What Is Demisexual: Top 6 Obvious Signs & Characteristics Which Clearly Show that You Are a Demi Sexual

What Is Demisexual: Top 6 Obvious Signs & Characteristics Which Clearly Show that You Are a Demi Sexual

The term “demisexual” is not very commonly heard of. What does it mean?

To explain it simply, a demisexual is someone who finds it impossible to be sexually attracted to a stranger.

This does not indicate by any means that demisexuals are asexual creatures, it just means that they have a different prerequisite from other people for getting into a romantic relationship.

Demisexuals experience love and lust only for the specific person who has a caught their interest, a concept which the minds of the current generation simply can’t fathom.

Demisexuality falls on a scale, and we could all be part of this group of people, but some of us more than others.

To see if you fall under this category, read on to find out the traits of a demisexual to see if you qualify as one!


What is Demisexual

Here are the Top 6 Signs that You are a Demi Sexual … Enjoy!


1. Your partners were your friends before they were your lovers

You find that you cannot enter into a relationship with someone unless you know them very well.

You don’t want to go on dates with someone without knowing that you can talk endlessly about anything and everything.

You want to know for sure that your significant other won’t stand you up or leave the relationship out of the blue because you’ve known them long enough to get a good gauge of their personality.

You are more scared rather than excited when you go on a blind date.

You fall in love with someone not because of how they look or what material possessions they own, but because of their personalities and their interactions with you.


2. First dates are nerve-wracking

While everyone else you know is trying to rush into a relationship and trying to tie down a partner ASAP, here you are trying your best to slow down the process.

You have no idea if you want to proceed with someone after just one date because you don’t know their personality well enough.

You can come off as someone who’s too picky or condescending on a first date because you’re trying your best to figure out if this person meshes well with you.

You don’t want to waste your time nor theirs, which is why you’re doing this.

You’re not romantically interested in them till you know them better, but they won’t continue dating you unless you’re romantically interested.

You’re a walking paradox.


3. The most a stranger can do is catch your eye

There is no such thing as love at first sight for you – you aren’t numb to beautiful people, you do find them attractive.

However, that’s as far as it goes for you. You go Hey, that person is good looking.

But there is no Disney-type feelings evoked where you fall head over heels in love with a person you just met purely based on their external appearances.

A Demi Sexual would never actively pursue or act upon such feelings of initial attraction, because they don’t see the point in doing so.

Being attracted to someone in the long term requires that person to have an attractive personality in additional to an emotional chemistry with the demisexual in question.


4. For you, it is never “just a crush”

For other people, especially those of the younger generation, people crush on others and get over it just as quickly.

It isn’t an issue for them to get rejected by their crush because finding a new one is as easy as the flip of a coin.

However, for you, the longer you crush on a person, the more you like them.

The older and more mature you get, the higher the intensity of your crush on someone.

It isn’t just another crush for you, because it takes you a really long time to crush on someone and an equally long period to get over them.


5. You have wished some friendships were more than just that

You occasionally have a close friend in your life who you want to go to the next base with.

Particularly if that person is someone who suits your gender orientation.

You never got into this friendship with the intention of making a romantic partner out of that person, but as time passed and the two of you got closer, you found yourself wishing that you were more than just friends with that person.

You’ve ruined a friendship, maybe two because of the awkwardness ensuing after you confessed your feelings, and you’ve perhaps learnt not to wear your heart on your sleeve for the sake of preserving your current friendships.


6. Your friends believe you’re asexual

While your friends are talking about how much they wish to have sex with so-and-so from the accounts department, or how good that one actor would be in bed, you can’t identify.

Your friends don’t understand the way you think.

They thus come to the conclusion that you have a low sex drive.

End of the discussion. That is not true, however.

You can’t muster up lust for these people they talk about because you’re a Demi Sexual.

If you don’t know someone personally and are able to connect well with them, you’ll never feel like getting into bed with them.

You aren’t practicing restraint – you just aren’t attracted.


What is Demisexual

At the end of the day, you need to realize that you are your own person and you should never live by other peoples’ principles.

You should never let what your friends say or do affect the decisions you make.

Trust your own feelings and live your life the way you want to, so that you don’t end up doing something which heavily contradicts your beliefs.


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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