Lesbian App: Top 10 Steps to Becoming the Perfect Catch on Lesbian Dating Apps & Lesbian Dating Sites

Lesbian App: Top 10 Steps to Becoming the Perfect Catch on Lesbian Dating Apps & Lesbian Dating Sites

Ah, the search for love. Romantic, exciting, and often scarily nerve-wracking… especially for lesbians taking their first (or hundredth) dive into finding it online.

But that’s what this guide is for! We’ve laid out all the steps you’ll need to take, to create the best profile any Dating App for lesbians has ever seen – so buckle up, and prepare for a swarm of messages and swipe-backs on your Lesbian App.


Shining & Attracting Potential Dates on a Lesbian App


1. Be Honest (It’s the Best Policy for a Reason.)

Ask anyone what they’d like in a romantic interest, and honesty is usually near the top of their list. It’s only natural to want to impress when you’re trying to snag a cutie, but being impressive is a long shot away from literally lying to puff up your dating resume.

It can be irresistibly tempting to stretch the truth just a little, to look like you have a little more in common with your potential date than you actually do – but even a tiny exaggeration of fact can become a much bigger problem later on.

Assuming everything goes smoothly, you’ll meet in person one day – and it’ll soon become apparent to your vegan Princess Charming that you’re much more of a steak-and-potatoes girl than a clean-living connoisseur. If you’re happily accepting of other lifestyles but personally love bacon and can’t live without it – great!

Your animal-loving (the other way; not the way you do) date will either just as happily accept you for who you are, or you’ll eventually find someone who has that in common with you. No matter how you look at it, honesty doesn’t have a downside.

Unless you’re prepared to tell fib after fib to keep up your first lie through every single date along the road to happily ever after (pro-tip: no happily ever after, even ones that lasted only the length of a summer vacation, was ever built atop a bed of lies), it’s much less stressful for everyone involved, and way easier to be straight up with any prospective matches.

People will always prefer people who are open and honest about themselves and what they want, as opposed to someone trying to be someone they’re not just to get a foot in the dating door.

It’s alright to want to be accepted and loved, but molding yourself into someone else’s idea of you is something that will only end in hurting you and others.

Be the best of yourself, and by all means show it off – but be yourself; no more and no less. It’s important that you’re loved for you, and not a fantastical ideal of what a potential lover might want.


2. Put Your Best Face Forward

Potential dates want to get to know you, and get a sense of who you are.

Photos of your face are a good part of that, so advice to post decent pictures of what you look like seems like an unnecessary no-brainer.

But, there’s dozens of profile images out there, so full of cat-ear filters and over-sized accessories, that you’re not even sure if there’s a real person under there.

Think of your main display picture as a first impression: when you’re walking along a busy street, your glance might pass over that girl with the cute half-smile and hazel eyes standing at the storefront.

Out of the horde of other women strolling past, that split-second of her catching your eye that might just be enough to make you say hello and try to get to know her.

Your Lesbian Dating App main profile picture is similar: when your future dates are out there swiping through innumerable profiles, it’s that singular display picture that’ll first catch their attention.

If they like the look of it, they’ll go on to look at the rest of what you’ve posted, so making sure that main profile photo is on point is key.

Although making sure to show off your personality and what makes you unique is important, that display picture’s first and foremost job is to give visual information about your face.

Anything that makes it harder to see or tell who you are can just be confusing to a potential match and make them pass you by – so that means blurry photos and hiding behind sunglasses, hats, scarves or anything that obscures your face are out.

Group pictures, far-away shots and silhouettes are definitely a no-go, too; barely anyone is going to spend five minutes trying to figure out which one of these five other females you are, or be attracted to a dark shadowy shape in front of a sunset.

Sunsets are beautiful, but none of us are going to ask it out for coffee.

Whatever you decide on as a profile picture: remember to post one with your gorgeous smile! Just under 50 percent of women say a smile is the number one thing that draws them to someone – so why not get that statistical edge on your side?


3. Post the Right Kind of Photos…

A picture says a thousand words – and with the limited bio space some apps may offer, you’ll have to let your photos speak and work for you. With your display picture’s settled, all that’s left is to decide what goes in the rest of the gallery slot.

