Friends With Benefits Advice: 5 Clear Warning Signs Your Guy FWB is No Longer Interested in You

Friends With Benefits Advice: 5 Clear Warning Signs Your Guy FWB is No Longer Interested in You

Everything has an expiration date, including hookups. You have been having this great FWB Relationship with this guy for over a year, and recently things have taken a turn for the worst.

Below are 5 Clear Warning Signs that indicate your FWB Relationship is about to Expire, and that your man is no longer keen in you.


The Top 5 Friends With Benefits Advice to know when He’s No Longer Interested in You & It’s Time to End Your FWB Relationship …


1. He disappears from the radar

You have been bombarding him with a tirade of messages and calls, yet he doesn’t seem to return them. A lack of response could indicate that (1) he simply can’t be bothered and is deliberately ignoring you, (2) he is busy with his other fling, or (3) he’s no longer interested in you.

In any case, you shouldn’t even be clinging on because doing so would just make you look all needy and pathetic. You deserve better! The best solution is for you to probably move on.

It’d seem pretty sad and desperate to keep sending texts to someone who doesn’t even have the decency to reply you or call you back.

Keep that last shred of dignity and walk away with your head held high. You go girl!


2. Hookups with Him take forever to materialize

He may be the wishy-washy type who doesn’t know how to handle a bawling jilted girl, so he’s just delaying or postponing your hookups. He gives lame excuses like “sorry babe, I’ve got to work late tonight and I can’t meet you.”

Perhaps he’s just not too keen to spend time with you, and he’s testing the waters to see if can just keep you there just so that he can get laid on a rainy day when the rest of his FWBs aren’t available.

If you don’t want to be his last resort back-up plan, dump him now before he dumps you! You don’t need to stay with a man who doesn’t have the balls to tell you that he doesn’t like sex with you. The problem probably lies with him in the first place!


3. He gets involved with an SO (Significant other)

You suddenly become a third party in a relationship because he conveniently decides to date another girl while having you as an FWB (seriously? Such a b*stard). But then again, who are you to judge his decisions? No emotions in a fwb relationship, remember?

Anyway, it now seems like he does not have the basic respect to inform either his girl or you. Scoot now or be embroiled in a deeper sh*thole. When you leave, be sure to let the other girl know how he tries to get the best of both worlds.

And if you’re feeling particularly b*thchy, you could even share some juicy details of both your sexcapades with the new girl, and watch her crumble along with their new relationship.


4. Different commitment levels

In terms of your sexual relationship and commitment level, you both don’t see eye to eye. You have spoken to him about this before – it’s either you want something serious and he doesn’t; or he wants to make you his bae but you just want a weekly f*ck buddy.

If you both are not looking at the same end point, chances are things may turn out ugly towards the end. So, leave now before it’s too late.


5. It’s not hot anymore

Things used to be fun, until it isn’t fun anymore. Maybe things have cooled off and it’s not that sizzling hot passionate sex you used to have. It’s getting mundane and boring and he’s just not that cute anymore.

You used to be intrigued with his ability to last so long in bed; now you just want to get it over with. Well, you just got to accept that all good things come to an end and your FWB relationship has expired.

Move on to find somebody new! Use the right FWB Dating Apps and Hookup Apps, and you’ll be off to something exciting again very soon!


Concluding Friends With Benefits Advice on How to End a Friends With Benefits Relationship when Your Guy FWB is No Longer Interested in You

At the end of the day, there’s really nothing to fret. So what if your FWB decides to leave? It just means you have a slot free-ed up for a better, more exciting experience.

Remember that it’s their loss to lose you; especially if they’re giving you up to start serious dating relationship (good luck to them!).


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