Apps For Hookups: Top 6 Best & Free Casual Encounter Apps & One Night Stand Sites Which are Great & Proven

Apps For Hookups: Top 6 Best & Free Casual Encounter Apps & One Night Stand Sites Which are Great & Proven

So, you’ve probably heard enough about what’s great about some Casual Hookup Apps – there are plenty of discussions about the number of users on these platforms (the more, the merrier), the user interface (how clean or user-friendly it is) and talks about the quality of their community.

Sure, we don’t deny these are important things to consider before deciding on a One Night Stand App or Hook Up Site.

However, wouldn’t it be equally helpful to know the downside of some of these platforms at the onset?

That way, you wouldn’t have to poke around only to realize that you could have spent your time better elsewhere.


Here’s the Best Online Dating App/Site to find Charming Men/Women & Attractive Ladies/Guys Near You

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Apps For Hookups

Over here, we share some of our honest opinions about the Great (and some not-so-great things) about some Casual Fling Apps.

In any case, we must admit they still do what they’re supposed to do pretty well, and are proven to be effective … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches ( – (World’s #1 Among Apps For Hookups)

Among NSA Relationship apps out there, clearly beats every other Hook Ups App out there hands down!

Equipped with a mega database that is growing exponentially with each passing day, HM offers a state-of-the-art Dating Platform that is intuitive, elegant and high performing.

It’s World’s 1st “Face Verification Process”, makes it second to none in the world of Short Term Relationships. Few (if any) other Dating Sites and Dating Apps, deal with the issue of online scammers, fake profiles, duplicate accounts and time-wasters, as effectively and thoroughly as Happy Matches.

Its outstanding explicit and direct concept, makes it extremely easy for Users, to find potential dates looking for Casual Relationships and Casual Hookups. No more wasting of time and effort, only to find out (and embarrassingly so) that the profiles you are chatting with, are looking for a serious and committed long term relationship instead.


2. Adult Friend Finder ( – (Most Popular #2 Among Apps For Hookups)

You’d probably know by now that Adult Friend Finder is one of the most awesome casual hookup platform around. And we totally DO NOT deny it.

We had our fair share of good experience with AFF, and the only setback would probably be the fact that users have to pay to unlock its full potential.

Still, you may get lucky even if you don’t pay a cent, considering its massive user base.

(And oh, for those who don’t know – AdultFriendFinder DOES HAVE an Android Dating App!)


2. DOWN (

DOWN is great, if you’ve got a social media account set up, for the sole purpose of Hooking Up.

Otherwise, it would be an utter social suicide, since the Dating App basically recommends you people in your network to Hookup with.

A wrong click could send a drastic weird invitation to them (if they are not current users of the Online Dating App), and it’ll be too late to bury your head anywhere then.


3. Grindr (

Grindr is great for gay men, or for those who are simply curious, and willing to explore.

Everyone knows the solid reputation Grindr has when it comes to the Gay Hookup scene.

That said, the ads that come along with Grindr can be mighty imposing, and we get really irked by the videos that are forced down our throat.

I suppose these can be resolved if we pay for the Gay Dating App, so no biggie!


4. CasualX (

The stability of the app may not be at hundred percent yet, although it still does its job of hooking you up with people around you.

The only problem we face occasionally, would be that CasualX may sometimes match us with people, who are nowhere near us.

That’s frustrating especially when things are getting hot for the both of you, and you realize there’s no way of meeting up for a quick sex since you’re literally worlds apart.

Well, sh*t happens. Frequently this Casual Dating App works well. But if you find it does not work for you, try alternative means then 😉


5. Pure (

Pure is one of those Casual Sex Apps, that are super enthusiastic when it comes to anonymity of its users.

It certainly works well most of the time, especially for those who just need a quick Casual Encounter or Fling, without all the time-wasting antics employed by other dating platforms.

Such anonymity however, may be a little risky for women, since they are not able to evaluate their potential male candidates before meeting up.

It could be exciting no doubt but meeting up with a serial killer is no laughing matter!


Concluding Insights on Apps For Hookups

There you have it – the Great (and maybe some not-so-great things), about some of the Hookup Sites which you probably heard of.

Then again, we can’t say for sure if there are any PERFECT Casual Relationship Apps and One Night Stand Sites out there.

Surely, we have got to manage our expectations in some way.

What we have noted here are just some of the minor imperfections of otherwise excellent casual hookup platforms, and they definitely won’t be too much of a bother if sex is your ultimate goal.


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