Friends With Benefits Vs Dating: Top 6 Clear Warning Signs You’re Just a FWB to Him

Friends With Benefits Vs Dating: Top 6 Clear Warning Signs You’re Just a FWB to Him

Before you call that man beside you your boyfriend, it’s probably a good idea to think through what he has done for you (or if he has even done anything for you at all).

You’d be surprised to find out that women are twice as likely to be deluded into thinking that they are having a Serious Relationship with their other half, when their man only sees them as a f*ck buddy.

Surely, you wouldn’t want to be like those women! So here are the Top 6 signs to watch out for to know if you’re merely a Friends With Benefits to him.


Friends With Benefits vs Dating

Here’s 6 Clear Tell-Tale Signs which shows you clearly whether he treats you as a Friends With Benefits or as his genuine Committed Relationship partner … Enjoy!


1. You can’t count on him for emotional support

Having a bad day or met into some trouble? Don’t count on your boyfriend.

He’s probably too busy or too absorbed in his own life to bother about you.

You would notice that he doesn’t seem to be there whenever you need him.

Ask yourself, where was he when your cat got lost? Or that time when your car tyre went flat?

He probably didn’t pick up your call or gave a stupid lame excuse to not be there.

Because he is not committed to you and doesn’t see you as someone he genuinely cares about or is interested enough to dedicated his precious time to.


2. The only thing that you’re impressed about, is his stamina in bed

Other than wanting you to think he’s impressive in bed, he doesn’t give two hoots about your opinion of anything else.

Because you’re just his f*ck buddy, he doesn’t need to impress you or make you fall head over heels in love with him.

Honestly, he doesn’t care what you think of him because to him, this is a Casual Relationship and isn’t long term anyway.

He is satisfied so long as he is able to last long enough to give you an orgasm or two. That’s really just about it. Nothing more.


3. Sex is the only conversation topic

He usually doesn’t delve into deep and meaningful conversations with you.

He prefers to keep things simple because he wants to keep a simple Hook Up relationship with you.

He is not interested to get to know you better because you are someone he sleeps with, not who he’s going to spend his life with.

If anything, conversations with him are always related to intimate activities.

He has loads of ideas of this nature, and you can’t help but feel irked by him sometimes.


4. He becomes a stranger right after the deed

He always seems to be too tired or there’s always an excuse for you to leave right after the sex.

Sometimes to the extent that you feel objectified and used.

It is odd that even though you have both just engaged in such an intimate act together, he acts so cold and emotionless right after the deed.

Cuddling and kissing is totally out of the question. Since he’s done with you, it’s high time for you to leave.

That’s the hallmarks of a f*ck buddy and FWB. You have sex and you leave.


5. You’re feeling down, and he still wants to f*ck

You just fell out with your best friend or was fired from your job earlier today.

But he doesn’t seem to share the same sadness, anger or empathy towards you because he doesn’t really give a sh*t.

Essentially, he doesn’t seem interested to listen to your never-ending problems. He lends a listening ear, but he is hardly attentive.

He puts his arm around you, and for that moment you thought you saw a glimmer of hope that he actually cares for you.

The fact is, he’s just trying to draw you in for the sex – that’s the only thing he cares about.


6. He disappears during your time of the month

It’s the time of the month, and you realize he disappears for an entire week.

When you are not in the mood for sex, he doesn’t see the point in seeing you either.

His main aim is to have a booty call, and if you can’t give him that, you don’t interest him at all!


Concluding Insights on Friends With Benefits vs Dating

Any alarm bells after going through the list above? We hope not!

Somehow, many ladies tend to be too emotional for their own good.

For this reason, it’s even more important for women (like yourself) to guard themselves against men who are simply out to take advantage of the situation.

So, is this guy in your life merely a fling, or is he soulmate material? In addition to the above, take this Friends With Benefits vs Dating Quiz and you’ll know.


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