, but if you’re feeling all fine and dandy, everything just looks perfect.

Finding the right partner is all the more important for Demisexuals, whose emotions will be affected to a great extent by their partners.

A Demi Sexual girl is only attracted to someone who has that emotional link to them, so it is important to find out earlier rather than later in the relationship if the man she’s dating is the right one.


Definition Of Demisexual

So, how do you genuinely tell, if a man feels emotionally connected to you, and that you’re not the only one feeling that way?

Here are some of the Top 8 Easy Signs to help you out … Enjoy!


1. He discusses his life philosophies

Guys don’t usually like discussing deep topics with people they don’t give a damn about.

It’s just too troublesome to have conflicting opinions and discussing deeper subjects with someone you don’t care for.

If your man has been discussing philosophical life theories with you, he’s not trying to bore you – he wants to know your insights on life and why you live life the way you do because he cares.

You are someone special to him!


2. You’re part of his comfort zone

When he’s in trouble, he will seek you out.

Not that he expects you to solve them or help him out, just that he likes having you as a listening ear.

He’s comforted by your presence.

If he’s in deep trouble or has a muddled mind, all you have to do is be in his presence, and he’ll calm down and feel better instantly.

He knows you care for him, and will listen to him without judging him.

He will tell you everything with no restrictions, because he trusts you.


3. He wears his heart on his sleeve

Men usually hide and conceal their emotions, because it’s generally considered “unmanly” for men to bare their feelings and look vulnerable.

If a man is willing to show you his weaker side, rest assured that he believes in you, and feels comfortable enough to be himself, in front of you.

It means that he feels closer to you emotionally, than other people he interacts with on the norm.

He doesn’t have to bawl outright, or turn into a blubbering mess in front of you.

It can be something like being honest about feeling upset regarding something that happened, or telling you about fearing something that might happen in the near future.

Either way, if he shows that side of him to you, you’re already on the next level of his emotional scale.


4. He is concerned about you

You don’t feel concern for someone out of the blue.

People can ask about someone out of curiosity or boredom, but they won’t feel that genuine sense of worry for someone they don’t care about.

If the guy you’re dating consistently shows concern for your safety or health, or your mood in general, it shows that he cares for you on a deeper level.

Emotional closeness is a two-way street – he wants you to share your fears and worries with him as he has done with his.


5. He likes to know if you’re doing OK on the daily

Other than worrying for you on the sporadic days when you get home late, or come to meet him feeling a little moody, he wants to know how you’re doing in daily life.

He wants to know if you’re eating well, or if you’re managing your workload okay.

He wants to know if you’re getting enough rest, and having enough free time for personal time and fun.

By wanting to know these, he’s showing that he really cares about you.


6. Fights come to a resolution quickly

In a real Romantic Relationship where both parties are committed to each other, fights are bound to happen.

You fight, because you care about your Long Term Relationship.

However, how the couple resolves fights, is another test of how they feel about their Serious Relationship and how they feel about each other.

After a fight, if you see him mellowing down and trying to resolve the fight, it shows that it hurts him by being on bad terms with you.

He wants things to be okay between the two of you again, as soon as possible after the fight.

He doesn’t want you to be unhappy.

He will apologize if he��s wrong, even if he’s a haughty person by nature.


7. He gets defensive for your sake

When he hears someone bad-mouth you or try to harm you in any way, he will be the first one at the scene to stick up for you, and ensure that danger never crosses your path.

This doesn’t mean that he should go about wielding guns and knives picking physical fights for your sake.

However, he will be there to protect you so that strangers don’t stare too long at your chest or bum a little too long.

He will be there to protect you from any discomfort to the best of his abilities.


8. He remembers the mundane details about you

Sometimes you feel like this man knows you better than yourself.

He knows which restaurant to take you, so that you’d enjoy yourself, even when you’re at a loss for choice.

He remembers which color you love, and what you like to eat the most.

He has a stock of his favorite chocolates for you on your period, and always knows what to do or say so that you instantly feel better.

You might not have noticed him remembering all these tiny details before, but you should now.

If a guy bothers remembering facts about someone down to such minute details, it truly shows that he cares.


Definition Of Demisexual: Concluding Insights on a Demi Sexual Lady Finding Your Mr Right

If you see your man showing any of the above signs, a combination or even all of them, it’s more than likely that he’s smitten with you!

He’s a keeper for sure, he’s committed himself, and you can probably make plans far into the future with him involved.

As a Demisexual girl, that’s your Mr Right right there.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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