What Does Friends With Benefits Mean: If the Following 5 Descriptions Fit, a NSA FWB Relationship is Clearly NOT For You

What Does Friends With Benefits Mean: If the Following 5 Descriptions Fit, a NSA FWB Relationship is Clearly NOT For You

Before you get overly envious about your work colleague who seems to be f*cking a different (hot) guy every night, find comfort in the fact that a Friends With Benefits Relationship may not be suitable for everybody.

In other words, you may find yourself in an even more miserable position than you are at currently, if you were to be seeing a different man every evening.

That’s because such FWB Open Relationships can really take a toll on you if you can’t isolate sex, from every other emotion that you’re capable of feeling.

To cut to the chase, if the following items seem to describe you, you’re WAY better off with a committed Serious Relationship, without looking for a Friends With Benefits!


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What Does Friends With Benefits Mean

If the following 5 descriptions fit you accurately, you need to realize that you’re NOT made for a FWB Relationship – as much as you think you are.

You’re better off pursuing Serious Dating, and a Committed Relationship instead.

In this way, you will experience the relationship bliss, and emotional happiness, that is truly yours! … Enjoy this insightful article.


1. Getting laid on a first date? HELL NO

Well obviously – if you’re even having second thoughts about being f*cked during the first date, you might as well stop reading after this paragraph. (Check out an exclusive Romantic Relationship instead, as this will clearly be more suitable for you.)

In order to survive FWB Relationships, you need to be VERY OKAY about having sex with strangers, and be able to focus just on satisfying yourself.

If you can’t get past yourself on this, then surely you��d know that such FWB Casual Relationships aren’t for you.


2. No sex in the relationship? That seems fine – (#1 Friends With Benefits Or Dating Advice)

If you think that sex is merely a small part of a loving and stable Dating Relationship, but it may not be a very important factor in keeping it alive, then FWB Non Monogamous Relationships are clearly NOT for you.

It seems like for you, relationships are more about patience, trust, compromise, and the care partners have for each other.

Nothing wrong with that – except that you should just stop beating yourself up, for not being able to f*ck a different guy each night (because that’s not really your thing anyway).


3. You feel so used and unloved after sex – (#2 Friends With Benefits Or Dating Advice)

We’re not instigating that you have experienced this countless times, but at least try to recall the last time you had sex with a man.

Did you feel used and unloved right after the deed? Do you feel all insecure, and you just can’t stop thinking, if the guy is still interested in you?

Well these are possible reactions after sex, but what we can be certain is that if such thoughts are overwhelming for you, FWB Arrangements are just going to torment you as hell.

Imagine going through this every time you f*ck somebody…

Well like we said if you can’t compartmentalize sex and pleasure, FWBs are a NO-GO.


4. You get jealous way too easily

Recall from your previous Romantic Relationship – are you someone who is extremely obsessive?

If you do get jealous over the slightest instance (like when a female colleague texts your man regarding work matters), you’re really going to be screwing yourself over if you place yourself in a Friends With Benefits / Casual Arrangement.

In FWB NSA Relationships, it’s completely illegitimate to feel jealousy, because technically speaking, nobody owns nobody.

What that means is that all parties in the Friends With Benefits Relationship are still free to see whoever they want, and have sex with as many partners they feel like, without having to be accountable.

That doesn’t sound too good to you, eh?


5. You can’t stand being apart from your partner

Again, recall from your previous Dating Relationship(s). How sticky would you rate yourself?

Are you the sort of girl who needs to know your man’s whereabouts every second of the day.

Or are you completely chill, about him going AWOL on you over a few days?

Are you the sort who expects an instant reply from him, whenever you text?

Did you expect your ex-boyfriend(s), to invite you over to his home to meet his parents, or hang out with his friends?

If your answers to these questions are mostly ‘Yes’, you’re probably an overly-attached girl who WILL NOT survive a FWB Non Exclusive Relationship.


Concluding Insights on What Does Friends With Benefits Mean

Like they all say, the grass always seems greener on the other side.

It sure seems like your work colleague is one f*cking desirable lady, who adores and flaunts her licentious lifestyle.

But hey, that’s alright! Because you don’t have to lead her lifestyle, if it’s not your cup of tea.

Just focus on doing the things (and experiencing the dating relationships) that are truly you.

Seriously, that’s the most important.


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