Friends With Benefits to Relationship: Top 3 Signs Your FWB is Interested on How to Turn a FWB into a Relationship with You

Friends With Benefits to Relationship: Top 3 Signs Your FWB is Interested on How to Turn a FWB into a Relationship with You

Not all relationships are made equal. By that, we mean that there would always be someone in a dating relationship who is more ‘into’ the other.

There is bound to be imbalances in terms of who loves whom more, and also who is more willing to make sacrifices for the other.

Because of the propensity for Casual Relationships to display such dynamics, FWB relationships become ‘de-stabilised’ when one falls for the other.

The following signs indicate that some love or romantic interest is in the air –


Friends With Benefits to Relationship

Here are the Top 3 Signs that your FWB is keen in you, and how you can be certain about it … Enjoy!


Sign 1 – No talks about his ex

You recalled when you first hooked up with him, he can’t stop talking about his ex.

You were obviously his FWB then and he certainly has no qualms about mentioning his ex.

These days, you find that he has quieten quite a fair bit in this area, and it means he’s ready to move on.


Sign 2 – You are having more breakfast with him

Instead of rolling out of bed to head back to each of your respective homes after a session of hot sex, you are both sleeping in more often and waking up for a hearty breakfast together.

Now here’s a fun fact – FWBs don’t do that. It seems he’s ready to take the relationship to the next level.


Sign 3 – He drops ‘future’ hints

He might be speaking a lot more in the ‘future’ tense, and this might take many forms.

For instance, he might ask you about your dream home, your ideal place to retire at, or even what kind of husband you would like.

It’s obvious that he’s collecting information so as to present himself as a desirable candidate in front of you.


How to Turn a Friends With Benefits into a Relationship

If the signs above are obviously present, it’s about time you decide if you would like to take things to the next level.

If so, go on and talk about it!

However, you might just want to test the waters a little more before committing.


Here’s what you can do –

1. Try the ‘disappearing act’

If you want to be absolutely certain about his feelings towards you, this is probably the most reliable litmus test you can employ.

The idea here is to disappear from his life momentarily, and see how he responds to it. If he calls, don’t pick up your phone.

If he texts, just ignore it (and be sure to ‘blue-tick’ him while you’re at it).

If he tries to look you up at your workplace (or after work), come up with an excuse just so that you can slip away.

The point is to make it seem as though you have disappeared from his life.

Trust us; the way he reacts to this will be more than enough for you to make a decision.


2. Make him jealous

Another one of our favorites – drop hints for him, such that he is misled into thinking you’re seeing someone else.

You could ask a girlfriend to text you in the middle of dinner (just remember to save her name as ‘Martin’ or something).

Leave naughty notes in your handbag, and get him to retrieve your lipstick from it so that he’ll stumble upon them.

It’ll be fun to watch his reaction, and again you’d be gathering valuable information as to whether he’s really into you.


Concluding Insights on Friends With Benefits to Relationship

The whole point is to make sure that you’re not wasting your time on someone who isn’t serious about you.

It’s absolutely necessary because statistically speaking, FWBs hardly blossom into anything more.

Being skeptical about things initially is a much wiser choice than to believe everything you hear. As the saying goes – actions speak louder than words.


(Last Updated: 11 July 2020)

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