Think of the allotted photo gallery as a teaser trailer, with chatting and meeting up as the rest of the movie.

You can add “teasers” about yourself into photos: love reading? Why not a photo of you in a library, or holding your favorite novel? Like working out?

A shot of you while at the gym with a big ol’ grin on your face, might be a good way to offer a little more information about you.

The more interesting information you can stuff into your Lesbian App dating profile, the more someone will feel like they know about you – and the more chances you’ll have of getting a match.

The content of the images you post can also serve as a whole new set of selection criteria for both you, and your potential lady love: if your images show you with a bottle of Jack in your hands or brandishing a bong, it’s unlikely you’ll attract a woman who’s more straight-edge, for example.

Since the galleries of most Lesbian Dating Apps are limited, every photo that goes up there is taking up some prime real estate – so putting more thought into what goes on your main gallery will let you reap a whole bunch of romantic rewards.


4. … But Don’t Drown Potential Lady Loves in Them (Or in Boredom.)

There’s limited space in most dating app photo galleries – so don’t flood it full of images that look far too similar. If your profile is full of selfies taken from the same angle, it has got to go.

The optimal amount of images posted seems to be anywhere from five to eight – less than that just isn’t enough and feels halfhearted; more than that starts to feel like an information overload.

Since the purpose of a photo gallery is to suggest that you do not only possess an actual life, but an exciting one, it’s best to limit selfies to just one or two (out of the thousands we have in our phones) and use the remainder of the image slots wisely.

Statistics show that people with at least one full-body shot, travel pictures, or outdoorsy-type photos tend get a lot more matches and messages than those without, and there’s good reason why: variety spices up a romantic connection.

Showcasing diversity in presenting yourself isn’t only important – it’s attractive.

It lets potential matches know that you’ve got more than one interesting facet to your personality, and signals that time with you won’t be dull or boring.

The more personality traits and passions you show off, the more people will be drawn to your uniqueness, and the more they’ll be able to find something in common with you.

It can also be tempting to only post the images we think we look flawless in, but if those images are all from the same family vacation, or the same party, it just doesn’t garner a lot of intrigue.

So include a mix of photos with you doing what you love in a number of different settings!

It’s okay not to look perfect in every photograph – no one is, and besides, lesbians are a humor-loving lot.

So don’t be afraid to post that adorable, “not-so-sexy” shot of you cramming ice-cream into your face.

There’s only so many “candid”, attractively-laughing-at-the-perfect-angle photos a woman can stomach… and it’s good to meet someone unafraid of sharing a pint of B&J’s with you.


5. Bait the Hook When Using a Lesbian App

Ever had a date flop with a wonderful woman, just because you two didn’t know what to say to each other?

The harder it is to make conversation, the more likely it is that whatever interest there was at the outset will fizzle out quickly.

Outside of letting people know what you look like, one of the main purposes of your profile on a Lesbian Dating App is to help other women start a conversation with you.

Even if someone swipes right based on a great display picture alone, they’ll eventually look deeper into your profile to try and come up with something to say – and if there’s little information there, she will likely shrug and move on to the next.

Getting your perfect catch means remembering to attach bait that’s easy to grab onto – in this case, inserting clear conversation openers into the bio section of your profile.

It doesn’t have to be wordy, either; it can be something as simple as a good one-liner.

For example, something like “I’m planning on taking art classes next month after being inspired by a family trip to Rome last year, but I’m open to fun new ideas.

What sort of adventures have you got on your to-do list?” is full of good conversation openers.

Anyone reading that sentence can now ask about that Rome trip, discuss ideas of their own, or connect over art or travel-related experiences.

As an added bonus, a well-baited sentence like that reveals even more interesting information about you – in that example, it lets your potential match know that you’re an creative sort who’s flexible and open-minded, that family time is important to you, and are adventurous enough to enjoy travelling.

If you’re short on bio space, don’t worry – leaving conversation bait doesn’t can be a more condensed affair. An initial chat can be easily opened with questions – so give them questions to ask about!

If you like cooking, adding a clear but short sentence at the end of your profile like “Ask me what my latest culinary invention is!” doesn’t take up a ton of space, and still gives enough information to start with.

