Hookup Relationship: Top 8 Great & Not So Great Things About Casual Encounters, Fling, Hook Up or One Night Stand

Hookup Relationship: Top 8 Great & Not So Great Things About Casual Encounters, Fling, Hook Up or One Night Stand

Nothing in life is perfect. So no matter what, we just have to keep things in perspective, and manage our expectations realistically.

The same goes for Flings and Hookups. They are definitely not going to be perfect, but at least they keep you occupied (and satisfied) momentarily.

As with everything in life, here are the great yet not so great things about such Casual Fling relationships and Casual Hookup relationships … Enjoy!


Hookup Relationship: Understanding the Truth behind Casual Dating (i.e. One Night Stands, Casual Encounter, Hookups & Flings)

Here’s our Top 8 Valuable Dating Advice on What’s Great and What’s Not So Great about such Casual Relationships … Enjoy!


1. Great – It’s Full of Passion

Imagine running off into the sunset with a hot guy this summer.

You can make out passionately and have a romantic romp on the beach under the star-lit skies.

Wow… it just sounds so romantic and really dreamy.

Because casual relationship Hook Ups are known to be fleeting, and not tied down by the pains and trouble of a real Serious Relationship.

They are usually filled with lots of passion, romance and fun!


2. Not So Great – It’s like Stepping Into a Minefield

Conversely, he could be a total jerk, the type who would leave and ghost you at the end of it all.

After promising to call, and making you feel worthless, unloved and foolish.

You gotta guard your heart carefully, because you certainly don’t want to fall head over heels for someone who’s just an a**hole.


3. Great – They Help You to Live in the Now

Do you often catch your mind wandering – worrying about something in the future or even being too busy at work or school to be in the moment?

One Night Stand and Casual Hookup, are the perfect way to help us live in the present.

Because of how short lived these Casual Relationships and Summer Flings are, we are taught to treasure the current moment and to be all there.


4. Not So Great – You Can Get Obsessed

However, sometimes you may be so engrossed in your new summer Casual Dating beau, that you neglect those who are near and dear to you.

Grasping whatever time you have with him, you spend all your waking hours with him, while overlooking and neglecting your friends and family.


5. Great – They Leave a Lasting Impression

Your Short Term Relationship fling partner, might inevitably leave an indelible mark on your life.

Because the feelings you have for him, are just so intense and passionate.

You would definitely remember it, even for many years to come.


6. Not So Great – You Risk Falling in Love and Getting Hurt

But things could take a turn for the worst – when you find out that he’s juggling multiple Casual Encounter and Casual Fling partners, instead of just dedicating his heart to you.

Well, he didn’t take an oath to say that he would love you exclusively, so technically speaking, he’s not guilty!


7. Great – They Fill You with Happy Hormones

Non Monogamous Relationship flings are often associated with teenagers, but honestly, it can happen to anybody of any age!

Because of how it reminds us of our youth, it can make us feel young at heart.

This is where we can be fun, reckless, and uninhibited by the daily grind.

Kissing, making out and having sex can release lots of feel good hormones (like oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin).

These hormones are well known to energize you, and give you a healthy flush.

Thus making you look revitalized, extremely radiant, and young again.


8. Not So Great – They are Short-Lived

Such Non Exclusive Relationships and Hooking Up will probably end, when the “heat” of the moment dies down, or when your vacation ends.

Things in these Casual Dating relationships are known to be brief, short-term (and well, great whilst the fun and excitement lasts).

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect too much from your Casual Sex partner. What happens now, stays here.

Importantly, always keep your emotions in check, just so that you don’t fall in love too hard, and too fast.


Concluding Insights on Hookup Relationship

There’s a reason why they’re called Hook Ups and Casual Flings.

So, don’t go harboring any unrealistic expectations, unless you are being deliberately difficult to yourself.

Just enjoy the freedom of a non-committal NSA Relationship and Open Relationship while you still can.

Before you find yourself looking back, and regretting (not having pursued such Casual Relationships enough) one day!


(Last Updated: 11 July 2020)

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