Best Gay Hookup Apps: Top 6 Free & Best Gay Dating Apps for Men to Find Gay Hookup Partners

Best Gay Hookup Apps: Top 6 Free & Best Gay Dating Apps for Men to Find Gay Hookup Partners

There’s no denying the adrenaline spike, the thrill of the chase, the art of the hunt of cruising a potential hookup IRL – but sometimes it’s not always the best idea, especially when you’re travelling and unfamiliar with the lay of the land. Or sometimes you’re just lazy and want to skip the sass and small talk; and sometimes you just need a Mr Right Now, no questions asked.

For whatever your needs, there’s a Gay App for that – in fact, there are tons! We do the heavy lifting and sift through the digital detritus of Gay Hookup Apps out there (some are godawful), and bring you the 6 Best Gay Hookup Apps to check out.


Best Gay Hookup Apps for Men

In this article, we share our Top 6 Best Gay Hookup Apps for Men … Enjoy!


2. Grindr

The OG of gay hookup apps, Grindr was launched in 2009 and now boasts a humongous member (yas queen, pun intended) base of 27 million men worldwide.

The first app to match by geolocation (find me the nearest hot guy), Grindr is notorious for its reputation as a meat market – you’ll be browsing lots of “headless horsemen”, endless rows of hunky torsos for when you’re feeling ravenous. This is not to say Grindr doesn’t also do relationships, but its USP is pretty clear.

Despite its recent run of controversies, from discrimination among its gay community to data leaks, Grindr remains the undisputed heavyweight of gay hookup apps.

Upgrade to a paid membership to access view only online profiles and use unlimited blocks and favourites.


3. Scruff

Older, hairier and, well, scruffier, than Grindr. “Masc” is the main order of the day, so be prepared for an eyeful of muscle guys, jocks and bears, more than 12 million of them worldwide.

Sending a “woof” is equivalent to a Facebook poke, and Scruff helps you along with flirty chat by learning your most used phrases and giving you the option to use them when you want to make contact.

Holiday Gay Hookups are also a doddle – you can publish your travel agenda on your profile and line up potential hookups in advance.

There’s also a handy events guide dishing up GBTQ events in your area, from parties, prides, festivals, and events, so you’ll be plugging into the local community in no time. A paid for pro subscription allows you to activate stealth mode when browsing, unlimited favorites and matching.


4. Jack’d

A long-awaited antidote to the homogeneity (and notorious racial discrimination disguised as personal preference) of gay dating apps out there – Jack’d is proud of its diverse community, predominantly POC, and touts itself as “the world’s largest, most culturally diverse gay dating app”.

Also there’s more of an effort to showcase personalities and stories on profiles, and to connect matches not just based on location but also tastes and preferences.

It’s also one of the more affordable apps out there at $9.99 for a month’s subscription, and lots of free features like filtered search, quick chat and photo messaging.


5. Growlr

Grizzly, grumbly, gravelly bears galore! True to its name, Growlr is the hunting ground for larger, cuddlier men with lots of facial hair – perfect for those of you who are beginning to feel crowded out by the hordes of perfectly preened and primped otters and twinks.

No body shaming here, just man-like realness by the spadeful. And the realness doesn’t stop there – Growlr also includes options for stating HIV and PrEP stats in profiles for increased awareness but also acceptance.

Handy for travelling, you can “shout” to a community within a specific geo-location.

Paid membership allows you to send and receive private instant messages, live video calls, pictures and video within its 10 million strong membership base.


6. Chappy

Co-founded by Ollie Locke of British reality TV show Made in Chelsea, Chappy is designed to be “Part Romance. Part Rendez-Vous.

All Gentleman.” Seeking to offer more than just hot bodies, Chappy is on a mission to “provide an authentic, inclusive, and discrimination-free space that empowers and strengthens our global community”.

How do they do this? No headless bod shots, no anonymous dick pics; more stories and personality profiling, and Instagram integration to verify you’re an actual person.

Its design affectation is a slider which allows you to choose between Cute (looking for something sweet that might just go the distance) and Sexy (looking for something more “spontaneous”) – and if you can’t make up your mind, go for Cute and Sexy!

No doubt there are lots of these fence-sitters on the app, so it’s perfect for those of you who can’t decide just yet.


Concluding Insights on the Best Gay Hookup Apps

These hookup apps run the gamut from suave to all-out slut-fest, so don’t say we haven’t found something for everyone.

Now, instead of prowling the bar scene, you’ve got a mini buffet for one (or more!) in your pocket so you’re never too far from some fun.

Enjoy Gay Dating with the Best Gay Hookup Apps out there, and stay safe.


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