It may seem a little less subtle than inserting conversation starters into something about yourself, but it won’t make you look desperate – it’ll make you come across as interesting and easy to talk to.


6. Fill Out Every Blank Space You Can Lay Your Hands On

“Optional” fields are not actually optional. If you think leaving spaces blank gives you an air of mystery, you’re wrong – it more likely gives you an air of apathy, or arrogance in believing your pictures alone are enough to grab someone else’s time and attention.

The women on your Lesbian App of choice won’t know anything about you, and the space for your bio section is an opportunity to give potential matches a taste of who you are.

Blank spaces therefore do your first impression a disservice: a halfhearted attempt at filling out your profile will make it seem like you’ll handle any potential romance in the same manner; not to mention that apathetic, arrogant and half-cocked just isn’t you.

It’s a common mistake to not use all the tools at your disposal.

If you’re unsure what to put in, think of a bio section as a five minute conversation with a beautiful stranger at a bus stop who’s smiled and said, “So, tell me about yourself.”

If your chance to make an impression on someone you’d love to love you had a short time limit, what would you share about yourself to make them give you their phone number and ask you to call?

If you wouldn’t just trail off after giving them your name and mentioning what you work as, then don’t leave your bio section mostly blank, either.

Take all the time you need to fill out your profile to your satisfaction – but, fill it all out. Use every option and tool offered to polish up your profile and express who you are, because every bit counts.

If there’s an option to create a username, do that; if there’s an option to verify your profile, do that too.

If your bio allows up to 500 words, then use all 500 – the more earnest work you put into your profile, the more messages you’ll see back.


7. Be Detailed – But Don’t Compose an Epic Novel

In the days of yore (mostly circa 2014-2016), profiles on dating apps would read like essays: extremely detailed, full-form sentences about everything you are, and anything under 500 words just looked like you weren’t trying.

With the advent of dating services like Tinder, the dynamics of Online Dating and our attention spans changed – now, writing a few short paragraphs suffice, and too much might actually hurt your chances instead of help.

But you know what else might hurt your chances instead of help? Too little detail.

It may seem an oxymoron, if not downright impossible, but it’s not as confusing as it looks.

Detail should not, and doesn’t need to be, sacrificed for brevity. Find an efficient balance: using fewer words to put across the same amount of impact.

Ditching obscurity or vagueness for detail can also make your bio stand out from the rest, and you won’t have to wax lyrical to do it.

Instead of saying you like reading, tell people about your favorite novel; instead of naming your favorite novel, add a quote and ask them to guess where it’s from.

Your Lesbian App bio section should give a strong idea of who you are, but it’s not necessary to give everything away at once.

Other than inserting conversation starters (as explained in the section about bait), it’s easy to put a few key things about yourself into one sentence.

Combining your values together with a few facets of your personality for an introduction is a great way to start, such as, “I’m a 27 year old writer by day and a homeless shelter volunteer by night who likes sweet tea, loves karaoke bars, and really dislikes people who are impolite to waiters.” (Bonus: people who can’t stand the carefree fun of singing with a crowd of strangers will know to give this one a miss.)

Jokes, especially self-deprecating ones – which show you’re not so arrogant you can’t laugh at yourself – are never a bad idea, either.

Got a sense of humor and can’t stop snacking, but you also put in your hours at the gym? Then slip a joke into short-form information about you, like “I love exercise – but only because I love to eat.”

Rolling three points into one on a Lesbian App lets your personality shine, but it also gives people a reason to message you to learn more: they can ask about your favorite food, discuss workout regimes, or open a fun, silly conversation with you that’s full of the same kind of banter.


8. Be Positive on a Lesbian App

Positivism is a magical love potion. People gravitate to optimistic folks; it’s hard not to!

Positive energy is a powerful, contagious force – but it’s not as basic as being bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and full of saccharine chirpiness.

If you’re trying your best to be interesting and fun, and yet your inbox is as empty as if you’d hosed it down with grade-A woman repellent, then that repellent could very well be a profile that drips negativity.

It’s not like most people intentionally try to be negative, though – sometimes it just slips in without notice.

