FWB Definition: Best 4 Essential Friends With Benefits Rules & Advice to Succeed & Keep the Excitement With Your FWBs

FWB Definition: Best 4 Essential Friends With Benefits Rules & Advice to Succeed & Keep the Excitement With Your FWBs

Fancy a life full of “sexcitement”, and never a night of boredom?

That’s entirely possible assuming you play by the rules of the Friends With Benefits game.

Flouting the rules will not benefit you in anyway, so it really pays to understand the do’s and don’ts of being in FWB Relationship arrangements before getting yourself into one …


FWB Definition

Let’s help you understand the Friends With Benefits Definition, and give you the Top 4 Essential Dating Rules on How to Keep the Excitement Going with Your FWBs … Enjoy!


Rule #1: Be Sure You Know WHY You’re Getting Into This

You need to get it straight that getting into a Friends With Benefits arrangement, isn’t going to make your fling fall head over heels in love with you and for him to suddenly become your long term serious boyfriend.

Tread very carefully if romantic emotions are involved because it is likely that he’s just in for the sex, and doesn’t want to commit to anything else.

Understand that this FWB dating relationship is merely a short-term casual relationship and things may very well end swiftly and unexpectedly as how it begun.

Learn to recognize the reason behind why you may be in this FWB arrangement – was it because you just got out of a heartbreak and need some form of sexual healing?

Or could it be that you are just not ready to commit into another serious relationship at this point in time?

Be certain about the reason, so you can always remind yourself not to fall blindly in love with your FWB hookup, yet still have fun at the same time.


Rule #2: NEVER Hook Up with Someone Whom You Encounter Daily

Quite simply, it’s because things can get really awkward.

Yes, we know it is convenient but when things go awry and your FWB encounter ends with your next-door neighbor, chances are you would still be living in the same house or apartment.

And when you have to bump into him on a daily basis and be reminded of your shameful deed, things can get very uncomfortable and weird.

Moreover, you certainly wouldn’t want to live in embarrassment on a daily basis.

So, avoid Hooking Up in a FWB Relationship with neighbors, or friends who live within close proximity to you.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Rule #3: STOP Being Delusional

Don’t act as if he’s more into you than he actually is.

For instance, you could be deluding yourself, to think that he actually loves you, and treats you like his girlfriend.

When in actual fact, he sees you as merely a fling.

He could just be playing nice because you’re someone who’s sleeping with him, but you clearly know that he’s told you right from the beginning that this is just a temporary FWB relationship, and it’s all for some good fun.

Worst still, don’t go around telling your friends how much of a sweetheart he is, and that he’s probably going to ask you to be his girlfriend soon.

Snap out of it, and don’t spiral into your own delusional daydreams, and end up getting hurt at the end of it all.


Rule #4: Keep Your Relationship STRICTLY professional

Avoid bringing your friend with benefits to social functions especially with those involving family and friends.

He is not your long-term boyfriend, so leave him out of your inner social circle.

These kinds of serious ‘date’ activities may also spook him out and he may take his leave before you can see him again.

Besides, you certainly don’t want to explain why he’s not there with you, the next time he doesn’t turn up as your plus one, at your cousin’s wedding.


Concluding Insights on FWB Definition

And there you have it. Not that difficult isn’t it?

Surely there might be other things to take note of since every FWB relationship is unique.

Regardless, suffice to say that these are the essential rules to follow if you want your FWB arrangements to work out perfectly.


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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