Hookup Near Me: Top 7 Proven Free & Best One Night Stand Apps, Casual Encounter Sites & Fling Websites for Skeptical Users

Hookup Near Me: Top 7 Proven Free & Best One Night Stand Apps, Casual Encounter Sites & Fling Websites for Skeptical Users

With such a plethora of one-night stand apps available, it can be pretty tough to decide on one that could actually fulfill its promise.

This is especially so when every app claims to be the best, and when every app seems to have an unlimited advertising budget since you see them appearing on literally every website you are visiting.

We figured you need some help, so here are some one-night stand apps which we have tried out personally …


Hookup Near Me: Knowing the Most Effective Casual Fling Apps, Sites & Websites for Hooking Up

Here are our Top 7 tried-and-tested Casual Fling Apps & One Night Stand Sites for the Skeptical User of Online Dating platforms … Enjoy!


1. MeetMe (https://www.meetme.com/)

Free to sign up, MeetMe allows you to meet new friends and hook-up with someone who probably lives somewhere nearby.

With their awesome ‘Discuss’ feature, you can easily strike up a conversation with like-minded individuals who share the same interests as you do.

Select from topics such as Music, Sports and Partying and start mingling with the other members.

After that, arrange to meet-up at an outdoor concert at the gardens or play a game of tennis if things go well!


2. Badoo (https://badoo.com/)

A see-who’s-nearby-app, Badoo allows you to chat up with the hot guy you met at the grocery store without having to approach him face-to-face if he’s also a registered user.

Basically, you get to check out people whom you may have bypassed on the streets and those who are within your vicinity on this app!

What’s even better is that its user base is much larger than Happn, OkCupid and Tinder put together, so the chances of you finding a fling or hook-up is also much bigger! Hooray!


3. Whiplr (https://www.whiplr.com/)

If you are into kinks and fetishes, Whiplr is the perfect app for you to find someone’s who is into the same sort of thing too.

Choose your preferred fetish and also what you desire of your partner and start interacting with each other.

Understanding that users would like to keep their profiles and information private, Whiplr has the additional function of deleting messages and even nudes that were sent.


4. Disckreet (https://disckreet.com/)

If you have got a handful of hot sexy photos or nudes (which you wouldn’t want to risk showing to just about anyone if you lose your phone), Diskreet is great for storing them because not only is the account password protected (safely behind two passcodes), it is also encrypted!

In addition, if sexting with your partner is up your alley, you can both access nudes and promiscuous pictures of you both by entering a shared password. How exciting!


5. Down (https://www.downapp.com/)

Down is downloadable on iOS and Android for free, and you would have up to 10 matches sent to you on a daily basis based on your location.

With more than 4 million users across the globe, you can choose if you’d like a date or for someone to get down on you tonight.


6. Pure (https://pure.dating/)

When it comes to looking for one-night stands, one that hardly disappoints would be none other than Pure.

That’s hardly surprising since it’s one of the most established adult dating platforms with a massive community of users.

In fact, we’re quite certain you would be able to find someone within an hour (assuming you were diligent in writing up your profile)!


7. HappyMatches

Don’t waste any more time or effort trying to figure out which Short Term Relationship App or Casual Relationship Site to use.

The “King of Casual Dating” awaits you – Happy Matches is elegant, simple, easy and highly effective to use.

Find your casual date in no time – once you embark on your NSA Relationship journey.

Be sure to register for a “Suitor” account, if you want access to the full array of “Dates”. Subscription is a mere USD 1 for the first month.

Date” accounts are entirely FREE to use – and allow you to mingle and interact with all the charming Suitors around.


Concluding Insights on Hookup Near Me

Frankly, when it comes to such Casual Relationship Apps, it really boils down to one’s personal preferences.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison – this definitely holds true for Casual Dating Sites as well.

Once you have explored around a bit, you would realize that some of these short term relationship Online Dating Apps & Online Dating Websites, are catered to specific age groups, while others are intended for a niche audience with specific interests.

With some patience, you’d surely find one that works for you! To minimize your hassle of choosing one though, be sure to start with HappyMatches.com since it’s the World’s #1 NSA Relationship Dating App and Dating Site.


(Last Updated: 7 June 2020)


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