Top 6 FWB Sites to Find Your Friends with Benefits Partners: Key Features, Pros and Cons

Key Takeaway: With our extremely busy lives, FWB relationships are convenient to get laid without the relationship responsibilities. Here are our best 6 FWB sites to find your back-pocket booty call without the emotional baggage. 


  1. Best FWB Site for Fast Matches: Tinder – Tinder’s population gives you loads of options and its easy matching allows you to get quick matches, without much effort in filling up a profile. 
  2. Best FWB Site for Genuine Connection: OkCupid– If you don’t want to settle into a FWB with just about anyone, OkCupid will find people you can actually connect with its questionnaire. 
  3. Best FWB Site for Global FWBs: r/dirtyr4r- This is a very popular subreddit that will connect people worldwide for casual encounters including FWBs, without the annoying pop-up ads for a subscription fee. 
  4. Best FWB Site for a Niche Search: r/FWBs– This subreddit was created for people looking for FWBs only, usually with specific kinks. 
  5. Best FWB Site for Going Down on Someone: r/RandomActsOfMuffDive– If you prefer to go down on a girl and turn hookups to potential FWBs, this is a great place to do it. 
  6. Best FWB Site for Variety of FWBs: r/Random_ACTS_Of_Sex– This subreddit has tons of options for sexual adventures and people looking for FWBs too. 


Table of Contents:

1. Tinder: Best FWB Site for Fast Matches

2. OkCupid: Best FWB Site for Genuine Connection

3. r/dirtyr4r: Best FWB Site for Global FWBs

4. r/FWBs: Best FWB Site for a Niche Search

5. r/RandomActsOfMuffDive: Best FWB Site for Going Down

6. r/Random_ACTS_Of_Sex: Best FWB Site for Variety of FWBs


If you love the idea of having casual sex with the benefit of a friendship, friends with benefits (FWB) would appeal greatly to you. 

It provides a comfortable space for you to explore yourself and having consistent sex with someone you trust. 

While it can be a slippery slope and definitely not for people who equate sex with love, it can be worthwhile to explore if you pick the right partner and stick by the ground rules. 

Speaking of finding the right partner, these top FWB sites can help you find your ideal FWB partners without even leaving your house. 


1. Tinder: Best FWB Site for Fast Matches



Source: Tinder/Apple


User BaseGender RatioNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for friendships, short-term dating, FWBs and long-term dating.Male: 78.1%
Female: 21.9%
Over 57 mil4.6


Key Features
  • Tons of options for both males and females
  • Straight up profile set up
  • Swiping makes it easy to view profiles fast
What We Like
  • Open to same-sex connections
  • Handy when travelling
What We Don’t Like
  • Ghosting and flaky people
  • Limited Swipes
  • Meeting up with people can take some time
  • People may swipe but have no intention of connecting


Availability: iOS, Android and Website

Free version: Yes

Tinder Gold: USD 29.99 per month


Tinder has never come out to declare this is a hookup app but people tend to use it for that here, making it a hookup paradise. 

Based on experience, it’s easier to find a hookup partner than something long-term in this app, despite the stories of people tying the knot after meeting in this app. 

The profile is short and sweet while the photos triumph the majority of the screen with a very short bio to wrap things up, making it very ideal to find hot sex. 

The swiping mechanic in picking people you’re interested in and passing those you’re not into, is easy and fast too. 

With its well-known popularity, some have pointed out that the app is filled with scammers, fake profiles, and prostitutes.

If you like more diversity in your FWB partners, Tinder has a lot of options with an estimated 66 million people in it. 

While it’s possible to find people here to hookup or have a FWB arrangement with on a basic account, it’ll be much faster with their premium subscriptions.

So if you have the cash for it, you can choose Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. 

The extra features include controlling your profile, rewinding your last swipe, being a top profile for 30 minutes to gain more matches, who can see you, and unlimited right swipes to like people and hide adverts. 

It’s the easiest app to get laid on the fast lane if you’re not too particular about your choices, with minimal effort. 


2. OkCupid: Best FWB Site for Genuine Connection



Source: OkCupid/Apple


User BaseGender RatioNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for friendships, short-term dating, hookups and long-term dating.Male: 48.3%
Female: 42.7%
Over 50 million4.5


Key Features
  • Its matching capabilities with a questionnaire
  • Has separate sections to highlight Match%, passport, who’s online now, and Question Pros
  • Space for your personality to come through in your profile
What We Like
  • The amount of compatible matches we get
  • Tons of gorgeous people
  • Not wasting time in matching
What We Don’t Like
  • Questions can get overwhelming
  • Takes time to find a hookup


Availability iOS and Android and Website

Free version: Yes

1-month premium: USD34.99

3 months premium: USD29.99

6-month premium: USD 24.99


OkCupid is an old-timer that has undergone some major changes over the years since it launched in 2004. 

