Demisexual Definition & Meaning: Top 6 Best Kept Secrets on How to Tell When You’ve Won the Heart of a Demi Sexual Man

Demisexual Definition & Meaning: Top 6 Best Kept Secrets on How to Tell When You’ve Won the Heart of a Demi Sexual Man

You’ve recently found out that the man you’re dating is a Demi Sexual.

A Demisexual is someone who will not feel sexual attraction for someone unless there is passion beyond a physical one.

You realize that he won’t get serious with you, unless he feels emotionally attached to you.

Once a Demi Sexual is committed to someone, he will put in his best effort for that person, so you want to be his special someone so very badly.

Men are usually more discreet about their feelings, so it can be really difficult to tell when you’ve gotten into the right place in his heart.

He won’t be declaring his feelings for you loud and clear through a loudspeaker anytime soon.

So, it’s time you learn to read the signs that he’s emotionally attached to you and that you’re not wasting your time in waiting around for him.


Demisexual Definition & Demisexual Meaning

Here’s our Top 6 Proprietary Tips & Exclusive Secrets on How You Can Know When You’ve Successfully Attracted a Demisexual Guy … Enjoy!


1. Pleasant surprises

It doesn’t have to be the biggest of surprises, nor does he have to surprise you, with the most expensive of gifts.

The effort however, is above and beyond that of someone you’d consider a mere friend.

He will go out of his way just to see you smile.

He’d bring you a hot chocolate on a rainy day, he will bring you ice cream when you’re down or feeling crappy on your period.

No one would put in the effort to do all these without a good reason.

He’s going the extra mile because he cares for you!

He commits your likes and dislikes to memory, and is mindful to cheer you up whenever you’re down.


2. He never disappoints you

We all fail to fulfill something, we’ve promised someone sometimes.

We disappoint people without realizing it sometimes, because we prioritize ourselves most of the time.

This doesn’t hold true for this guy though – he goes all out in his attempts to fulfill all his promises to you, even if it means compromising himself.

You fall in first place in his scheduling most of the time, and he’s sure to tell you far ahead of time when he’s unable to do something, and apologize sincerely at the same time.

Even if this guy has never professed his feelings for you, his actions clearly show that you’ve won his heart.


3. You’re familiar with his nearest and dearest

A rule of thumb for men is that when they introduce you to their family and close friends, they already see you as an essential part of his life.

No guy will ever introduce a random stranger he has no feelings for to the people closest to him.

If he has no qualms about introducing you to his friends when you bump into them when out with him, or if he brings you home to meet his family, that’s a good sign that he’s serious about you.


4. He values your opinions

He involves you in every major decision-making aspect of his life.

He wants your approval before he makes any life-changing decisions.

He might do the same with his family and close friends, but he will prioritize what you think, no matter what the matter at hand is.

He will put everything you say into serious consideration.

Do not take advantage of the fact that he thinks so highly of your opinions.

Don’t use this as a leverage to force him to do ridiculous things for you.

When he wants your opinions, be straightforward but don’t be too harsh on him.

Be truthful yet tactful at the same time because he really cares about what you think.

Doing this is something which is really hard for most men to do, so respect the fact that he has decided to trust you in this way.


5. He sees you in his future

If he has discussed with you his plans in the forthcoming decade or his plans for life with his future family, he’s trying to tell you that he wants you to be part of that.

Another sign is if he asks you your plans for the future, because he’s likely trying to gauge if he can fit himself into your plans for the future.

Men are creatures who tend to cross that bridge when they come to it.

When he tells you that he intends to go to this place with his future girlfriend for a vacation, and that he’s going to buy a house in that place to live with his future family, you’re likely part of that dream he’s got.


6. He opens up to you

Men are people who want to be seen as strong and fearless, so when a guy shows his vulnerability in front of you, it’s a sign that he wants you to be part of a greater portion of his life.

He might tell you about his phobias, or bad childhood memories.

He might tell you about past experiences which has made him who he is today.

If he tells you details about himself which he would never tell to a stranger or even a casual friend, he’s indirectly telling you that he trusts you.

He wants to share his past with you, because you’re already part of his present, and he wants you to be in his future too.


Demisexual Definition & Demisexual Meaning: Concluding Insights on Attracting a Demisexual Man

Knowing the moment when a Demisexual man falls for you can be pretty difficult, especially when you’ve never been in that position before.

Demi Sexuals value an emotional connection above all else.

So, if he’s sharing parts of himself which allows you to understand him better, and provides opportunities for you to share emotional aspects of yourself with him, it shows that you’ve already succeeded in passing through the barriers he has set up for other people.

Press ON with your efforts … and continue to spend time and interact with him until you finally win his heart! Best of luck!


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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