Best Free Hookup Apps: Top 9 Best Fling & One Night Stand Apps You Should Keep in Your Casual Dating App Folder

Best Free Hookup Apps: Top 9 Best Fling & One Night Stand Apps You Should Keep in Your Casual Dating App Folder

Casual Dating and Hooking Up has been on a rampage, to say the least in recent years.

It’s really not surprising given that people are increasingly busy with their careers, with hardly enough time to dedicate to family and friends.

In fact, Casual Sex, Flings and One Night Stand arrangements, have become a widely acceptable form of dating in the modern day, according to a recent survey.


Best Free Hookup Apps

Busy individuals have expressed that the emotional aspect of a Serious Dating relationship is far too burdensome.

For this group of people, there is a strong preference for things to be kept simple and casual.

If you fall into this category of Casual Relationships, you’d be glad to have this handy list of the Best Free Dating Apps & Dating Sites that you can try your luck on to land your Casual Hookups, Casual Encounters and ONS partners … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches ( – (Top #1 Among Best Free Hookup Apps)

Hailed the “World’s BEST Casual Relationship Site & App“, HappyMatches stands out with its technological prowess, as well as its distinctive “Explicit Dating” concept.

Up front, you can choose “Casual Dating” as the type of dating relationship(s) you are looking for. This segregates you from Serious Relationship daters, so you effectively avoid the awkwardness and wasted interactions commonly encountered with most established Online Dating Apps and Dating Sites out there.

Technology-wise, Happy Matches is second to none. Its high performance platform cruises you through tons of high-quality relevant profiles in your locality in an instant. Talk about efficiency and accuracy – HM is simply that!

Add to this, its World’s First “facial recognition verification” process. This removes the biggest pain faced by all users of Online Dating platforms – i.e. fake profiles, scammers, duplicate accounts and pure time-wasters.

Be sure to get your own profile “face-verified”, so you greatly increase the views and messages you receive since Users “trust” your profile.

Date” accounts use the site Entirely FREE of charge. Use this account if you’re attractive, and have no lack of people wanting to know you better.

Otherwise, we’d recommend that you register for a “Suitor” account (and pay a mere USD 1 for the first month instead). This effectively opens you up to an enormous pool of date options, and increase your chances significantly of landing your ideal “Dates” really quickly.

Don’t try to be “penny-wise, pound foolish” – and miss out on the immense fun which you could have with the gorgeous Casual Dates you could have had! Better still, upgrade your membership to a higher tier right from the start, to stand out and shine from the rest of your competitors.


2. Happn ( – (Popular #2 Among Best Free Hookup Apps)

Happn is the app for those who enjoy real-time dating. What exactly do we mean by that?

Happn allows users who cross each other’s paths to mingle on the app, and that means it’s a handy tool for picking up hookups in a bar.

You’ll never have to suffer another rejection. Because the next person you’re approaching, is likely someone who is as interested to have sex as you.


3. CasualX ( – (Up-and-Coming #3 Among Best Free Hookup Apps)

Founded by CEO Michelle Li, CasualX helps you to find hookups in your area with women, men or couples for intimate fun – whether in the day or at night!

The app’s focus is to connect you with like-minded people seeking Casual Sex relationships, without emotional attachment or commitment.

It caters to all sorts of no strings attached Casual Relationships, such as friends with benefits, one night stands, swinging and even extramarital affairs.

Similar to other Casual Encounter Apps, CasualX operates with the typical swiping and matching functions. Hardly unique in its technical offerings, it try to differentiates by branding itself as “Tinder Minus Marriage-Minded Daters”.

This resolves the confusion and frustration frequently faced by Hookup App users, who are matched with Serious Dating users looking for romantic committed relationships.

In essence, you find your sexual pleasure, without worrying about whether your app matches could be your potential long term serious relationship partner.


4. Tingle (

Tingle is great if video chats are your kind of thing.

We’d presume you don’t mind showing some skin, because that seems to be the culture amongst users at Tingle.

Because of its extensive chat features, users tend to take full advantage of it.

You might finish off earlier than you anticipated. So check your pace!


5. Wingman (

Wingman is the app to rely on, if you’ve got a bunch of girlfriends or boyfriends, who can’t wait to set you up with someone else.

It’s practically the lazy man or woman’s Casual Sex app, because you literally don’t have to lift a finger.

All you have to do, is to wait for you friends to serve recommendations to you on a silver platter – while you take your time to decide on a suitable date.

Enticing, eh?


6. Ship (

If you can’t get enough of Wingman, Ship is probably the next thing to get your hands on.

It’s pretty much the same concept except one thing – we feel that users here are much more open minded than the ones in Wingman.

Well, it’s just our experience so it’s best you try both of them out yourself to see what works for you.


7. Disckreet (

Disckreet is perfect for those, who would like to engage with the casual sex community without compromising their identity.

To be honest, we aren’t really sure how their encryption works, but it does look fanciful and to a certain extent, reliable.

In any case, if you don’t want to risk blowing your identity while engaging in some casual fun sex, you might give Disckreet a go.


8. 3Fun (

Conventional sex gets boring after a while. That’s why 3Fun is definitely a must-have in your smartphone.

Feel free to explore with various sex combinations because frankly, threesomes are not the only thing you can arrange in this app.


9. 3rder (

3rder works very much like 3Fun, so it’s another app to have in your stash, on nights when you feel lonely and need a quick f*ck.

People here are horny as hell, and would be more than happy to engage in some sexting if you’re up for it.

Orgies are their specialty so be sure not to miss it.


Concluding Insights on Best Free Hookup Apps

Hooking Up, engaging in Flings, and having no strings attached One Night Stands – is a great way to unwind and let off steam.

Particularly from the day-to-day stresses, boredom and demands of our busy city lives.

Especially since, it doesn’t come with any emotional drama and heavy commitment, unlike those found in Romantic Relationships.

Just remember to stay respectful, and always practice safe sex. That way, everyone gets to benefit!


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