What is Ghosting: What Does Ghosting Mean & Top 9 Most Common Reasons Why Do People Do It (i.e. Ghosting Someone)

What is Ghosting: What Does Ghosting Mean & Top 9 Most Common Reasons Why Do People Do It (i.e. Ghosting Someone)

Due to the increasing prevalence of this phenomena, the term “ghosting” (commonly mis-spelt as “gohsting” or “gosting”), was coined to put a name to a particular disappearing act.

All of us have probably experienced it at some point or other, but at the time it happened to us, we lacked a term to describe the experience.

Simply put, “ghosting” describes the action where someone disappears from another person’s dating sphere with no explanation whatsoever.

No texts, no calls, no response from them in any form. In addition to that, some “ghosters” could pretend they don’t even know you when you pass by them on the street.

It doesn’t even have to be someone you’re officially together with – ghosting may be done by friends, colleagues, or even someone you met on a Dating App or Dating Site: basically, anyone you’re going out with romantically.

It can happen without any regard for time frame – someone can ghost you regardless of how long they’ve known you or how long you’ve been going out.

So, having understood the Ghosting definition and what Ghosting means, Read on to understand why people would Ghost someone in the Dating and Relationships world …


What is Ghosting & Why would People Choose to Ghost Someone?

If you’ve been ghosted, this is guaranteed to be a question on your mind.

But why? Why would they ghost instead of telling you nicely?

Different people ghost for different reasons, and here are some reasons why … Enjoy!


1. Fear – (Practical #4 Reason for What is Ghosting)

If you’ve been harassing and stalking this person for the longest time and refuse to get it that they don’t like you the same way, ghosting might be the solution they reached out of desperation.

They might have ghosted you out of fear, and because you really left them with no other choice.


2. Routine

For some people, ghosting others is just that much easier than talking things out.

Once a person with no consideration for others’ feelings has ghosted someone, and experienced how easy it is to ghost than telling someone the truth and suffered no repercussions, they will repeat the offense.


3. They’re bad at handling awkward situations

You know these people.

There are those who are awesome at diffusing an awkward situation, and there are those who wish they could dig a hole and jump in it.

The latter are those most likely to ghost you.

Call them cowardly if you must, but most people actually belong to the latter group, and it isn’t a common skill to be able to diffuse awkwardness.


4. Tit for tat

You experienced something unpleasant, so let’s get other unrelated people to experience it as well, so you’re all equally miserable.

You know the saying – misery loves company. While it is an immature and toxic mindset to have, it is surprisingly quite common.

If you’ve experienced the hurt of being ghosted, you should know not to do it to other people.


5. It’s easy

In a complicated relationship or simply in a dating relationship where you don’t want to explain yourself, it’s so much easier to block someone on all platforms than to go through a serious discussion with them.

It’s an easy outlet for escape in any relationship.


6. Oopsie daisy

Sometimes, someone can ghost you accidentally.

How is this even possible?

It could, when both of you have read the same dating columns, whose silly Dating Advice was for you not to text for at least three days, after the first date.

Both of you would inevitably end up thinking, that the other person is just not interested in you, or was just an a*hole who ghosted you.


7. He said, She said

This happens when the person you’re dating chooses to believe some negative fact about you, and they find it so terrible that they cannot confront you about it before ghosting you.

It sounds ridiculous reading it this way, but it isn’t uncommon for people to just leave, before having a proper discussion with the other person involved.


8. Unpredictable events

Lost or stolen phones, adding the wrong number/name on social networking platforms, or sadly, accidents or deaths.

Though not very likely, these things do happen and the person might have ghosted you because they just couldn’t get back to you.

This is probably the saddest item on this list because the “ghoster” had no ill intentions whatsoever.


9. It’s them, not you

There are people who find out that they have a sexually transmitted disease, and there is no way that they can easily explain it to the people they’ve been sleeping around with.

Instead of being a responsible adult and explaining it to you, they ghost.

Some other people might have a host of problems that are difficult to explain to you, or they know you won’t accept anyway, thus the ghosting.

It isn’t you, it’s them.


Concluding Insights on What is Ghosting Someone & Why People Do It

People ghost because it’s always the easier way out in many situations.

However, you should engage yourself in a little more empathy before ghosting someone. How would you feel if you were in their shoes?

Often, ghosting someone leads to them feeling a lot of hurt and insecurity.

Just remember that ghosting someone is not a proper solution and that it’s a temporary solution.

If you’ve been ghosted, revisit the list above and rest in the knowledge that it usually isn’t your fault.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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