What Is FWB Mean: Understand Friends With Benefits Definition & Top 5 Ways to Succeed in an Open & NSA FWB Relationship

What Is FWB Mean: Understand Friends With Benefits Definition & Top 5 Ways to Succeed in an Open & NSA FWB Relationship

Friends forever – well that could possibly happen with regular friendships, but definitely not when it comes to Friends With Benefits.

If you’re not already aware, Friends With Benefits, or FWBs, are basically people whom you meet up with strictly for sex and nothing else.

They tend not to last too long though, unless effort is put into maintaining it.

To help you succeed, here are some ways to prolong your FWB Relationships …


What Is FWB Mean

To assist you in clearly understanding “What is Friends With Benefits Mean”, we share with you the FWB Definition and our Top 5 Effective Ways to Succeed in your FWB Relationships … Enjoy!


1. Keep Things Strictly For-Sex-Only

It is extremely important to realize that falling in love with your friend with benefits is a recipe for disaster.

The fact that this relationship is sexually charged, temporary and short lived, you need to recognize that falling in love with your FWB is a cardinal sin.

You could seriously get your heart broken and that’s definitely something you’d want to avoid.

Learn to separate your emotions away from the sex with your f*ck buddy (even if it’s mind blowing-ly awesome).

Yes, it feels great, but the last thing you would want is to be hurt in the process.

Even though things may be fun, or you are probably starting to envision a romantic life with your FWB, chances are he/she is not ready to commit or get into a serious relationship with you in the first place.

So, sober up and have fun without getting too involved romantically.


2. Don’t Ever Invest Your Emotions

Even if you were to see him/her behaving intimately with another girl/guy on his/her socials, remember to stay calm and emotionally neutral.

You shouldn’t be acting up just because he’s/she’s acting all lovey dovey with someone else.

Even better, don’t add him/her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or any of your social networking accounts.

He/She should be kept separate from your personal life and vice versa.

Moreover, do not get too close or too attached to your FWB because it blurs the lines and complicates things.

Keep it strictly to just booty calls and casual sex, and don’t add anything else into the equation.


3. Keep STDs and Unwanted Pregnancies at Bay

You may never know how much of a Casanova he is, so to be safe, always use protection during sex.

Carry some spare condoms in your purse, in case there’s not access to buying them, or he’s giving you excuses that he doesn’t have them on hand.

You certainly don’t want to be a living specimen of ‘a moment of folly, a lifetime of regret’.

Protect yourself because your health and safety should be your “Number One” priority!


4. Make F*ck-and-Go Your No.1 Rule

Have an unspoken rule about not sleeping over at each other’s places after doing the deed.

Chances are you may end up cuddling, or doing couple-ly stuff (like watching Netflix till you both fall asleep or making breakfast the morning after) that will complicate your NSA Relationship.

Make a quick and swift exit after your romp in the sheets, to keep your relationship strictly in the Friends With Benefits status.


5. Be Realistic about your FWB Relationship Lifespan

The thing about Friends With Benefits dating is that these are dating relationships that are not built to last.

They are short termed, temporary and fleeting.

Some of these Casual Relationships can span from just a couple of days to a few months.

They are not permanent and partners come and go frequently.

You should bear this in mind because they are vastly different from regular serious and Committed Relationships.


Concluding Insights on What Is FWB Mean

Truth be told, such FWB Relationships are a great way to discover one’s sexual preference, or even hone one’s bedroom skills.

Don’t miss out on the fun, excitement and fulfillment of such Casual Dating arrangements!


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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