College Hookup Culture: The 6 Types of College Girls Who Get Us Excited About College Hookup & Casual Flings

College Hookup Culture: The 6 Types of College Girls Who Get Us Excited About College Hookup & Casual Flings

Heading to college soon, and excited about the new knowledge you’re about to gain?

Okay you might be on the wrong site! Just click “Exit” to leave this page, because we don’t want to be a bad influence to you (oops!).

Conversely, if you can’t wait to meet the potential hot girls (whoohoo!) for your College Hook Ups, here’s a preview to contain your excitement for just a little … Enjoy!


College Hookup Culture

Check out these amazing 6 categories of College Girls who are just so attractive and desirable … Enjoy!


1. The fitness enthusiast

So she’s very into sports, and more sporty activities (like hiking and the beach).

She has the physique that’s the envy of many, because of the hours she would spend in the gym.

You notice her toned and perky butt, as well as her sun-kissed skin against her spandex tights. They showcase her tight curves, while giving you a peak of her washboard abs.

If you are lucky enough to date her, it’s not surprising that she may have a restricted diet of protein shakes, and food that’s bland and tasteless. Simply because, she’s not exactly a fan of transfat, carbohydrates or anything delicious and unhealthy.

Sometimes you may even find her ghosting you, because she’s either too busy working out at the gym, or engaging in one of her sports games.

She definitely loves working out, and sporting activities, much more than you do.

So, it’s best you are into those too, so you get to spend time with her while doing what both of you enjoy. Or else, it would be a torture.


2. The partying monster

You are into wild party girls, because well, college is the time to have something fun, thrilling and exciting.

So you date a girl who loves partying (with or without you).

She sure can hold her liquor, but we’re not sure, if she’s able to resist sleeping with someone new she’s met at the club.

She can be very promiscuous with her dressing, and there’s nothing much you can do about it.

Because she loves dressing to the nines, for a night out with her ladies.


3. The goody-two-shoes

She’s the girl next door, who never fails to go to church every Sunday.

Brought up prim and proper, she chooses to keep her chastity until the day she gets married.

So, dump your hopes about getting her to sleep with you, because that’s totally against her principles.

We really have to warn you about non-consensual college sex (you could be reported to the authorities, or even be expelled from college, if things get out of hand).


4. The bimbo with boobs all the guys yearn for

Well, you scored yourself a looker!

But bear in mind that she may be some good Hookup material, but not someone you would bring home to show mummy.

Don’t expect to have intellectual conversations or good advice coming your way, because she’s unlikely to have the intellectual capacity to respond appropriately, or well enough to you.

However, enjoy the sex with this one while you can because it may be mind blowing, and you may not get this opportunity again in your life.


5. The friend (benefits included)

She could be someone you just met recently on campus and clicked well with.

Or she could be a childhood friend, who blossomed into this beautiful full-grown well endowed lady (after losing her braces and nerdy glasses), and went to the same college as you.

Whatever the case, she’s become your “friend with benefits”, and you are really enjoying it.


6. The one who is out of your league

She is the one for you, the one you have been praying and searching for.

She’s hot, has a great personality, totally beautiful inside and out.

You could even imagine starting a family with her, and having babies with this woman.

But, all good things come to an end, because she’s found someone else, and you are just not good enough to keep her.


Concluding Insights on College Hookup Culture

College is going to an exciting period. We’re sure that you agree with us!

Just be sure not to screw things up in the first week, because you’ll be pretty much remembered for the wrong things, for the rest of the year (at the least).

If you find someone you’d like to Hook Up with, it’s always good to exercise some caution and try taking the “let’s be friends” route first.

Good luck, and make the most of the College Hookup Culture!


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