College Hookup Advice: Top 5 Dos and Don’ts for College Girls Into Casual Relationship & Casual Encounters

College Hookup Advice: Top 5 Dos and Don’ts for College Girls Into Casual Relationship & Casual Encounters

First, it’s getting to know new people in college. Once that’s done, the next thing on your list ought be to look for potential Hookups.

We’re not trying to kid you here, but 8 out of 10 college students have admitted, to being involved in some saucy situations.

And this may not even be known to anyone else, even to the friends around them.


College Hookup Advice

Because it’s no biggie to be looking for Casual Encounters, it’s extremely important for you as a lady to at least know the rules of the Casual Relationships game … Enjoy!


1. Know Your Alcohol Threshold

You sure as hell don’t want to be caught in a situation where you wake up in a stranger’s bed, soaked in your own vomit and piss, because you were way out of it last night.

Horrors of horrors would be, that he is also drenched in your bodily fluids.

You would also probably have a crazy bed head, your lipstick smudged like the Joker, and your eyeliner and mascara, like you got into a cat-fight and got punched in both eyes.

Spare yourself the pain of the reality you would face in the morning, and drag your drunk ass back home, or get a friend to call a cab so you can return home safely.

Don’t take the easy way out, and think things will right itself the next morning. Just don’t.

You would live to regret it, when you get thrown out onto the streets in broad daylight, looking like a complete mess.


2. Set Your Alarm

Don’t overstay your welcome the next morning.

College Hookups are meant to be no strings attached, short and sweet kind of Casual Encounters.

So you don’t have to make or stay for breakfast, or even wait for him to wake up in the morning.

We advise that you can start making your way home before the break of dawn. So as to avoid all the weird stares when you stumble home, in last night’s clothes and the obvious “I-had-a-one-night-stand” look (disheveled hair and all).

Don’t loiter, just tell him a polite “thank you, we had fun last night”, and scurry off for a brand new day ahead.


3. Learn the Hooking Up Language

You need to understand Hookup language and the underlying Hook Up Meaning, which lies beneath the surface of a guy’s apparently innocent suggestions, i.e. when he invites you to spend time in private with him.

When a guy asks if you want to netflix and chill, drink together, take a walk at night in the park, see his dormitory room or watch a movie at his place, understand his “not-so-subtle” hints of a Casual Encounter.

It’s a sure sign that things will likely go beyond just innocent movie watching (or at least, that is what he truly hopes will happen with you).

His suggestions are usually disguised, as an excuse to get into your pants. Because what happens, when it’s just you and him in the privacy of a private space or quiet and secluded area?

The initial “innocuous activity” will lead to kissing, touching, making out, and then sex.

So if you’re sufficiently interested in him, or have always wanted to sleep with this guy, go right on to accept his invitation and have intimate fun thereafter!


4. Don’t Sleep Around Excessively

Basically, don’t be someone who sleeps around within a guy’s group of friends.

Things will just go downhill, if you sleep with his circle of friends.

This is because you would be seen as an easy target who is a total slut (even if you clearly are not!).

You will never regain your respect within his circle of friends, and you may even gain a bad and obnoxious reputation in your college.

A possible solution around this, if you love variety and need to satisfy your urges, is to consider Hooking Up with people from other colleges instead.


5. Initiate If You Really Want Him

If you’re so interested for him to f*ck you, but he’s just not making any moves, it’s about time you show your moves.

Drop subtle verbal hints, and slight suggestive body language actions (eg. smile seductively, purse your lips, play with your hair, look shyly at and then away from him).

If he still doesn’t get the hint, you can consider more obvious (and rather suggestive) physical contact. Brush against his hands and hold them. Play with his hair, rub gently along his thighs, and even touch his sensitive areas casually. Steadily, get as much physical contact with him as you can.

Before you know it, he’d be suggesting for the both of you to grab some food (and perhaps sex to end off the night). He’d bring you to a pizza place and you could both crash somewhere thereafter. Make the right moves first, and he would be satisfying you the next half of the night!


Question: What if he’s a rather shy guy, or is still hesitating to proceed intimately with you?

Answer: Provocate him sexually to move things much faster. Make him lose control of himself, discard his inhibitions, and become desperate for you. He’ll want to grab you there and then to make out with you, once you’ve activated his trigger point.

To do so, you can be the aggressor and provocateur, in an elegant and teasing way. Simply give him a quick peck on his cheek or lips, then withdraw and look away shyly. Or hold his face with your palms, then go in for a long kiss on his lips. It’ll stimulate him mentally and physically, and cause him to reciprocate and french you, no-holds barred.

From there, he’ll naturally know how to take over as the guy, and fondle you all over (even with your clothes on). He’ll want to kick-start the exciting sensual entanglement between the both of you there and then, or at the latest, the moment you both close the door to a room with your own private space.


Concluding Insights on Best App for College Hookup Advice

Once you get the hang of it, with our valuable College Hookup Advice above, such things would become second nature to you.

Whatever you do, always remember to stay safe and insist on a condom. College Hookups are fulfilling and exciting amidst the mundane and stressful routine of life.

Liberate yourself, find a cute guy in college (or a few along the way), to help you de-stress, have lots of fun and unwind.


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