Hookup Dating Sites: Top 6 Best One Night Stand Apps & Free Casual Fling Websites Which Make You Forget About Conventional Dating

Hookup Dating Sites: Top 6 Best One Night Stand Apps & Free Casual Fling Websites Which Make You Forget About Conventional Dating

If you’ve had a taste of Hook Ups, we bet you won’t be going back to Traditional Dating and Monogamous Relationships for a while.

Well at least till you’re bored of sex (which is probably never).

If you haven’t tried these Hookup Apps & Casual Dating Sites, it’s about time you did …


Hookup Dating Sites

Hookup apps and sites that will make you forget about conventional dating … Enjoy!


1. Clover (clover.co)

Targeting millenials, Clover is not just your regular hookup dating app.

It actually wants you to get know your friend with benefits on a deeper level. Its algorithm doesn’t just match you with potential hookups based on superficial physical attraction, but also connect you to people who share similar hobbies and interests!

This could mean that you and your f*ck buddy can share more than just a romp between the sheets.

Who knows, something romantic could develop from your brief friends with benefits encounter because you both have so much to talk about!

That being said, if you’re here purely for a booty call, you can still find that on Clover too.

Sign up for free and have loads of fun!


2. iHookup (ihookup.com)

So if it isn’t obvious enough already, iHookup is a site that does exactly as it’s named.

However, unlike other fling and hookup sites; not all users post distasteful and x-rated soft porn images as their display photos.

Users here actually post photos of their own faces and the great thing is that their user base spans far and wide to many other countries globally.

Whether you are into sexting in the comforts of your own home, or searching for a fling nearby to satisfy your horny inner desires, iHookup is a great option that you can explore.


3. 99Flavors (99flavors.com)

Sounding really exotic, this site is aimed at couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

Whether you’re looking for another couple to do a partner swap, or just another individual to join in for a threesome, you can certainly find it at 99Flavors!

With approximately 98 million active members on this online swingers site, you can opt to register as a couple so that other users can view all the involved participants.

Furthermore, two of you can even search for potential partners and have fun sexting and tantalizing one another with the video call function.

There are a wide array of features to explore on this website such as private chats, sharing of videos and photos with potential hookups and even saving some hot sexy stuff for use when you all meet in real life.


4. ALT (alt.com)

Sometimes, sex in the missionary position is just too plain old boring.

That’s when ALT is the perfect solution for your intense craving for something more adventurous and exciting.

ALT brands itself as a site that is for fetish, kink and BDSM dating.

Therefore, it is for extremely open minded and bold flings, not the typical lackluster one night stands.

Get immersed in erotica role playing, bondage, hand cuffs and lots of leather as your explore this unconventional hook-up site.

The beauty of it is that you may finally meet someone who has the same kind of obsession you have over whips and lashes on this website.


5. Happn (happn.com)

If you’re someone who likes to engage in what we would call ‘blended dating’, you can’t go wrong with Happn.

The reason is because it utilizes users’ GPS locations to match them up, and a lot of the hooking up process can actually be done offline if users so prefer.


6. HappyMatches

HappyMatches ROCKS! It’s the World’s Best and Most Amazing App and Site for Hook Ups.

Whether you’re looking for a Fling, Casual Encounter, Friends With Benefits or One Night Stand, this is THE place for you!


Concluding Insights on Hookup Dating Sites

There are literally thousands of apps and sites out there to serve your needs, and there are millions out there looking for hookup sex just like you.

Don’t waste your time settling down – there’s plenty of time for that next time.


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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