One of it is that OkCupid has become more hip and LGBT-friendly and is well-known to bring its algorithm to match people based on their compatibility. 

All you need to do is answer some questions so they can find you, compatible partners. 

While OkCupid is known to attract people looking for serious relationships, men and women looking for casual relationships have been successful in their search here as well. 

If you’re tempted to give the questions a pass, we would say do it as it does play a big factor in whether you find people you can vibe with.

You can include that you’re looking for short-term dating and elaborate further about what you’re looking for in your profile. 

And that’s the beauty of OkCupid.

You’ll feel represented as OkCupid has done a great job guiding you in filling up your profile by including questions there too such as “What I’m doing with my life” and “I’m really good at”. 

Plus, it gives you loads of chances to show your sense of humor with fun questions such as “If I were sent to jail, I’d be arrested for”. 

It may take a bit of time to build up your profile but worthwhile if you’re looking for genuine connections even if it’s just a FWB. 

This may pave your path to find a FWB but it’s not for those who are looking for one instantly and fast.

The app only allows you to message people who mutually like each other, so it’ll take some time to build connections here but if you’ve been looking for an ideal partner then give it a go. 


3. r/dirtyr4r: Best FWB Site for Global FWBs


Source: r/Dirty4r/Reddit


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For singles and couples looking to hookupOver 472,0004.5


Key Features
  • Loads of users worldwide
  • Straightforward in users’ intentions
  • Completely free
  • Moderated page
What We Like
  • Control on how many posts to avoid spams
  • No explicit photos
  • No lengthy sign ups and setting up profile
What We Don’t Like
  • Safety issues due to anonymity


Availability: Website

Free version: Completely free


While many use Reddit to search for information, it has a lot of hidden gems in the form of subreddits that can be free friends with benefits sites as you don’t need to pay for anything. 

A hotspot for casual encounters and definitely a top-rated subreddits of the subject matter, dirtyr4r is a great place to start your FWB search. 

With more than 480,000 subscribers on board, you’ll find most people are from the US and UK here and you’ll find the posts to be very organized. 

They mostly follow the format of their age, location (usually the city), and their kinks here to find hookups. 

An example would be “34 (M4F), Florida, looking for a long-term partner who loves dom”. 

You’ll be surprised with how many females are on this sub and they’re not shy to post what they’re really looking for. 

Even the posts are organized. 

The posts highlighted in pink are by females, blue ones are from males while green is from trans and yellow for couples. 

People do get explicit in the details with what they list here so if you���re not okay with it, then this wouldn’t be for you. 

As the number of subscribers is huge, definitely use the search bar to narrow down your search to find local people in the same area as you. 

The list is pretty global so if you’re traveling, it’s especially useful. 

It’s a subreddit you can definitely ignite a hookup to a FWB if you find the right partner along the way. 

Plus, it’s a free FWB website where you don’t get annoying pop-up ads to subscribe to a monthly membership. 


4r/FWBs: Best FWB Site for a Niche Search


r/FWBs Reddit

Source: r/FWBs/Reddit


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For singles and couples looking for specifically FWBsOver 10,4754.3


Key Features
  • Niche page for FWBs only.
  • Straightforward in users’ intentions
  • Completely free
  • Moderated page
What We Like
  • No ads
  • No lengthy sign-ups and setting up a profile
What We Don’t Like
  • Safety issues due to anonymity


Availability: Website

Free version: Completely free


This subreddit, a FWB site, seems rather new and is still building its users or subscribers.

Currently hitting more than 10,300 subscribers, you’ll get a more niche search for FWBs. 

You’ll find postings for males looking for females, females looking for males, and couples looking for FWBs.

Sometimes you’ll even spot couples looking for long-term FWB with other couples, although the subreddit was not intended to be so. 

The locations here are pretty scattered with people from the United States to Dubai, but you may be in luck. 

We’re not sure on the overall success rate here as there are no success stories posted up just yet, but it may be worth a shot. 

The rules here are much more relaxed compared to the others, which could be bad or good as there’s only one moderator. 

But the search seems more refined and people are pretty responsive as well. 

Some get specific on their kinks in their posts and some are more relaxed with their requirements whereby they’re just looking for someone in their area. 

There have been comments about scammers here and there so definitely be vigilant.

Take the necessary precautions to verify each other’s identity before meeting up and meet at a public place first to see if both of you can hit it off before suggesting to go back to one’s place. 


