What Is Demi Sexual: Top 12 Toxic Relationship Warning Signs a Demisexual Girl Must Definitely Take Heed of When Dating

What Is Demi Sexual: Top 12 Toxic Relationship Warning Signs a Demisexual Girl Must Definitely Take Heed of When Dating

You’re a Demisexual which means that you’re attracted to people who synch with you emotionally.

No matter how sweet their words or how hot they look, a guy will never attract you if you don’t feel that deeper link bonding the two of you.

In this day and age where hook-ups run rampant and people are unwilling to wait before rushing into a Dating Relationship, what’s a Demi Sexual girl to do to avoid staying single without accidentally running into an unwanted partner?


What Is Demi Sexual

When dating a guy you don’t know very well yet, here are the Most Important 12 Dating Signs to help you spot if the guy you’re dating is stressful and damaging on your emotions rather than the supportive, loving guy you want … Enjoy!


1. Anxiety

When the time comes to meet up with your boyfriend, you feel anxiety and a sense of impending doom rather than excitement.

You’re always needing to be careful about what you say because he will twist your words around and use them against you to guilt trip and blackmail you.

You feel bad about everything you say and do when you’re with him, and you’re an emotional wreck when you get home from the date.

Girl, it’s time to flee!


2. You second-guess yourself all the time

You remember a time when you used to be confident and know what you want out of life, and make informed decisions based on your thought process.

After meeting him, you suddenly haven’t got a clue about what you like anymore.

You no longer know, what’s wrong and what’s right in your books.

He highlights your flaws and downplays your strengths, so that you’re always cowering behind him for protection.


3. You find yourself “liking” the same things he does

With normal couples, it does happen that their interests start melding together.

However, he has guilt tripped you or made you feel bad every time you want something different than he does, to the point that you give in and now you believe you likes the same things he does.

If you find that you’re constantly pushing your wants and needs for his sake, you need to reconsider where this relationship is taking you.


4. He blames you for everything – literally

If his boss scolded him at work, that’s because he went on a date with you the night before, and was too tired to concentrate at work today.

If he burnt his food while cooking, it’s because you texted and distracted him.

Anything he’s mad, sad or stressed about, it’s your fault.

He associates any negative emotions with you, and puts the blame on you, and he never apologizes for anything.

It makes you constantly feel guilty and apologetic so that you give in to whatever he asks you to “make up for it”.


5. He makes you feel guilty to control you

Whenever you do or say something which disagrees with him, he asks you if you really love him.

If you do love him, why would you do or say anything which goes against him?

When you have other plans which clashes with his, he’ll guilt trip you so that things go his way.

He could even threaten to harm himself or exaggerate situations then proceed to put all the blame on you just so you’d give in to him.

Someone who does any of the above has no care or concern about your emotions whatsoever – staying single is bound to be better than putting up with his emotional abuse.


6. When together, you only ever do things he wants to do

When you suggest new places or destinations to go to, it’s instantly turned down for a myriad of reasons.

He decides when to meet, where to go, what to eat and what to do.

You only listen to music he likes, and watch movies with genres he loves.

You’re only trying out new things, so that you can do the things he’s most comfortable with.

It’s like you’re just a companion for doing stuff that he doesn’t want to do alone.


7. He judges you for how you feel

When he does something that you really don’t like and you voice it out to him, he never fails to make you feel like a fool.

He’d make it seem like you’re going out of your way to make things difficult for him, and that you shouldn’t have reacted that way.

He’d call you crazy and a drama queen, so that you doubt yourself for feeling the way you do.

There’s nothing wrong with you though – he is the problem for making you feel crappy instead of talking things out with you.


8. He lies way too much

He can never get his story straight.

One moment he’s telling you that he’s late in picking you up because the boss gave him extra work to do, and the next he’s telling you the cause of his tardiness was to help out an old lady with a flat tire.

He lies so much and he’s way too good at it, that you start doubting your memory, and wondering if you really did see him kissing another girl right in front of your eyes.

The story is only ever right when he’s the one telling it, and everything you hear, see and remember are untruths.

If a guy is playing with your feelings to this extent, there is absolutely no chance of a sincere emotional connection with him, so drop him already!


9. The relationship rules always work in his favor

Whenever he does or says something which hurts your feelings or is just downright offensive or unpleasant, you have to treat it as a joke.

Like hey, why is your sense of humor so bad that you can’t take a simple joke like that?

However, when you’re the one doing it, he’s suddenly immensely hurt, and you’re the worst person in the world, for thinking to even say or do something like that to him.

You spend days apologizing to him before he will even talk to you again.

Meanwhile, he ignores all your calls or texts and starts a cold war with you.

He’ll make you feel so guilty, that you beg him to forgive you for something, that he’ll never apologize for if he were the wrong-doer.


10. He trash-talks all of his exes

If someone is disliked by everyone, the problem is bound to lie with him, rather than with all those other people.

The same applies to a guy and his exes.

If he finds that all of his exes are equally insane, you should start questioning, if he is actually the crazy one here.

The chances are extremely low, that he would date a bunch of insane women.

It’s likely his attitude towards dating relationships and problem solving, that sunk his chances with these previous girls.


11. With him, it’s either do or die

You find that you can’t have a conclusive discussion with him, because halfway through he’ll threaten to leave you or harm himself, unless things go his way.

To keep the status quo, you end up doing as he wants you to. This is extremely toxic and harmful to your mental health.


12. His emotions take priority over yours

When you’re down, something horrible will be happening in his life that takes precedence over your sadness.

When you’re happy, something joyful will be happening to him, that makes the two of you celebrate his triumphs rather than yours.

Whatever it is, he has to be the center of attention constantly, which leaves you feeling pretty much ignored.


Demisexual Meaning & Demisexual Definition: Concluding Insights on What is Demi Sexual

If you’re a Demisexual girl looking for the right guy and instead you find yourself dating a man who shows tell-tale signs of any of the above, it’s best to save yourself from disappointment and hurt by moving on to someone new ASAP.

Instead of worrying about hurting his feelings, you’re better off worrying about how to detect and protect yourself from men like these.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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