College Hookup Culture: The 6 Types of College Boys That Get the Girls Excited About College Hookup & Casual Flings

College Hookup Culture: The 6 Types of College Boys That Get the Girls Excited About College Hookup & Casual Flings

Perhaps you’re single, and not attached. Or, you may already be in an existing relationship, and have a boyfriend.

If you’re attached, come’on! After all, your current boyfriend’s not headed to the same college as you. And he’s probably going to land himself some new chicks at his college, behind your back.

So instead of letting him hurt you, you figured you’d make a pre-emptive strike on him.

In any case, whether single or in a relationship, you’re secretly excited about going to college. You want to personally experience the mystical College Hookup culture and Casual Dating “life”, which you’ve already heard so much about.

Before you strut your stuff on the first day of school, it’s good to know what type of attractive and charming college boys you’d be meeting. And whom you can consider Hooking Up with.


College Hookup Culture

Check out these amazing 6 categories of College Guys who are just so attractive and desired by Girls in College … Enjoy!


1. The Complete Scum

He is a total douche bag and everyone knows it.

He doesn’t hold the door for anyone (but slams it right in their faces). He kisses and tells.

He has ruined the lives of a couple of college girls he’s slept with, by leaking their sex tapes on porn sites.

He’s masquerading as a sex god on campus who can get any girl he wants, and he’s made a million enemies by the time he graduates.

He’s in fact the worst of the worst, and you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with a f*ckboy like him, because he will really break your heart, and maybe make you lose your faith in love.

Stay away from a**holes like these, don’t let them ever come near you.

But somehow ladies are still attracted to guys like this, as they are exciting to be with and know how to sweet-talk them to submission.


2. The Loner

If he’s ever seen in school, he’s probably heading for a lecture, tutorial or his exams.

If not he would usually be cooped up at home with his best friend, a PS4 or his laptop.

Often only seen wandering alone, he prefers to be by himself. Introverted and socially awkward, he probably hasn’t lost his virginity.

But he dreams about dating the school’s hottest girl. God knows what he’s been wanking to, in his dorm room.

Furthermore, he’s super awkward at social events, he is usually a wallflower, or hangs out with the other geeks and nerds.

Notwithstanding, some girls find such nerdy guys very interesting and likeable, the very way they are.


3. The Dream Boy in College Hookup Culture

Everyone who knows him, knows him as Mr. Nice guy.

He volunteers at the pet shelter, and has a heart of gold, because he helps out at the soup kitchen for the homeless.

He donates every penny he’s earned from his part-time job to a cause he believes in, and is always there at any humanitarian charity event.

Besides, even though he is a med student, he is humble, approachable and totally has no airs about him.

What not to love about this guy?


4. The One that Missed Harvard Enrollment

Sometimes you find it odd, that a person with an intellectual capacity a whole tier above your cohort, actually joins your college.

He tops the cohort, achieves high distinctions for all his modules, and is always in the Dean’s list.

He is totally Ivy League standard, can speak 7 different languages, and is set to be the Valedictorian when he graduates.

The future is definitely bright for this young man.


5. The Exotic One in College Hookup Culture

His accent may be a little way too strong and sometimes you just can’t understand him (but that’s what adds to his sexiness).

His enviable sun-kissed body, looks like he just returned from a summer vacation in Hawaii. This makes him even more sensual and appealing.

You wish you could lap him up, because he’s just oh-so-delicious.


6. The Friendzoned One

You have known him since high school.

But he is just your bro, and someone you turn to when you are facing any boy troubles.

You can always count on him to be there for you.

He’s just the sweetest guy ever, because you know he’ll always have your back.


Concluding Insights on College Hookup Culture

You are totally gonna meet all these different types of boys – trust us on this.

If you’re looking for a Casual Encounter or One Night Stand, it might be a good idea not to rush into it.

After all, you’d need time to make sure that he isn’t the scum.

Sometimes these boys “evolve” and pretend to be who they are not.

And, that’s when things get tricky. Be careful and exercise caution!


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