Friends With Benefits Meaning: 5 Proven Ways to Maintain Mutual Respect for Ladies in a FWB Relationship

Friends With Benefits Meaning: 5 Proven Ways to Maintain Mutual Respect for Ladies in a FWB Relationship

Despite all the talk about gender equality in society, it’s sometimes inevitable that ladies are still seen as the “subdued” gender and the ones with less say in a relationship.

Such mindsets lead to abusive relationships where the ladies are often on the losing end, and FWB Relationships are no exception either.

If you’re a lady who feels used; that everything you do is never enough nor reciprocated, it’s high time to do something about it.

You need to know how to hold your own and reign him in. You need to uphold your status when FWB Dating, and ensure that he respects you.


Friends With Benefits Meaning

Here’s our Top 5 Proven Suggestions for you as a lady, to anchor your status and position in a “Win-Win” Friends With Benefits Relationship.

Don’t let yourself be at his mercy. You are not inferior to him!

You don’t owe him anything. And he needs to treat you with all due care and respect … Enjoy!


1. Overcome your own negative beliefs and stigmas

There’s a lot of shame with women who enjoy sex on casual basis, however there seem to be a double standard for men.

Women who “sleep around” are seen as sl*ts while men who bed other women are lauded as champs.

That itself is a flawed kind of sexist mentality that should be eradicated.

Remind yourself that a self-assured, confident woman lives life on her terms – no one else’s:-

  • She goes after what she wants and she doesn’t abide to a belief system that is created by men ironically, about her own sexuality.
  • She embraces her own needs, pleasures and wants and there is certainly no shame in that. With that, a high value woman demands the right and the respect she deserves.

Only when you yourself can fight this negative belief and stigma, can you take the first step towards having FWBs who will look up to you and respect you.

You need to overcome this within yourself first, so you can be respected the men around you.


2. Be upfront and truthful about your intentions

Don’t beat around the bush about your intentions with your sexual partner.

Make sure he knows you are not into something committed.

You are just in for the sex, so you both would be on the same page and focus your attention on pleasuring each other and enjoying the sex.

This often sets the mood and the sex usually gets more spontaneous and even more fun afterwards.

Explore all sorts of sexual positions, toys and fantasies with him, for he is just there to satisfy and satiate your sexual appetite as your f*ck buddy.


3. Show Reciprocity: He pleasures me, and I will pleasure him too

Establish a mutually beneficial relation with your FWB, so it is known that when he pleasures you, you will in turn return the favor.

Say if he goes down on you, you will (with all pleasure) give him a mind-f*cking blowjob. It’s as simple as that.

Make this reciprocity apparent and sex with your FWB would be an awesome experience.


4. Don’t give him exclusive rights to you

If you have texted him ���Would you want to f*ck tonight?” and he doesn’t respond, DON’T TEXT HIM AGAIN.

We repeat and emphasize, DON’T TEXT HIM AGAIN.

This is a common way for women lose respect in FWB situations.

Even if he replies that he’s busy or shows any sign that he’s not interested, do not ask him again.

Just settle and move on with another FWB or search for another new f*ck buddy.

There is no point clinging on or pursuing someone whom isn’t even interested in you or is too busy for you in the first place.

So, walk away as he isn’t worth your time!


Concluding Insights on Friends With Benefits Meaning

Always remember that you have every right to walk out of a relationship if things don’t work out well for you.

You don’t have to stay just because he charms you with his occasional glib tongue when he feels the urge to f*ck.

Respect yourself and make sure you get what you want out of the FWB Relationship too.


(Last Updated: 15 October 2020)

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