5r/RandomActsOfMuffDive: Best FWB Site for Going Down


 r/RandomActsOfMuffDive Reddit

Source:  r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/Reddit


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking to go down on a girlOver  216, 7684.3


Key Features
  • Niche page for going down on a girl
  • Straightforward in users’ intentions
  • Completely free
  • Moderated page
What We Like
  • No pop-up ads asking you to pay for memberships
  • No lengthy sign-ups and setting up a profile
  • Discreet
What We Don’t Like
  • Safety issues due to anonymity


Availability: Website

Free version: Completely free


One of the highly recommended pages is this subreddit which has more than 216,350 users currently.

If you’re not familiar with the term “muff dive”, it means going down on the ladies. 

So if you have a particular fetish for that, then this would be the perfect option for you. 

You’ll find mostly users from the United States and sometimes Australia too. 

Search by your city and you can send them a personal message or reply to their posts. 

But at the same time, it’s highly recommended that you create your own post here to increase your visibility. 

This has a great potential to turn into a friends with benefits dating site, as it’s possible to turn your hookups here to FWBs if you find anyone you vibe with. 

Users are limited to only one post per week and the account must be at least a week old to avoid spam. 

So use each post wisely and put in more than 50 characters if possible in your post as it does count. 

The moderators remove any comments that are less than 10 characters and posts with less than 50 characters in the body. 

So no low effort posts and pointless comments are allowed here, so do elaborate more on what exactly you’re looking for as you want others to do the same as well. 

As with other subreddits, don’t reveal your real name, your social media, and physical addresses as these are for your own safety. 


6r/Random_ACTS_Of_Sex: Best FWB Site for Variety of FWBs


Random Acts of Sex Reddit

Source: r/Random_ACTS_Of_Sex/Reddit


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for sexual adventures. Includes FWBs.Over 91,6374.4


Key Features
  • Niche page for sexual adventures
  • People looking for FWBs too 
  • Success stories of people who have hookup through meeting here.
  • Straightforward in users’ intentions
  • Completely free
  • Moderated page
What We Like
  • No ads
  • No lengthy sign-ups and setting up a profile
What We Don’t Like
  • Safety issues due to anonymity

: Website

Free version: Completely free


The name “Random Acts of Sex” says it all. 

Whether you have some pent-up sexual energy or want to fulfill something on your fuck-it list, this is suitable to find partners you would like to explore your sexual adventures. 

While it may not be specifically catered for FWBs, you can find people’s posts stating that they’re looking for FWBs to narrow down your search.

This makes it a great FWB dating site to find your partners. 

Or you can explore different intentions and see where it leads to instead. 

And boy, the list goes for miles in terms of what people are looking for. 

Throatfuck, role plays, spanking, and some just open to ideas and almost everything under the sun. 

Each post is accompanied with locations as it’s a must-have in the syntax rules by the moderators so it’s easy to find based on your locations. 

They have explicitly spelled out that no escorts or paid services are allowed here but always be cautious as finding partners here is done anonymously. 

But you may be encouraged to know that people have posted up success stories from meeting with these people through this subreddit. 

Some are not shy to post videos or pictures to accompany their stories for you to know that they’re real, so do take the time to read them if you have doubts of getting laid through here. 

This subreddit is all about being honest about your intention and not holding back on your fantasies. 

Say as it is, take the necessary precautions such as meeting at a public place first and see where the night takes you. 




1. What does FWB mean on dating sites? 

Friends with benefits mean two friends who are in a sexual relationship but there is no emotional entanglement involved.

There is also no promise of a serious relationship once the arrangement has ended. 

This is the baseline understanding for most people but as it can get vague and people may have different interpretations of it, ask the person to ensure both of you are on the same page. 


2. What are the best FWB sites?

Our list of sites above has been tested through and through with the success of finding FWBs. 

That being said while these sites may have worked for us, some may not work for you depending on a few factors, such as your location. 

If there isn’t anyone in your area in one of the sites here, don’t be disheartened and try other friends with benefits website we suggested. 


3. How to ask for FWB on dating sites?

While there is no black and white way to go about it, a lot of the FWB dating sites we listed actually allows you to be straightforward with your intentions of what you’re looking for. 

It’s best to be honest so you can find like-minded people on the sites and not waste your time. 

If you’re thinking of asking a friend you already know and are interested in embarking on a FWB relationship with the person, we would say jokes would be your best friend here.

Bring it up in a playful and flirty way to see where it leads. 

You can even bring up sex in a subtle way and see where the conversation leads. 

If they do express interest, do remember to set ground rules on where lines must be drawn to avoid complications later. 


4. Do FWB sites exist and are FWB sites real?

They do and FWB websites can actually work and are legitimate! We’ve done the hard work of going through ourselves so you’ll know they exist and actually work. 




(Last Updated: 3 May 2021)

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