The fix is as simple as rephrasing whatever you wanted to express in an optimistic manner.

Something like “I love women who are confident, intellectual, and love to laugh – if you’d love to laugh with me, please say hello!” works way better than a “If you aren’t intelligent or fun-loving, or have zero confidence, don’t message me”.

The same goes for comments on the trials of dating, online or off it.

As much as lighthearted commiseration over coffee with friends can be a humorous in person, statements like, “I’m not a chatbot service! I hate talking for eternity before meeting up” or “No other app worked out for me, but maybe I’ll meet someone nice here” just come across as negative in writing – especially on a Lesbian App dating profile.

It’s best not to focus on what you dislike about app-based dating, or attributes that are deal-breakers in a date.

Like goes to like: negative energy will attract negative attention (if any at all), whereas a positive profile is inviting, and will attract oodles of exciting women who are brimming with just as much happiness and hope for the future as you are.


9. Double-Check Everything. Then Check It Again.

With all the romantic competition you’ve got out there, you’ll have to make sure your profile’s as flawless as possible.

A dating profile on a Lesbian Online Dating App is a little like writing a resume to apply for your dream job – with the absolutely massive amount of incoming applicants, a single mistake can get a candidate dismissed.

Similarly, anything from a bad grammar or spelling mistake, a poor image choice, negativity, or a poorly-worded phrase that comes across as needy might get you written off by a potential match, so you’ll want to make sure your profile contains none of the accidental red flags that people could display.

There’s so much that goes into creating a Lesbian App dating profile, things can get complicated. So take a deep breath, and give yourself the best chance of getting a ‘callback’ by proof-reading your profile more than once.

Getting the opinion of a few friends can be helpful too, and self-reflection if you’re not getting matches is never a bad idea.

Although the task itself may seem intimidating (and anxiety-inducing), investing a little time and effort into making sure you’re representing yourself to the best of your ability will help you stand out and reward you with more matches than you’d expect.


10. Be Confident – You’re Beautiful and Desirable, No Matter What Your Match Count is

It can be a colossal hit to the self-esteem department when you’ve labored over your bio content, picked all the right pictures, spellchecked thoroughly, then gathered your courage to swipe (or tap) on women you’re absolutely into, and… your inbox remains emptier than the Siberian tundra.

There are a million reasons as to why she hasn’t matched back – maybe she hasn’t seen your profile yet, maybe she’s just window-shopping out of curiosity, maybe you’re just not her type (which is a good thing to know now, instead of spending months pursuing her only to find that out after), maybe she’s the superstitious type that only swipes right when a black cat walks under a ladder.

There’s too many to list, but all these reasons have one thing in common: none of them are about you not being good enough.

Every “no” you might ever face only brings you closer to that “yes” you’ve been waiting for.

Sometimes the dating profiles that stand out, stand out for pretty weird reasons – adoring terribly ugly knit sweaters, being the queen of corny puns, having a pet iguana named Timothy and an full-blown obsession with reptiles… all oddball things, and it’s the oddball, strange stuff that makes someone unique.

You’ll never know what’s going to make someone swipe back – but it’s often the little things that mean near-nothing or seem funny to you, that may make another woman’s heart rate hit the roof.

Dating on Lesbian Dating Apps is about putting your realest self out there – an act that takes overwhelming amounts of courage, by the way – and finding the person who’s interested in you, with all your quirks and idiosyncrasies.

So own you, do you. Enjoy the ups and downs that make up the adventure of finding your person.

Remember that you’re more than worth happiness, understanding and affection, but above all, love yourself – and many others will, too.


Concluding Insights to Succeed When Using a Lesbian App

With the above Top 10 Lesbian App exclusive secrets in hand, take a relook at your existing dating app account, and see where you can improve.

Every tweak and every change makes your Dating Profile look even more desirable, so don’t worry, it’s time well spent and definitely worth the effort.

Keep up the good work and continuously tweak, update and improve your Lesbian App profile – and be confident of yourself and make your interactions with fellow Lesbian Ladies interesting and fun.

Always remember that you’re attractive, unique, special, desirable … and you name it, worth it! Once connected, go out and enjoy your Lesbian Dating meet ups in person!


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