Demisexual Meaning & Definition: Top 10 Best Dating Tips & Most Practical Dating Advice to Attract a Demisexual Guy

Demisexual Meaning & Definition: Top 10 Best Dating Tips & Most Practical Dating Advice to Attract a Demisexual Guy

You’re sick and tired of guys, who let lust do all their thinking for them.

You want a man who’s committed to a Serious Relationship, and can connect with you on an emotional level.

You’re nearly reaching that point whereby you want to generalize that all men are douchebags.

What you need right now is a Demisexual man.

A Demi Sexual man is someone who can find a girl attractive, but he will not want to get into bed with her unless he feels that emotional connection with her.

It will not be easy to win his heart though – you will need to invest your fair share of time and effort.

To help you out, here is a list which will help you attract a Demisexual man!


Demisexual Meaning & Demisexual Definition

Here’s our Top 10 Exclusive Secrets & Proprietary Tips on How You Can Successfully Attract a Demisexual Man … Enjoy!


1. No faking it

There are many girls who try to become their crush’s ideal type.

However, pulling a façade like that is difficult.

Not only will you be torturing yourself trying to act like someone else, you’re also lying to him.

Your real personality will show through one fine day, and he won’t be very good at accepting that.

Instead of going through all that hoo-ha for nothing, don’t lie or put on a front – just be yourself from the start.


2. Show your vulnerability

If you want him to drop his guard with you and connect with you emotionally, you need to get the ball rolling.

Show him that you’re okay with him seeing your weaker side or sides of you which you normally conceal – that you don’t mind doing so because it’s him.

If he sees you doing it first, he will be more likely to follow suit.


3. Be contented with yourself

If a Demisexual guy sees that you’re desperate to be in a Dating Relationship, because you need to be with someone for self-validation or that you simply can’t stand to be alone, it will be his cue to get as far away from you as possible.

If you’re contented with the life you live, and you want to be with him because he makes your wholesome life even better, he will be more likely to be attracted to you.


4. Don’t use his insecurities as weapons

It is normal for anyone to have an emotional outburst when something angers us.

What you need to keep in mind is that you have to keep your anger in check.

Above all else, you have to mind your words and pay attention to what you’re spouting in those bouts of anger.

Never ever use something he has told you before to attack him, because that’s the sure-fire way to jeopardize your connection with him.


5. Quality time

If you’re currently too busy to regularly dedicate time to spend together with someone, there is really no point in trying to get into a relationship with a Demisexual guy.

If you don’t invest in that time to get to know him better and vice versa, he will never be romantically interested in you.

That is not to say that you need to spend huge amounts of your day seeing them, but these meetings should take place regularly so that he doesn’t lose interest.


6. Share in his interests

If you want to connect with him, one easy way is to be interested in what he shows interest in.

If he loves the great outdoors, join him in his camping trips or hikes.

If he loves sports, invite him to go swimming or skating together.

Make it a regular habit to be with him when he does what he loves most, and he’ll subconsciously learn to associate you with something he loves.


7. Show him that you notice him

For someone to feel an emotional connection to you, you need to show him that you know about his existence and that you care about him.

Whenever he says something, pay close attention.

Don’t fiddle with your fingers or things on the table when you’re out together.

Instead, look at him when he’s talking, and listen to him genuinely.


8. Don’t judge his shortcomings

We’re all human, we’re all flawed.

The worst thing you can do when trying to build a connection with him is to jeer at his shortcomings or make fun of him for it.

You need to stand behind him and be there for him when he needs it.

You need to be his emotional pillar of support, not the one wrecking his confidence.


9. Have fun together

Don’t be so focused on what you want out of this guy that you forget that the process is the most important.

When you’re together, cherish that time and ensure that both of you are having fun whenever you meet up.

It won’t be a waste of time and effort even if this doesn’t work out in the end – you’d still have made a friend worth having.

If it does work out, you’ll have found someone who’s not only a good partner but a good friend as well.


10. Accept that he isn’t obligated to reciprocate

You can get along with him really well, and you may have followed all the steps listed here.

However, this does not guarantee that he’ll be attracted to you just because you tried so hard.

It hurts, but that’s the way of the world.

Someone can be attracted to someone even if they don’t even try.

And at other times, they just can’t love someone even if that person tries their best.

This shouldn’t stop you from trying though!


Demisexual Meaning & Demisexual Definition: Concluding Insights on Attracting a Demisexual Man

Attracting someone who values emotions and human connections above all else is not as hard as everyone thinks it is.

It is easier than most people make it out to be.

As with all Dating Relationships, you should probably have a talk with him at the outset so that the two of you are on the same page as to where you want to go with this relationship.

If he isn’t currently ready for a long term Serious Dating and a Committed Relationship, it’ll be near impossible to get him close to you, and you’ll just end up wasting your time and disappointing yourself.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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