Free Casual Hookup Apps: Top 6 Best Casual Fling & Hooking Up Apps for Your Casual Encounters

Free Casual Hookup Apps: Top 6 Best Casual Fling & Hooking Up Apps for Your Casual Encounters

Let’s face it – most of the time if you want sex, you got to work for it. Now there’s a large extent of truth to this statement if you think about it.

The people who get laid, are usually the ones who are smooth – they say the right words, do the right things, and are somehow able to charm their way into the ladies’ pants. In short, they’ve got the right moves to land themselves a great night.

If you’re one of those people whom we’ve been describing here, good for you! And hey – you’re probably going to find this list really helpful!


Free Casual Hookup Apps

These are the Best 6 Free Casual Hookup Apps you should try if you consider yourself a Casanova … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches ( – (Undisputed #1 Top Among Free Casual Hookup Apps)

Happy Matches is the must have among all the Casual Dating and Short Term Relationship online dating apps out there.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology for a high performing mobile-friendly site and advanced dating apps, HM is constantly improving the already phenomenal experience of its Users.

Yet, it still never fails to get even better with each passing day.

It is well-known for an incredibly rapidly growing database of Casual Daters, that surpasses every other Casual Relationship app or site out there.

Clearly, size of database is a direct factor which determines your chances of success in finding a Fling or Casual Hook Up. After all, this is mathematically proven with the law of large numbers.

Besides user database, equally key (if not even more critical) is the “Quality” of the app’s/site’s members and one’s potential matches.

Too often, dating app users are frustrated by the sheer number of fake, duplicate (and even scammer) users. This issue pervades even the most world-renowned and popular dating apps/sites in the world.

HappyMatches effectively distinguishes itself from ALL its competitors, by using its World’s FIRST “Facial Recognition Verification Process”. Together with its proprietary advanced A.I. algorithms, they ensure a safe and effective environment where daters can do what they do BEST – i.e. find their ideal dates!

HM’s soaring popularity all over the world is no surprise and no miracle. Its unique “Explicit Dating” concept enables Users to be upfront with each other on the Type(s) of Dating Relationships they are looking for.

No more beating-about-the-bush, and running into profiles looking for Serious Dating and Committed Relationships, when you are looking for a Casual Encounter, Fling, Hookup or a One Night Stand.

To top it all, “Date” accounts use the site/apps entirely “FREE”. We encourage you however, to sign up for a “Suitor” account where you only pay USD 1 for the first month’s subscription – since nothing beats the excitement of the chase (and “landing”) of your dream Casual Sex date and No Strings Attached intimacy partner.


2. Tinder (

Wait – isn’t Tinder a place to find love? Well it does. But frankly speaking, such platforms evolve along with the type of users who sign up with them.

And by simple logic, more people looking for casual relationships or hookups will naturally result in an app that becomes more skewed in that direction.

Having said that, it’s still a complete suicidal move to explicitly mention on your profile that you’re just there to look for a f*ck buddy. What you need here, is a little bit of patience.

Go on and look for a date, try to make a friend while you’re at it, then slowly advance towards the sex. It may take some practice, but you CAN get laid with Tinder.


3. Happn (

Closely similar to Tinder would be Happn, an app that is also originally intended to cater to people who are looking for Serious Relationships.

Until users started to use the platform for their own horny agenda. That means that a significant number of users on Happn are perfectly fine with the idea of meeting up for Casual Sex.

Even though it doesn’t have a user base as large as Tinder, your chances are still pretty good if you’re patient and skillful in your advances.

Just be sure not to accidentally offend those who are looking for true love (cringe!) or you might get banned by the admin. Although the chances of that happening is actually pretty low.


4. PlentyOfFish ( – (Highly Popular Among Free Casual Hookup Apps)

Or should we say, PlentyOfFuck? Now this is a site that is very open to moving in directions where its users take it.

While it started off as a traditional dating site, PlentyOfFish slowly evolved to allow users to indicate that they are open to Casual Dating.

Now this is HUGE – because it translates into “I’m ready for a f*ck if you are”.

This became a significant draw factor for users to sign up with them, since it offers practically a free platform when other giants such as AdultFriendFinder require their users to pay to find a genuine f*ck buddy.

Surprisingly, PlentyOfFish is still free, but we really can’t say for sure how long they are going to keep that up. If you want to try out something from this list, you might want to give this a go first.


5. OkCupid (

For those who are familiar with PlentyOfFish, you might realise that the site layout and dynamics are pretty similar across the two. Besides, they both also cater to a similar group of audience.

In our opinion though, OkCupid appears to be a slightly upgraded variant between the two owing to the high-res images of available ladies you can find on the website.

You also get to indicate if you’re looking for dates for sex, threesomes or open relationships in general. There is much more possibilities with OkCupid for sure.


6. Down (

It’s all about getting down on the person you’re chatting with. There’s something about the name of the site that brings up its kink level. Don’t you agree?

On a down side, the site doesn’t set you up with total strangers since it requires a Facebook integration, and matches you with friends or even friends of friends.

Not the best move unless you’re ok with telling people “Hey look at me I’m looking for an Open Relationship with the occasional f*ck with strangers”.

But we got to say Down works especially well if you’re already maintaining a Facebook profile solely for the sake of casual dating.


Concluding Insights on Free Casual Hookup Apps

We would love to recommend more Free Casual Hookup Apps and Sites here.

Unfortunately, they don’t fit our bill simply because their user base has not grown significantly.

We definitely wouldn’t want to waste your time!


Find Awesome Dating Partners & Your Ideal Dating Relationships at HappyMatches

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