Free Hookup Apps: Top 5 Best Dating Apps to Hook Up to Get You Started on Fling, Casual Encounters & Casual Dating

Free Hookup Apps: Top 5 Best Dating Apps to Hook Up to Get You Started on Fling, Casual Encounters & Casual Dating

Looking for a Casual Hookup App and can’t make up your mind? That’s okay. We’ve all been there.

Casual Encounters, Flings, One Night Stands and Hook Ups has gained popularity among people of all ages – from teenagers to working adults.

In fact, such forms of No Strings Attached Relationships has even become a preferred mode of dating, over the conventional Serious Dating and Committed Relationships.

We aren’t surprised really, given its strong appeal and promises of all the fun (and sex) minus the emotional drama.

With such a wide choice of Short Term Relationship Dating Apps, it makes sense to invest your time and effort in just one (or a few of them) that truly work.

That’s why we have painstakingly handpicked our Top 5 Casual Dating Apps which are genuinely worth your time indeed.


Free Hookup Apps

We strongly recommend as our undisputed Top Free Casual Hookup App, since most Casual Daters all around the World rate it as the “Best of the Best” and Most Effective Dating App to find your ideal Casual Fling and One Night Stand partners.

So if you’re excited about getting into a Casual Relationship, you might also want to try the following other 4 Hook Up Apps for comparison … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches ( – (Top #1 Among ALL Free Hookup Apps)

Amongst Hook Up Apps, is easily rated as the World’s Top and No. 1 Best Casual Encounters App and Casual Dating Site. Few people (if any), would doubt or question this fact.

HM wows Users with its elegant and sleek user interface. Add to this a very intuitive and friendly design, that makes access to all the Dating App’s features so easy and straightforward.


(A) Why is HappyMatches So Special and Popular?

The site is extremely popular for always innovating and improving itself. And also for its “no-holds barred” explicit endorsement of straightforward Hooking Up dating.

Basically, you just need to state explicitly what you are looking for (eg. Casual Dating).

Instantly, the site will guide you to find fellow casual date partners who are similarly looking for Short Term Relationships (whether a Fling, One Night Stand, Hookup, Friends With Benefits, Non Monogamous Relationship, Casual Encounter, Non Exclusive Relationship, Open Relationship, etc.)

Since WYSIWYG, this innovative Casual Relationships App & Site makes it super easy for you to narrow your search for suitable profiles based on location, type of dating relationship(s), gender and sexual orientation preferences.

The database of Happy Matches is huge, and ever increasing on an incredibly rapid basis week-on-week, month-on-month.

With its unique first-in-the-world verification system using “face recognition”, HM removes the frustration which almost all Online Dating users face – even when they use other very established and popular Casual Fling or Serious Relationship dating sites and dating apps in the market.

This is aided by its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms, which takes out fake profiles, scammers, computer bots and duplicate profiles from this relationships site so that only genuine users and real human beings are allowed to exist on its dating ecosystem.


(B) How Much Does HM Cost?

What further amazes everyone about HappyMatches is its incredibly “value-for-money” pricing strategy.

Basically, Users can use this Hookup App & Site almost FREE-of-charge.

  • What this means is that “Date” accounts need not pay a single cent.
  • Whilst “Suitor” accounts are given a one month’s paid membership at the cost of only 1 USD.

At any point in time, you can increase your chances of getting the attention of attractive and gorgeous Casual Dates by upgrading your plan to a higher-level “Suitor” badge.

Enjoy easy success in your Casual Fling and ONS endeavors by counting on a reliable and proven Casual Hookups App & Site in! Try it now!


2. Feeld ( – (#5 Most Popular Among Free Hookup Apps)

(A) What’s Great About It

It’s really an excellent platform if you’re into non-conventional sex arrangements like orgies, threesomes, role-plays, and all sorts of kinky ideas you can think of.

Users on Feeld know what they are looking for so it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re specific about what you want when you write up your profile.


(B) What’s Not So Great

Because of how close-knitted the community in Feeld is, the users over there tend to write in their lingo – the kind that only insiders would understand.

So if you’re browsing around, be prepared to come across acronyms which are certain to baffle you.

That shouldn’t hinder you too much though since Google is just a new tab away.


3. Bumble ( – (#4 Most Popular Among Free Hookup Apps)

(A) What’s Great About It

One of the best features of Bumble has to be its “limited time” chat, because it functions in a very unique way.

The chat expires upon inactivity.

We think that’s a great way to filter off spammers, who try their luck with just about every profile they come across.

It also encourages users to engage in deeper conversations, before meeting up.


(B) What’s Not So Great

As a guy, you practically can’t do anything except to wait for a lady to message you first.

Besides, if you’re looking for a quick Hook Up or Casual Encounter, this Hookup App is going to frustrate you.

One more thing we noticed about Bumble, is that the profiles we came across there seem awfully familiar – only that we can’t pinpoint where we have seen them.


4. Happn ( – (#3 Most Popular Among Free Hookup Apps)

(A) What’s Great About It

It allows you to meet people who crosses paths with you on the street.

Yes, you heard us right – every time someone walks past you, a notification pops up on your phone.

That means you can totally ‘take things offline’ from that moment on.

It also means, that your phone is going to come in really handy, when you visit a club.

It’s going to be simple to find a willing party, who’s just as desperate for sex as you are.


(B) What’s Not So Great

The notifications can get pretty annoying, and it drains your battery REALLY quickly.

When we tested it at a really crowded club, the app worked wonders.

Except, that our phone didn’t last long enough for anything to happen.

So if you’re thinking of trying this feature, you have been warned – make sure you’ve got your phone’s powerbank ready.


5. Tinder ( – (#2 Largest User Database Among Free Hookup Apps)

(A) What’s Great About It

How could Tinder not make the list?

After all, Tinder has become a synonym for Online Dating.

For obvious reasons, the sheer number of users on Tinder is going to cut down the waiting time to get laid significantly.

The user base is massive, so statistically speaking, the odds are very much in your favor.


(B) What’s Not So Great

Because of its huge reputation, it’s not surprising that more people are signing up at Tinder, to look for Serious Dates.

It’s getting tougher by the day to look for partners who are into Casual Hookups.

It takes time so if you’re impatient and can’t afford to wait, you’re better off trying out a different app.

Do also be careful about potential scammers, who persuade you to add them into an external chat platform.

And thereafter, converse with you enthusiastically for days, whilst subtly hinting for you to start trading in crypto currency or forex!


Concluding Insights on Best Free Hookup Apps for Hooking Up

Casual Dating can be very addictive – you have been warned!

The Casual Encounter Apps we have listed here are just a few for you to get started, to find your Casual Fling and One Night Stand partners.

Start exploring around for a bit before you invest time into just one app, because you’ll never know what features are essential for you until you try enough!


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