Hookup Dating App: Best 5 Free Casual Sex Dating Apps & Top NSA ONS Fling Sites to Land a Booty Call & Get Laid in 2020

Hookup Dating App: Best 5 Free Casual Sex Dating Apps & Top NSA ONS Fling Sites to Land a Booty Call & Get Laid in 2020

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people admitted to being involved in a Casual Encounter, a Hook Up, or a Friends With Benefits relationship, at least once in their lifetime?

Honestly speaking, we think this statistic is BS because it is obviously under-reported!

Given the plethora of options we have when it comes to Hookup Apps and Hookup Sites, we should be looking at almost 10 out of 10 people instead!

Well, obviously people wouldn’t be sharing too much personal information about themselves, but let’s just say kudos to those who have been honest in the survey.

For that, here are a few of the Top and Highly Recommended Casual Fling Apps & One Night Stand Sites to look out for, if you’re keen to get laid in 2020 …


Hookup Dating App

Here are the Best Casual Relationship Apps & NSA Open Relationship Sites to score a hookup and get laid in 2020 … Enjoy!


1. Hud (hudapp.com)

From the cheeky emoticons on their webpage, you can tell that Hud is a flirty app for horny people looking for a Fling, FWB or their next Booty Call.

This is definitely not somewhere you’d be when you’re looking for a serious date or a committed relationship because members here are all out to have some naughty fun!

The cool thing about Hud is that unlike other non monogamous relationship Fling Apps and Hookup Sites, messaging other users is absolutely free (MAJOR PERK!).

Also, if you wanna skip the hassle of waiting for the other user to respond before you both can chat; Hud allows you to message anyone you fancy anytime you like!

On the forefront and a huge ambassador of safe sex, Hud partnered with SAFE app to offer affordable STD screening and to advocate for safe sex practices even among Casual Sex partners.

You can safely and discreetly import your verified STD reports through the Online Dating App.

Conversely; you would also have a peace of mind upon accessing your Casual Date’s or FWB’s STD reports.

Whoever said Casual Hooking Up has to be risky? Definitely not here at Hud (*winks)!


2. KinkD (kinkdapp.com)

KinkD is inspired from the word ‘kinky’ and this app targets people who are into fetishes and BDSM.

Search for like-minded people who are into the same kind of fantasies as you on this app, coz you’ll never know who you might meet next; she could very well satisfy your deepest lustful desires!

The people behind KinkD sure know what plagues these Hookup Apps – unverified users and scammers lurking around the platform.

Therefore, they make an effort to manually approve and verify each and every user on this app.

Kudos to the team for weeding out these scammers with malicious and dodgy intentions and making KinkD a safer place!

Moreover, KinkD allows you to create your own album of raunchy and sexy photos to share with your matches!

How’s that for spicing up your sex life.


3. Pure (pure.sex)

The Pure app is definitely the ultimate hook-up app because it lauds itself as ‘The Anonymous Hookup app’.

The crazy thing is that you create a profile, land yourself a hook-up and the account deletes itself a couple of hours later.

This is to ensure no traces are left and that your pursuit for a casual encounter disappears into oblivion, forever.

With no links to any of your other social networking accounts, and that all messages as well as your account are erased, there is literally no way in which anyone can find out about your alternate life.

Have fun!


4. DOWN (downapp.com)

Looking for a booty call or a one-night stand? DOWN is certainly an app you’d like to explore.

With 5 million users on this app, you can definitely find a match!

Since this Casual Dating App only allows you to chat with one another if you both are interested in each other, no one will get to know if you have been rejected!

So, let down your hair and have a great time on this app!


5. HappyMatches

Few Casual Dating Apps & Sites (if at all any), have surpassed the standard and incredible effectiveness of HappyMatches.

HM stands out from the crowded space of Hookup Apps & Fling Sites by being “UNIQUE” – in its sleek design, ease of use, straightforward dating concept, elegance, site performance, service offerings, product features, face verification technique, and mega worldwide User database.

With so many Power-Features all rolled into ONE-Single Platform, it is no wonder that HappyMatches.com has quickly earned itself the “Kingpin of Casual Dating” (and is fast becoming even the “KING of all Online Dating Apps & Sites).

Use of HM is extremely affordable – “Suitor” accounts (highly recommended) cost only USD 1 for the first month’s trial, whilst “Date” accounts are entirely Free.

Starting a Suitor account opens you up to the phenomenal number of Date accounts out there – Be sure to consider a further upgrade to stand out from the crowd of Suitors, since there are so many amazing and alluring Dates whom you want to secure before someone else beats you to it!


Concluding Insights on Hookup Dating App

It’s becoming more and more common these days to be using Casual Dating Apps and Casual Encounter Sites – there’s really nothing to be shy or embarrassed about it in revealing one’s pictures and profile on the site, since it’s no longer taboo.

After all, everyone else is there, and has their personal reasons, physical intimacy wants and needs, and desire for thrill and excitement for being on such platforms.

Just be sure to always keep yourself safe, whilst you’re having fun with Casual Hookup dates and One Night Stand partners.

Use protection (i.e. a condom) with a stranger, and stay safe (by having a close pal on standby with an emergency phone code in case you face any physical danger).


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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