Free Hookup Sites That Are Actually Free: Top 7 Best One Night Stand Apps & Casual Encounter Websites Which Are Definitely Not Clickbaits

Free Hookup Sites That Are Actually Free: Top 7 Best One Night Stand Apps & Casual Encounter Websites Which Are Definitely Not Clickbaits

Are you sick and tired of click baits claiming that a certain hookup app or site is free, only to realize that a premium subscription is needed to unlock its features?

Worse still, they ask for your credit card details, and expect you to believe that “nothing will be charged to your credit card”!

Surely, you wouldn’t be that desperate to believe such a thing! Truth be told, we’ve been there so many times and we can totally understand how frustrating that is.

That’s why we have curated this list of Free Casual Dating Apps & Hookup Websites that are Actually Free! (However, please also note our qualifications and sincere advice directly below, when using Free Dating Apps and Free Dating Websites) …


Free Hookup Sites That Are Actually Free

Clearly Not a Clickbait – These 7 Top & Best Casual Dating Apps & Casual Relationship Sites are Free to use, though to different extents.

Whilst some of these Hookup Apps & Hookup Websites are Completely Free for “all” Users, others are Completely Free if you select a certain account type.

Of course, there are also Casual Fling Apps & One Night Stand Sites that offer “free trial periods” (or a heavily discounted subscription free for your initial usage).

Whilst it may seem nice to use a Dating App or Dating Site entirely free, do note that this is sometimes “Penny wise, but Pound foolish”!

You end up pouring in a lot more time and effort to try to find and attract suitable casual dates. Or may only be able to access much fewer date profiles (or be primarily restricted to those dating profiles which are less popular, and likely less attractive and appealing to you).

You may also end up getting bombarded with lots of ads and even scammers, fake profiles, duplicate accounts and time-wasters. In short, the “hidden costs” could far exceed the “meager savings” in membership subscription fees.

Note that “FREE” is not always “GOOD”, and is frequently also said, that something Free will not always give you the Best, which you truly deserve for yourself!

Our sincere advice therefore, is that you should stick to high quality top Online Dating Apps & established best Online Dating Sites instead for your Short Term Relationship endeavors, so as to be able to find your ideal NSA dating partners with quickly and with minimal hassle.

With the above in mind, do check out our highly recommended Free Casual Hooking Up Apps & One Night Stand Websites, especially the first few incredible listings!


1. Snapsext (

Working along the same features of the ever popular app Snapchat, Snapsext is the naughtier version for people looking for casual sex.

Send nude snaps to connect with other users, engage in sext conversations with interested parties and share sex videos to get the mood going.

Now you don’t have to worry about getting your account suspended or banned on Snapchat for sending restricted content or nudes anymore, because you’ve got Snapsext to fall back on!

What’s really the cherry on top, is that this Casual Sex App is dominated but lots of hot girls ready to be your next hot fling!


2. SwapFinder (

Are you part of a couple looking to jazz up your sex life by including another person in the equation?

Or are you a single looking to join another couple for an awesome threesome? Well, you are in luck with SwapFinder!

SwapFinder is owned under the same company as AdultFriendFinder; and they know what swingers (people who engage in swapping of partners and group sex) are looking for.

Their parent company has also claimed to be the largest social swinger network worldwide. What’s great is that you can swap your partners for free and get to enjoy sex with different groups or partners!


3. EasySex (

The EasySex website is exactly as how it’s been aptly named; simple and effortless to sign up and what’s awesome is that it’s absolutely free to join too!

Touted on reviews to have matched numerous successful hook-ups, you can expect locals to chat with you and send you nudes.

If you are interested in them as well, reciprocate and chat them up so it would gradually progress to meeting them in person.


4. Fuckbooknet (

Fuckbooknet declares itself as the number 1 online dating website to look for a f*ckbuddy.

You wouldn’t want to miss out this website if you are looking for hook-up sites that are actually free because this is certainly the pioneer and originator of all hook-up sites.

Being absolutely fuss-free to use, you can surely find a casual fling on Fuckbooknet whom you’d like to get laid with.


5. Fling (

A popular hook-up app, Fling is 100% free to sign up as a member to search for a fling, booty call, Casual Hookup or even a date!

Well, there is an option of paying for an upgraded membership to increase the chances of hooking up.

However, the free version also works well if you are simply starting out on a haunt for locals to have a great time together.


6. Pure (

Another free Hooking Up App to add to the list is the Pure app.

Connecting you to people within your vicinity and of close proximity, Pure allows a 60 minute time frame for you to establish a connection with your potential match.

You can also choose to upgrade your account to enjoy premium features, but we think the free version is already good enough.


7. HappyMatches

If COST is your Biggest Concern, register a “Date” account on HappyMatches – it’s Entirely FREE!

However, we strongly encourage you to set up a “Suitor” account instead, since it opens your world to ALL the Date profiles in the massive HM user database.


Concluding Insights on Free Hookup Sites that are Actually Free

Honestly, we really can’t be certain that the above sites are still Free by the time you read this.

That’s because Dating Apps & Dating Sites tend to change their pricing structure without warning.

Nonetheless, you should still be able to reap the bulk of benefits from them – just be sure to read between the fine lines!

In any case, think carefully about it anyway – are you sure you want to rely on a Dating App or Dating Site that is Absolutely FREE for ALL its Users? (i.e. it’s fine if some Users can use it free – but ALL Users? Think carefully again!)

The Dating platform has operating costs, and manpower to sustain. Without the necessary regular revenue and rewards of profits, they will stop maintaining their site, and will also cease all improvements and innovation.

Before long, they will definitely fade away, become outdated, and lose their competitiveness, to their profitable and technologically cutting-edge competitors in the Online Dating niche out there!

Otherwise, just to stay “alive”, they will have no choice but to rely on showing you lots and lots of highly irritating and irrelevant ads, in order to earn their badly-needed sustenance revenue.


(Last Updated: 6 June 2020)


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