Friends With Benefits Meaning: Top 4 Ways to Manage Feelings of Jealousy Towards Your FWB in a FWB Relationship

Friends With Benefits Meaning: Top 4 Ways to Manage Feelings of Jealousy Towards Your FWB in a FWB Relationship

You’re probably searching all over the world wide web, for a quick fix to the jealousy, that you feel brewing inside of your head.

Deep down, you know there’s nothing much you can do, about your FWB f*cking someone else.

But, you just can’t help but feel jealous, that some lucky girl out there is having fun, with that d*ck which you so adore.

Well, we hope you find some consolation in the fact that you are definitely not alone.


Friends With Benefits Meaning

Like you, plenty of people in a Friends With Benefits Relationship, feel jealousy even though they know they’re not supposed to.

It’s just the biological makeup of human beings – we can’t help but be slaves to our emotions. Oh well, at least there are ways to manage this.

Take heed to our Top 4 Most Practical Dating Advice and Dating Tips, to help you manage jealousy in your FWB Dating arrangements below … Enjoy!


1. Be Honest and Talk Things Out – (Top #1 Dating Advice for Friends With Benefits Meaning)

Possibly the most direct method to approach this, although it may not be the best possible way.

It’s far too confrontational for most people, but then again some things shouldn’t be avoided.

Research has suggested, that jealousy is a clear indication, that you might have fallen for someone else.

That’s the reason why talking things out with your FWB, might be a good option to see how he feels about you.

If the feeling’s mutual, then great.

Otherwise, it’s still good for him to know, how you feel about him f*cking girls elsewhere.

He just might decide against it in future (But more likely than not, you can keep on dreaming though!).

In the meantime, you can start to find out more about: being (a) more than friends with benefits but not a relationship, and (b) how to turn a friends with benefits into a relationship.


2. Set Expectations (Or Reinforce Them Again) – (Best #2 Dating Rule for Friends With Benefits Meaning)

If jealousy hasn’t taken over your mind completely, you might still be in the state to revisit or rework expectations between the both of you.

These expectations have to be set in stone so that both of you would never have to address ‘romantic feelings’ in the future.

Make it crystal clear that this relationship is solely for sex, and there is no room for emotions to come into the picture. Then make out to conceal the awkwardness.


3. Keep Yourself Occupied

One of the main reasons why you’re feeling jealous is because you have too much time on your hands.

While he’s out making out with some random girl at a club, you’re sitting down in front of your computer.

And, allowing your imagination to get the better of you.

You can’t stop yourself and your mind from picturing him caressing the body of some stranger on the dance floor.

Honestly, you’re better off spending your time more productively (go find a hobby, for instance).

He’s just a f*ck boy, and definitely not worth so much of your time.


4. Hook Up with Someone Else

If you can’t convince your FWB to stay true to you (you must be crazy to harbour such thoughts in the first place), the alternative solution would be to date someone else.

Better still, date a few others – and keep your Casual Fling dating lifestyle alive!

After all, that’s the great thing about FWBs – they come and go quickly.

There’s no commitment, and it’s all about enjoying the sex without the emotional baggage.

In fact, your favorite f*ck boy may start to feel jealous about your sexcapades.

And, he may come crawling back to you for more.

It’s all about getting his attention, and enjoying yourself (with your NSA Relationships, no holds barred) at the same time.


Concluding Insights on Friends With Benefits Meaning

So, there you have it – these are practical ways to manage the jealousy you feel.

It’s an emotion that you can’t simply just ignore, because it’s bound to turn around to bite your ass one day.

It’s a natural emotional response, but we have to learn to suppress them. If we want to have a successful FWB Relationship, and a carefree and enjoyable FWB Romance.

If you allow yourself to fall in love, every single time you f*ck someone.

You’re basically putting yourself through a lot of unnecessary heartache and emotional trauma.

Be sure to differentiate between a Casual Dating relationship, and a Serious Dating relationship.

If a Committed Relationship is what you want, you should ditch your current Friends With Benefits and Hook Up partners.

And instead, return to the Dating Site and Dating Apps again.

This time, be sure to choose “Serious Relationship” as the Type of Dating Relationships in your dating profile.


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