Free Hookup Sites: Top 7 Best Casual Encounter Apps, Fling Sites & Casual Sex Websites with Huge Local Hook Up User Bases

Free Hookup Sites: Top 7 Best Casual Encounter Apps, Fling Sites & Casual Sex Websites with Huge Local Hook Up User Bases

Fancy a Hookup tonight near you in your location? Surely, it’ll be more difficult to arrange a quick booty call meetup, if you both are further from each other.

There are literally hundreds of Short Term Relationship Apps & Casual Relationship Sites for you to choose from, but we all know it all boils down to performance.

When it comes to Hooking Up, speed is of the essence.

And the speed of finding a suitable match is accelerated, only when there are numbers that are favorable to begin with.

The following Top Casual Fling Apps & Best One Night Stand Sites are great for that reason; the number of active Hook Up users in these Casual Dating Sites swing statistically in your favor.


Free Hookup Sites: Recognize Which Hookup Apps & Hookup Websites You Should Use to Get Results (i.e. Hook Ups!)

Top 7 Best & Free Hook Up Apps & Hook Up Websites with User Numbers that clearly Swing in your Favor … Enjoy!


1. Craigslist Activities (

With Craigslist Personals gone because of the FOSTA-SESTA law passed by congress, many people were terribly upset because it was a really popular Casual Hooking Up platform between 2001-2018.

However being extremely adaptable creatures with a never-say-die attitude, users on Craigslist began posting on the ‘Activities’ section to search for booty calls and Casual Sex.

And the good news is, the site seemed to have gained traction to the point that Craigslist Personals wouldn’t be sorely missed anymore.

Nevertheless, there are some restrictions to posting on the activities page.

For example, you can’t post nudes and you just have to count on your intuition to guess if someone’s down for a booty call or not (although 99% of the time people are looking for a Fling around here).

The contact info of the user would probably be available on the post so you can contact them directly to chat, exchange photos and just to get a general feel before meeting them up for a sexy good time.

Good luck!


2. Reddit: Subreddits (

Reddit is a really popular website where there are various communities which people can join based on their hobbies and interests.

To find hook-up opportunities on Reddit, you can join groups like Swingersr4r and HotWifeRequests.

However, users would need to be screened and verified before joining these communities and also follow the rules within the community.

People who are frequent users of Reddit would find the interface familiar and easy to use.

Though, the issue on Reddit is that once you post a comment, it can be publicly seen.

The only way to contact a potential fling is to private message him/her directly.

The perk is that this is absolutely free to use but take note that many users post photos of their hot bods but not their faces so some discretion should always be exercised.


3. FetLife (

Fet is short for fetish. So in FetLife, you are bound to find something that’s your cup of tea around here.

Especially if you’re in for something kinky or have a very specific fantasy you would like to fulfill.

In this android Casual Flings App, you may finally find someone who shares the same fetish that you have ,to live out your deepest desires without any judgment whatsoever.


4. (

If you are in for some BDSM, opens the door to this type of fetish.

Users can join this website for Free, and you’d be pleasantly surprised by how huge this community is (with a large pool of 3.5 million users!).

With a wide range of features such as videos, photo gallery and chat groups for members, you would be spoilt for choice on!


5. Ashley Madison (

Targeted at married couples who are dead bored of their sex life and monotonous lifestyle, Ashley Madison is a place where cheating spouses roam

There’s something kinky about getting naughty with someone else’s spouse, and we reckon it’s something that’s amazingly appealing to the masses given
how fast Ashley Madison has expanded since its inception.

One thing for sure – you definitely will NOT be disappointed here.


6. Seeking (

Targeted at helping women find rich and wealthy men, (or SeekingArrangement) is great for ladies, who are looking to fly to Paris for their first date!

What’s interesting is that they have a Sugar Baby University which enables women to learn the ropes or get some helpful tips on how to date these high-flying men.

On the other hand, men can send up to 10 messages for free on this site, and even purchase gifts for the ladies through their Amazon wish-list, to catch their attention.


7. HappyMatches

When anyone thinks of “Hook Ups” or “Casual Dating”, they think of “” instantly!

Why so? Despite being a newer site, HM has built up such a remarkable reputation and establishment for itself, that every other Online Dating App & Online Dating Site can ONLY envy.

Not by force – but by sheer continuous innovation, attentive listening to User and Market feedback and suggestions for improvement, and always focusing on the Ultimate Objective. Yes, which is to achieve “Happy Matches” for all its Users (i.e. successfully finding Hook Up partners in this case!)

What makes HM so special? Users need not beat about the bush. Just select upfront whether you’re looking for “Casual Dating”, an “Open Relationship” or a “Serious Relationship”. Done Deal! 🙂

Users seeking other types of Dating Relationships will avoid your profile like the plague if they are looking for something else. No awkwardness and time wasting now – be direct and go for the “kill” (i.e. casual date to hookup).

Filter this further with tags on the exact type of Casual Relationships you are looking for: whether a FWB, One Night Stand, Fling, NSA Relationship, Casual Encounter, etc. WYSIWYG on the site – Easy & Surely Peasy to the Core!

HM caters to the different dating target audiences, so you clearly wouldn’t feel left out: You can indicate whether you are looking for “men”, “women”, or “both”. Which makes it very obvious whether you are looking for Heterosexual Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating or even Bisexual Dating.

Building on this, the search function also allows you to find “Men looking for Men”, “Men looking for Women”, “Women looking for Men”, “Women looking for Women”.

Put “One” and “One” together – You can see how HM works perfectly across all the Dating genres, except that this Dating App & Dating Site does not promote Compensated Dating (a.k.a. Sugar Dating).

Another earth shattering innovative feature distinguishing Happy Matches is its World’s First “Face Verification” function. Here, every User uses its mobile Dating Apps to confirm that they are a “real person”, thus effectively eliminating bots, scammers, fake profiles, duplicate profiles and even to a large extent, time-wasters using dating platforms for inappropriate activities.

Best part of all, “Date” accounts use HM Entirely Free-of-Charge. You’d prefer a paid “Suitor” account though – since you get to access the entire humongous user database of Dates. First month membership is a mere USD 1, and subsequent monthly membership only costs USD 10. Feel free to upgrade anytime to increase your profile’s attractiveness and visibility.


Concluding Insights on Free Hookup Sites

Don’t waste time on new One Night Stand Apps, Casual Hookup Sites & Fling Websites that promise the world, when they don’t even have the numbers to show.

Those sites are a great addition to your stash, but should NEVER be treated as staple. Well, unless you’d like to have some blue balls tonight.

Without a doubt, you should be absolutely sure by now, that the above casual dating apps and sites, should be your definite “Top #1 First Choice” to find your Hookups Near Me, easily and efficiently!


(Last Updated: 6 June 2020)


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