Best Hookup Websites: Top 6 Casual Dating Apps & NSA Hook Up Fling Sites If You're Looking for a Casual Relationship in 2020

Best Hookup Websites: Top 6 Casual Dating Apps & NSA Hook Up Fling Sites If You’re Looking for a Casual Relationship in 2020

Casual Hook Ups and One Night Stands might sound like the best thing on earth, but maybe they’re really not for everybody.

Many (if not most) would be able to comprehend the benefits and attractiveness of a Casual Dating, but to others, it might just sound like the most ridiculous and morally controversial statement ever.

Here’s why – people who do not yearn to lead a “NSA Relationship Lifestyle” often, have no idea of what such a decision entails.

If you’re well aware of what a Casual Relationship is all about, then the following Casual Sex Apps and Short Term Relationship Sites are going to please you to the max! …


Best Hookup Websites

Have loads of fun with your Booty Calls. Use these Amazing and Highly Effective Top Casual Fling Apps and Best No Strings Attached Websites to explore your yearnings and indulge your Casual Sex desires in 2020 … Enjoy!


1. Friend Finder X (

The tagline of this risque website goes ‘Where good girls do bad things’, if it isn’t already obvious enough, this is the place for people to engage in love affairs, casual encounters, hook-ups and to fulfill your deepest sexual desires.

Delve into the realm of casual sex on Friend Finder X and hook up with someone to satisfy your lust and sexual fantasies.

You don’t have to be shy around here because everyone’s just out to have a good time.

Chat with over 1.2 million users, and hopefully you’d end up in bed with someone really hot tonight.


2. OkCupid (

OkCupid has been trending as a popular dating website since 2004.

It has a great algorithm that helps to match partners based on their compatibility.

If you’re not into serious relationships and are just on this app or website to search for flings, you can also indicate this on your profile!

This will definitely help you to weed out those commitment-types who just want to have a serious relationship, settle down and get married (which is really the last thing on your mind).

Additionally, OkCupid is really simple to use. Similar to Tinder’s swiping system, you get to endlessly swipe till you find a suitable match.

And hopefully take things to another level with that hottie!


3. Adult Friend Finder (

If you’re in the hook-up scene, Adult Friend Finder would surely be in your radar. AFF is the world’s biggest adult-only sex communities with a whopping 96 million members.

Be bombarded with hardcore erotic videos, raunchy content in blogs and forum posts, as well as join in chat groups for some live action!


4. Men Nation (

Men Nation is an app made specially for you if you’re looking for a gay casual sex partner or a gay couple for a raunchy threesome.

It’s clear that sex is the only thing on people’s minds when they are registered on this app because you will notice the hot, sexy and visually tantalizing photos of queer men flooding this website.

To spice things up even more, you’ll have access to erotic videos uploaded by other users too! Now who’s getting into the mood?

With more than 93 million users registered on this site, you can flirt and chat with thousands of active users!

Have fun exchanging dick pics, and chatting with anyone that catches your eye!


5. Lesbian Personals (

Next up is a website for the ladies! Lesbian Personals targets women (specifically lesbians, bisexuals, bi-curious and queer women) and they sure as hell know their stuff being in this industry!

Recognizing it as an issue, men are restricted to create a profile on this website.

The only exception is if you are part of a straight couple relationship and are looking for a threesome.

That being said – the wonderful thing we observed on this site is that majority of members here are women looking for women; so it’s a rather safe community here.

Have fun searching for hot singles and attractive couples on this website!


6. HappyMatches

Jump onto the exciting bandwagon, and experience the World’s most effective and easy-to-use Casual Relationship site.

HappyMatches has definitely distinguished itself to be the leader of the pack (among all the competitor Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites out there), not just in the Casual Dating niche, but in the General Dating online market as a whole.

What really differentiates HM from everyone out there is its simplistic and straightforward dating concept. Simply indicate that you are looking for “Casual Dating”, and add tags to your profile to profile more insights onto the type of partner and Casual Relationship you are looking for (eg. a Friends With Benefits, One Night Stand, Fling, All Ethnicities, Excitement, Stayovers, etc.).


Concluding Insights on Best Hookup Websites

For MANY, Casual Dating and Casual Relationships comes easily.

For some others, perhaps not so much. It may take some level of effort, to steer clear of one’s emotions and avoid an emotional roller-coaster.

If managing your emotions doesn’t pose a problem to you, CELEBRATE and enjoy Casual Sex as much as you can!

After all, societal norms have already changed these days – and many (if not most) people have already jumped onto the No Strings Attached Relationship bandwagon.

At different points of your life, you have different relationship wants and needs – so just do as you deem fit, and don’t think or care about whether others approve or disapprove of you.

Importantly, you need to be comfortable with what you are doing – and NEVER force yourself to do anything (or refrain from doing anything), that you feel you’re not ready for, will hurt you, or will leave you in a deeper hole.


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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