College Hookup: Top 4 Things You Wish You had Known Before Hooking Up with Someone from College

College Hookup: Top 4 Things You Wish You had Known Before Hooking Up with Someone from College

Let’s face it – college is a place where hormones are raging, and that’s when the most exciting and raunchiest sexcapades occur.

That’s precisely why it’s so important for horny people like you, to know the Do’s and the Don’ts, just so that you don’t screw your life over in a One Night Stand.

If you’ve had a couple of Casual Encounters, Flings and Hook Ups already, this article would still be extremely useful to you.


College Hookup

These are the 4 “Must-Knows” you wish you had known before Hooking Up (and f*cking) someone from college … Enjoy!


1. Be safe or be sorry

We know how it can be a total mood dampener when you are both getting it on, and you have to search for a condom or even go to a store and buy one because none of you have it.

Therefore, the lesson is to keep one in your wallet so you can whip it out when the situation calls for it.

You definitely do not want to get a girl pregnant, or be infected with an STD just over one moment of folly.

This is one reminder you should never forget – always (we can’t emphasize this enough), ALWAYS use protection!

Better to be safe than sorry. And you are in college, with a bright future ahead of you. Don’t risk it.


2. Aim to have sober, not drunk sex

We know that sometimes you gotta have a drink or two, to chalk up the courage to approach that hot girl across the bar.

That’s fine if you can handle it (we mean the alcohol and the rejection. But please don’t drink and drive afterwards).

However, when you are drinking way too much that you are stumbling and basically incoherent, it’s best that you don’t approach her lest you make a fool out of yourself.

Even if she miraculously agrees and you both have a sexy good time, you wouldn’t be able to remember it when you wake up the next morning and it would be such a pity.

It’s best that you leave out the alcohol and booze altogether, and enjoy the sex sober.

That way, you can enjoy the full experience and also avoid any unnecessary danger or conflict, that may happen when you wake up the next morning.


3. Treat your casual sex partner with respect

Treat her respectfully, even though this may be just be a one time Fling.

Because you’ll never know, it’s a small world out there and in college everyone seems to know one another.

Get to at least know some basic information about her, like her name.

You probably don’t want to be calling out some other babe’s name, when you are at your climax.

That would be such a wet blanket and a total d*ck move.

If she chooses to return home after the deed, don’t force her to stay or ignore her; walk her home because it’s probably late and that’s just what a decent human being would do.

Be a gentleman, and don’t be one of those a**holes who would ignore her once they are satisfied.


4. Move on with life

So, things were all great and fun last night but when the sun rises, this is when reality sets in.

We say, it is best not to overstay your welcome. If you had an awesome time last night, you could leave your number.

If not, tell them you had a great time last night and take a swift and quick exit.

It’s always a good idea to get home and freshen up so that you could start you day without harping on your Casual Encounter the previous night.

Life goes on and keep your Casual Hookups short and sweet.


Concluding Insights on College Hookup

Casual sex is always fun. Enjoy and Hook Up as much as you want, so long as you remember the above 4 crucial College Hookup Rules.

But bear in mind that hooking up with someone in college naturally translates into greater risks and implications, since everyone practically knows everyone.

Play it nice, or risk being labelled a d*ck or wh*re; and trust us you are not going to enjoy that.


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