Committed Relationship Definition: Top 7 Things that Make You Feel All Warm and Fuzzy When You’re In Love in an Exclusive Relationship

Committed Relationship Definition: Top 7 Things that Make You Feel All Warm and Fuzzy When You’re In Love in an Exclusive Relationship

You’ve been through a couple of Dating Relationships. For some reason you can’t understand why, some of these Romantic Relationships felt all warm and fuzzy, while others felt sh*tty as hell.

It’s quite likely that you have experienced true love, on at least a few occasions at least (i.e. the warm and fuzzy ones).

Consequently, the rest could be considered as Casual Flings, as much as you may not want to hear it.

Anyways, here are some 7 obvious ways to tell if you’re in love … Read on!


Committed Relationship Definition & Meaning

Top 7 Things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy when you’re in love in a Serious Relationship … Enjoy!


1. You both share similar interests – (#1 Top Committed Relationship Definition)

Research has shown that human beings are hardwired, to desire like-minded people.

That probably explains the saying: “birds of the same feathers flock together”.

You would realize that both of you may take pleasure in similar hobbies, enjoy similar types of music, and like to watch the same genre of movies.

All in all, you share many similar passions, and love doing these things together.

That’s why, the both of you are made for each other in an Exclusive and Monogamous Relationship!


2. You can talk to your partner about anything under the sun – (#2 Top Committed Relationship Definition)

You share everything with your other half – the good, the bad and the ugly.

You know that even when you share these things, you will never be judged, or be viewed differently.

In essence, you can talk about anything with your relationship partner, because you feel comfortable, safe and happy to confide in him.

And count your blessings because not everyone is able to find such a person in their lives.


3. You are texting each other less

It’s not that you’re both too busy to text. But, you both prefer to see each other face to face, than to just send a text.

In addition, he would also find any excuse to see you, because he just wants to spend all his time with you.

Texting isn’t really needed in this sense, because you both just spend, whatever time you have together with each other.


4. You are there for each other

He always has your back, and you are always there to cheer him on.

When things are not looking up, you can always count on him to be there for you; as a listening ear, or to motivate you to do better.

He has this ability to make you strive, to be the best version of yourself.

It’s certainly very sweet to have someone, to motivate and encourage you.

So that everyday struggles and obstacles, are much more bearable to go through!


5. You feel aimless without him

He’s such a key figure in your life.

You wouldn’t be able to imagine a future without him in it.

They say, don’t be with somebody you can live with; be with someone you cannot live without. And you are quite sure that he’s definitely the one.


6. He knows his secrets are safe with you

He’s told you some of his deepest darkest secrets, because he trusts you infinitely.

He knows that all his secrets are safe with you.

On top of that, he knows that he can speak to you about anything.

And, there are absolutely no secrets between the both of you.


7. You are comfortable in your own skin

You don’t have to pretend, to be somebody else in front of him.

It’s very comforting and liberating to be able to be yourself, because you know that he would still love you no matter what.

That’s what true love really is…


Concluding Insights on Committed Relationship Definition

It’s not that difficult to tell the difference between a Casual Fling, and true love in a Romantic Relationship.

However, we suppose that the infatuation period has its way of clouding our vision a little.

Regardless, it’s good to take things slow sometimes and reflect on your current couple relationship, to determine whether it’s merely a Casual Relationship, or true romantic love.

Only then would you be able to make the right choices depending on what suits you best.


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